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Olivier Perroud

Hi Shawn,

Greeting form the french speaking part of Switzerland.

I’m wondering about the natural release you’re asking for with a lot of rotaion. My main issue is with this kind of release it is more difficult to control the face at impact and more of it, when I do this I’m loosing forward shaft lean at impact and my attack angle become positive like 0.5 deg with short irons. I can’t understand what is the right thing to do so I can naturally realse without getting a positive angle of attack.

Shawn Clement

This means you are releasing AT THE BALL instead of releasing AT THE TARGET or into the direction you want the ball to start. See “throwing the club” and then see “predict contact” and “the goldie locks series” and then see “target confirmation series”

David Meikle

I have recently joined the premium channel having watched a number of your videos on YouTube. I saw one recently that was advocating “strong grip” but that is not really coming across on these videos. Have I misinterpreted it? BTW great videos – I am really enjoying your teaching / coaching method!👍

Flip Gentry

For a right hand swing, does the left hand sort of pull back while the right hand pushes forward as happens in a split hand grip?

Shawn Clement

Yes, that is the idea; but it is the weight of the club head that provides the momentum for this as the lead hand YIELDS out of the way of the trail hand BEING RELEASED out of pure self preservation! See “snap release polish” in premium and practice leading the parade!😀👍

So, are the hands passive or active? My concept of your teaching: letting the club fall, using gravity; heaving the club back, feeling the ground, getting out of the way, but what about the hands– active or passive????.

At the end of this video (10 min mark)…you refer to a video that talks about the arm swing versus body turn. where is this video, please?

Suppose you are hitting a five iron off a good lie to a target that is right on the distance you normally hit five iron. On a scale of one to ten where ten is the tightest and one the loosest, what would your grip pressure be at impact? Same question for the driver with good conditions and a target just past your normal length for driver: what is your grip pressure at impact? I’m trying to understand whether there is a different grip pressure between clubs when hitting a full swing.

Eddie Roop

I am not feeling the leverage you describe. I think the grip is solid, but seem to lose the hinge before impact, and have little to no release past the ball ( and no divot). What do you recommend ? Thank you.

Regarding the grip,
I am left handed, should my left thumb be on the driver or any club, or should I have the club between my thumb and forefinger?

Thomas Parisi


As always great common sense approach using the tools that are innate to us. I am only 2 years into this game and thanks to you – my game is trending in the right direction. Quick two part question. At address I would have my leading hand ( I am a right handed player) in a “relaxed” position where the hand feels slightly turned out. Today while at the range I turned the lead hand slightly to the right and noticed a significant difference in my ball striking. I would switch back and forth between the two settings and will definitely say with the lead hand slightly turned in to the right (see more knuckles on the lead hand) my striking is much better – I also believe it is making me bring the club back wider on my takeaway leading to more accuracy and distance. So the two questions are – Is this proper or correct? If it is proper, how “turned in” should your lead hand be?

Thanks in advance!!


Thomas Parisi

Thanks Shawn!!

I dont play hockey but watched the Capps win the Stanely Cup. I LOVED the leverage idea that hockey players use. So, I want that same feeling with irons right?

I am a right handed golfer that places my left thumb over the grip to the inside of of the club. When I moved the thumb straight down the shaft, It feels awkward but I noticed the ball 20 yards down the fairway and to the right side of the fairway.
Any suggestions for the awkwardness of the grip and ball on the right side of the rough?

Hi Shawn I can feel the release of the club in both directions with the trail hand only and lead hand only but when I get both hands on the club I lose the feel of the release , where am I going wrong ? Cheers

Shawn or Matt I’m a right handed player how many knuckles of the lead hand should I see in the set up?

Hi Shawn. First off thanks for being the one simple voice of reason and sense in a virtual universe of constant white noise, quick fixes and overly complex voodoo. 10 years into the game now. I started with you, then tried to find my own way, was perpetually confused and am now back to you exclusively and ready to get it right once and for all. Quick question on this. My fear is that this swing thought might lead me to flipping or scooping at the ball. My thought process defaults to rolling the hands over (passing through square to target at midpoint…hopefully…by some miracle of timing) through impact. What video or drill re-enforces the correct lead/trail feeling and interaction for correct release.



Does a stronger grip promote forearm rotation, tried a stronger grip just pushing the club back and getting out of the way, my swing feels super simple now, it feels like I can’t miss

Hi Shawn,

So the idea is for me to feel like the lead hand is ‘pulling back’ and my trail hand is ‘pushing forward’? Like they are working in opposing forces in order to square and release the club head?


I notice that when I feel this “snap” or opposing force (like casting a fishing lure in the golf swing) a LOT of clubhead speed is generated quite effortlessly. Two questions: Is this snap supposed to happen at the ball, just past it out to my target, or is it just a “feel” to offset the resistance you will incur due to ground impact? Second question: Assuming the “snap” is supposed to happen literally, is it normal that (I’m right-handed) if the right “knife” overpowers then you are likely to pull the shot, and if your left hand comes back to hard the ball flight tends to push? I noticed this happen a few times. I realize there is a balance but in getting used to that feel a straight-shot seems very dependent on the ability to balance the right “knife” and left opposition. Not even sure if this makes sense but I think you understand the two questions.

Hi Shawn, first of all, thanks for everything you made on golf !!
I have a question regarding grip; when I see this video, it looks like your left hand is pretty neutral on the grip isn’t it ? Whereas it is teaching that having a strong grip is better (with the left hand more inside the club). Did I miss something here please ? Can you explain a little bit more please ? Can you also explain more in detail the difference in the grip when you want to do a fade or a draw? Thanks a lot for your time and help !! Laurent

Hi Shawn, thanks a lot for your feedback. I think you are right, one of my issue if that I don’t stay centered behind the ball through my compression is not so good. Thanks again for your videos

In the Knife the Grip you mentioned a exercise to build flexibility in the trail hand trigger finger did I some how miss that?

bill chapman

Great vid, but for some reason I tend to cup my left wrist or collapse at impact, is there a drill to get my left wrist slightly bowed to get more compression on the ball? I am gripping club just as you showed.

bill chapman

Thanks Shawn, will do.

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