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Shawn Clement, one of the top 20 youtube teachers and the only one recognized for teaching without body part or positions, drives the ball over 300 yards both right handed and left handed and breaks par from either side and is also the only one who ever qualified and played world ranked events with 1/2 left and 1/2 right handed clubs in the same bag! He is the ultimate expert on golf instruction!

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Greg Smith

This video made a lot of sense to me. After watching, I went in the back yard to hit a few wiffle balls. It took a few swings to learn how to relax the arms but once I did, the shots starting going straighter and a little longer. Definitely need to practice more but I did see instant improvement.

Eckhart Diestel


I saw one of your videos, a driver training session with a rather tall gentleman, with your advice “set up like a power lifter”; that new position felt odd to him yet had great results.

My tall player goldilocks question: tradeoff hip bend versus knee bend:
trying less hip flexion with the body more upright, I feel it is easier to perform a balanced “throw”, but this requires extra knee bend, which feels a bit odd to me too.

Would you rather say,
‘let you arms hang freely (‘out of the way, out of the way‘), – that determines your hip flex -, and adjust down further as needed with knee bend’ ?
‘tall players have to use more hip flex because they generally use too much knee bend’.

Shawn, why is my swing bottom almost at my back foot rather than more centered between my feet? Is this from not getting my weight shifted to my front leg, or something else?

The dandelion swing thought has helped with the outcome for the proper ball flight direction. But it appears if I only use the momentum of the downward gravity of the club, the distance needed to travel to the target; there is not enough energy for the ball to fly to the task. My question is there any advice on how to ADD some extra energy to the ball “dandelion” so the distance needed is obtained? For example, say the dandelion stem is 1/4 inch thick and it is made out of steel? One more silly question: Should you maintain the same whipping speed for all your clubs?

Thank You! Duffer Dave

Is there a video where you explain what you mean by cutting the dandelion?

Aha moment! Since working on these swing techniques I’ve hit an occasional shank. However, I think I finally grasped how to set the machine with distance to the ball and that varies with length of club and gravitational pull. Can’t wait to implement this. I have a feeling I’ll discover more of this in the Goldilocks series.

Hi Shawn, does the same rules apply if your back has an s shape. Lower back goes in at the lower part. Don’t have a straight back.

Hi Shawn, can I ask about posture if you have a natural curvature in lower back. Also getting into posture seems OK. Struggle to get in right tilt, seems I can’t get right hand V to right shoulder. Won”t stay there. Any help will be great. Damian

Hi Shawn,
I can hear the sharp grass whip hitting the mat. Why isn’t this destroying your mat?
I have been using your “task approach” to hitting balls my last 2 rounds. This is so much more enjoyable than thinking about 20 swing thoughts. Thanks!

Philip Johnson

How do you determine your stance width? Does it change with each club ?

David Theobald

Hi Shawn – quick question – at address would you say the left arm should be _on top_ of the chest/pec or _next to_ the chest/pec? I know in one of your connection videos (can’t find it here, maybe youtube?) you advocate for free swinging arms – no connection to the body – but to do that i was thinking you’d want the left arm on top of the pec. What do you think?

David Theobald

Thanks Shawn! I notice that if i’m not thinking about getting my left arm on top of my pec, i’m more likely to leave it at my side, which sometimes causes a pull as i swing through impact. When i have my left arm on top of my pec, i’m able to keep my arms in front of my body the whole swing. Appreciate the confirmation that this is correct 🙂

Played posture video again on iPad Air for second time. This time it stopped at 6:30.

This video locked up on my iPad Air at 3:37. Waited several minutes would not start again. This never happened on youtube. This was my first video to watch on premium. Not a good start.

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