The Grip – Part 3

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I did’nt realise that I was pulling the club back with my lower hand until my two middle fingers were feeling pain to the ligaments there from improper use. I had to think of pushing the club back wide to eliminate that issue as ypu showed a wide take away. Also i have a cadet large glove and feel I am gripping too hard due to perhaps needing a smaller grip size. For some reason I got M4 golf pride grips because I liked the cord. Got me to thinking they might be too large for my sausage sized fingers. P0ssible? Also it causes we to figit with my grip after address. Need to set it and forget it. Love being able to revisit the videos, I see something new that I missed everytime.

Hi Shawn,

Do you see any set up problems with a grip that uses a reverse overlap (i.e., I’m a right handed golfer and it feels more comfortable to have my left hand index finger on top, in the groove between my right hand pinky and ring fingers)?


Shawn Clement

No problem! I have actually brought a division 1 player to #1 with that very grip!

Unfortunately, I have been using a “baseball bat” grip for years (for trailing hand), and just watched your grip videos. Lead hand is ok, any suggestions in how to transition to an interlocking? It feels so unnatural to have my right hand pinky not on the club, and my index finger is also wrapped.

Everyone, stop, look again – This is so very important if you want a consistent strike of the ball! If you use a strong grip – give some thought to making sure that the grip you need to use is reflected in your grip – if it is inconsistent – could be the grip going on different directions to the club head! Shawn explains it better – look at Sav’s grip –

An aha moment. Right handed golfer. Was trying to put pressure on middle knuckle of index finger instead of bottom knuckle. What a difference. Went from constant loss of control to full control.

Shawn Clement

Ooooo; thats sounds like a winner to me!!!😀👍🔥💥

Can I get a clarification on something….Part 1 says that the lead hand should hinge and rehinge with the thumb supporting the club underneath. On this video, it says that we should support the club with the separated index finger of the trail hand. Just a bit confused.

Dominic Macedonia

When we grip the club you mentioned we should have 3 knuckles showing on the left hand. If we close the face a bit and then put the club square to the intermediate point, then we go to a stronger grip.. Is that correct? It seems like more knuckles are showing when we square the club face.


Hey Shawn. My biggest problem with the grip is that at the top of my backswing, the bottom of my hand (so below my little finger, the part of my hand that is the highest on the club) gets loose and lifts up, and no matter what I do to try keep it tight on the club I cant. I either focus on it too much and then hit a terrible shot because my focus isn’t on the task at hand (cutting grass etc) or, in trying to not let it happen, my hands and arms get too tight and then I cant swing freely. When I look at my glove it is worn way down at that exact point, at the bottom right of my palm. Any tips/advice for how to keep the base on my lead hand on the club?

So how strong or week your grip is depend on ball flight? And also as long as it’s a tight grip where things are not moving around? My grip was sort of neutral but I really like the feel of a stronger grip.. now it’s a matter of not snap hook it.

Hi Shawn – Taking your advice to revisit the grip… question: I have been using the standard grip that you teach (using the acid test)… how will I know if I should be using a strong or weak grip?

All right, but I don’t sée how we can have a strong left hand grip as you recomand on your last vidéo with thé thumb on thé top of thé club, and not lateral.

Jon R

Bingo!!! “Your hand is going to seek its natural position (through impact).” That resonated with me. It is a real important foundation concept.
This video on grip explained where my nasty hook came from. My grip at address looked normal but I had grooved a slide into a strong grip on the takeaway. The thumb was supporting the club. I had muddled ‘getting behind the ball’ into changing my grip. No matter how well I swung the club through the ball that sucker went HARD left. It drove me to extremes to keep the ball in play. (opening the face, swing right, hang onto the club, change settings on my driver … gosh I tried everything)
On the same night, I also happened to watch your video on the practice range with Matt. You mentioned “driving range rhythm” and how that induces one to “red line the engine”. Guilty as charged. You said to basically reboot the swing by dropping Strain to 2 out of 10 and Speed to 5 out of 10. Second Bingo!!!
Needless to say between these two tips I had an AMAZING practice session today. The hook was totally gone and contact was quite solid. I actually started to work the ball which is a mega jump for me considering where I was. The sad thing thing was losing a season to simple flaws. Ouch. I am writing to share that there is no substitute for seeking the help of a professional. Don’t waste precious time. Also, it cannot hurt to roll through the video library either. 😉 Thanks for this.

Hi Shawn,

I’m a new member and I love your content and teaching style. Question – what causes my knuckles on my lead (left) hand to hurt for days after playing golf. My right hand is fine.

Note – I’ve had this problem before switching over to your grip recommendations but is still sore even now.

Take care!

Hi Shawn – I just sent the grip picture to you. Thanks.

I have always had a fairly good Grip. After watching this Video, I believe I will have a GREAT GRIP. Thanks so much. Take Care. [email protected]

Scott Narasaki

I always felt that I had a sound grip, but I would grip with my left hand under the club (I am a left handed golfer). Over the past couple weeks the first knuckle on the left ring finger became very sore. I started to review your grip video’s. I found Grip it Like Cameron Champ. You make a comment about how both hands should hinge together. The next time I hit balls, while addressing the ball I focused on settling up and making sure that I always feel that my hands can hinge up and down together, so no gripping under the club with my left hand. The first thing I noticed was there was not pain in my ring finger when I hit a ball. But I also felt very lined up, and ready to swing, and I started to hit the ball solid with much more compression. I never will over look my grip again!

Hey Shawn, that was a great video. I’m one of those that keeps regripping because I feel the V has shifted. This has helped me not do that. Yet to see if it works. Awesome explanation.

Thanks Shawn. My lead hand is strong (at least 3 knuckles). My trail hand is neutral (very similar to your knife grip – where i cant interlock my pinky anymore and my pointer is separated slightly).

If the back of my trail hand will be parallel to my strong lead hand, i will end up with my trail hand “underneath” the club and i release with this super strong grip, then ill just be hooking it all over right?

Interesting you mentioned “where you want the ball to start” as my pro is also drumming it into my head that I should pick an intermediate target and he wants me to ‘start’ my ball just right of that target.

I am confused though on what you mean “if you are fully releasing past the ball” – meaning my lead hand is now underneath my trail hand after impact (forearms have already pronated after impact).

Hi Shawn,

How can we tell if we are too “neutral” already with the trail hand?


May I send you a picture of my grip? I saw some of your youtube videos that you advocate a strong grip for the lead hand – and I do have this already – always held it this way. The only correction I was asked to do was to make the trail hand more neutral.

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