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    Hi Shawn, had a back Injury, fell on my left palm and the left side, injury sacroiliac joint. Almost been a month, in a way blessing in disguise:-

    1. Only did chipping and putting. Discovered the reverse claw (tommy fleetwood) loving the compactness of the stroke and ability to some how start it on line.
    2. Now that I started a full swing, my body wanted to protect the left side/ target side, with the result was able to stay a wee bit longer on my right and had to use body to turn as arms would strain the left side at the extreme part of the swing, I have not lost distance, can hit any club no matter what shaft and deadly accurate.

    Shawn at 17:32 the way he is still on his trail side and then shifts is what I feel at the moment.

    Want to work on my little bit of inside takeway!

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  • From amarjot Bedi on FULL ROUTINE OFF THE TEE BOX

    Hey Shawn,
    as always every time I come back the videos get more relatable over time.
    I waggle mostly for chips to insure the direction, started doing that on short putts too.

    Self discovery – saw a video on hitting open face draws and closed face fades even for chipping. Made me realize whether its chipping or full swings, hitting fades / draws , Low / high = Flight plan, and what that does for me is DISTRACTS me from the backswing in a good way. I no longer think about where is my club, am I balanced , is my club too much on inside, nothing. All I have is the task in front of the ball on how the ball should behave after impact. Its really helping me.

    Also discovered for draws my back-swing needs to be compact / shorter than that for a fade, the shorter BS helps me release outward and turn over much easily.

    Been hitting 11-12 Pars every round , but 2-3 doubles are still killing me.

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    • From Shawn Clement on FULL ROUTINE OFF THE TEE BOX

      You can always trace the less desirable shots back to what the last thing going through your mind was just before you swung; and how clear you were about the task you were about to deliver and the feel you wanted to deliver with.

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  • From Thomas Pieniazek on The Grip

    Shawn, new member here, watching and digesting as much as I can. Love the grip video. I noticed you get the club face 45 degrees closed in your grip so it is actually square at address. How do you achieve this in a reproducible and consistent way?

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    • From Shawn Clement on The Grip

      Hi Thomas! See the “important grip update” video; and then see the “goldilocks series” grip-club relationship. Super stuff!

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  • From [email protected] on Dual Pendulum - Part 2

    I notice that in your swing your trail foot stays firmly planted well past impact. Is this something you worked a lot on in the past to help stay centered behind the ball? I naturally tend to raise my back heel through impact which gets me into trouble but I have noticed lately when I focus to stay more firmly planted (arches suction-cupped to ground) I feel so much more powerful and much more consistent with ball striking, especially with starting the ball on the direction I’m intending for it to go.
    My thought process is setting up with a nice tilt, braced against the lead side and starting the club back on the direction I want it to track using a completely frictionless full range of motion “to the stops” I call it in my full backswing while effortlessly letting my arms levitate up to a high position while keeping my eyes parked on the grass under the back of the ball and thinking gently resting the left part of my face (cheek) on an imaginary plane of glass extending straight up from the back of the ball then when the fully developed backwing is effortlessly completed and my sequencing feels in place I then start my swing thinking “throw the butt end of the battering ram to the right of the IP/target deep into the picture, feeling I’m activating the lead side using momentum to “pull the ram through” with a snap at the end while staying planted through impact behind the vertical “glass” plane. This sequence of tasks seems to give me the most consistent strikes and power. Sounds pretty involved but it’s a sequence of mini tasks I’ve linked together and practiced enough such that the only part I really have to focus on is keeping the trail heel down while throwing the battering ram. I had an awesome range session today hitting some amazing shots holding the ball with a 3 club wind gusting right to left utilizing starting the ball right with a strong fade so the wind drops the ball on target. So challenging and fun to watch it work just like you explain how to do it.
    I notice Mu’s natural swing has him more on his trail ball of foot through impact and he generates tremendous power. I feel more “free” that way but sometimes have terrible misses especially with the driver. I’m sure both have their advantages based on one’s anatomy and natural ability. I remember a video where Sav talked about playing a round thinking keeping the feet planted really helping. Can you explain why this may be working better for me and any other tips that can help me with staying centered while really trying to engage the lead side using the ground and naturally sequenced kinetic chain without strain or manipulation?


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    • From Shawn Clement on Dual Pendulum - Part 2

      Practice the following:
      “ball below feet”and “uphill shot” videos; then “bolted and centred” video.
      amazing what that does! Keep a solid dose of momentum to prevent the need to thrust from back leg! The walking drill is also awesome and the “kinetic chain facilitation and engagement series #6” also awesome!

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  • From Jaycee Cabanos on Dual Pendulum - Part 2

    Hi Shawn. Do you recommend any coaches in Britishcolumbia that teach your theory of the golf swing?


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    • From Shawn Clement on Dual Pendulum - Part 2

      Don’t have any guys out there…🙁
      But we have an amazing online 1-1 program! 😀
      upgrade to one of the Eagle + programs! 💪💪

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  • From [email protected] on Shawn's Favourite Drill - Driver

    Hi Shawn, is the purpose of the pre-deployment acid test to see if the distance to ball is correct and confirmation that you’ll be hitting the center of the club face? When actually swinging, all this should happen naturally without me doing anything because of gravity?

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    • From Shawn Clement on Shawn's Favourite Drill - Driver

      Yes, just like in the “arc-blur unstoppable momentum series”
      Gravity tracks the arc-you see where it passes and where the low point is; you bring to the ball and let the arc track through ball and intermediate point; not your job to find the ball EVER.

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  • From [email protected] on SLOW MOTION- TRAIL HAND RELEASE

    Hi Shawn,
    I had watched your ‘knife the grip’ video previously and perhaps misinterpreted the right index pressure point as something you would feel through the downswing — but from the hammer swing here — it appears that you would not feel pressure in the right index finger almost until the hands are past the ball and release is happening? ( and maybe this was what Hogan was referring to – when wishing for 3 right hands).

    Am I seeing this right (hammer) or is it different because you are just demoing the release with the hammer? in a manner different than a golf club due to hammer face vs club face orientation.

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    • From Shawn Clement on SLOW MOTION- TRAIL HAND RELEASE

      Very hard to stay focused on that during the swing; the grip is much more of a set up and forget about during the swing so you can stay on task; so if your task is cut through stem or compress through doorframe, then you grip the club with this in mind and feel that the grip would allow you to perform that task; then forget it and stay on task into the target using momentum.

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  • From Brad Hoffman on HAMMER THROW DRIVER

    Hi Shawn. I am fairly new to your program but have watched a bit of your YouTube channel, which brought me to here. It’s not even been a week yet, so I am still learning to navigate the site. One thing I have always struggled with was letting the club set before I started the downswing, leading to OTT, and not generating power from the ground up. The PMD has really helped me feel the weight of the club as gravity takes it downwards. I’ve got a lot more work to do before this is “grooved” but happy nonetheless.

    As a newbie to your program, where do you suggest I start. I started with Core Videos, but at the beginning you mention go to “task” videos, so I watched those. I would like to understand the full process, especially release. Is there a series I should start and progress with? I also suspect I’m not wide enough with my backswing, but only a video will tell.

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    • From Shawn Clement on HAMMER THROW DRIVER

      Hi Brad! Welcome!
      to get a solid grasp of the engagement of the kinetic chain, start with the “throwing the club” video and the “throwing series” and then see “trail hand release” and “important release update” so once you throw the club into a nice snap release, you simply need to predict what needs to be in the way with “the goldilocks series” and finally the “target confirmation series”
      then let me know how you are doing!

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    • From Brad Hoffman on HAMMER THROW DRIVER

      Very helpful! Thank you. As a 40+ empty nester, I practice a lot, so having this direction is very nice. I’m sure you’ll be hearing from me when I hit the wall.

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    • From Shawn Clement on HAMMER THROW DRIVER

      I look forward to being of service! 😀👍💪👊

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  • From John Wilson on Draw fine tuning

    Hi Shawn
    When you say play the ball back in your stance, how far back do you play it?

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    • From Shawn Clement on Draw fine tuning

      Hi John! The front of the ball touches the centre of stance for draw and the back of the ball touches centre on fade; that’s it! Unless you want a lower draw or a higher draw which would be about a half ball farther back or forward of that.

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  • From [email protected] on Dual Pendulum - Part 3

    Thank you Shawn, best video ever! Finally I understand what the motor of the swing is. Easily gained 5% clubhead speed.

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  • From Krista Nabb on Dual Pendulum - Part 3

    Thanks to you Shawn I don’t break tees anymore.

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  • From Matthew Costello on Dual Pendulum - Part 3

    The swing analogy is perfect. I’ve always struggled to add more velocity without adding more strain. This will help. Can’t wait for the height videos per our YT chat.

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  • From Brad Hoffman on Trail Hand Release

    This lesson had a couple of eye opening points: 1: Letting the club release me at the follow through. I had been manually releasing the club or not releasing at all, which would explain the constant slicing. 2: Your demonstration of the club face at “45 degrees” and the positioning of the body where it squares up to the intermediate target. I have been struggling to find the in to out path and this seems to help.
    One thing I think I have been struggling with is letting the club do the work. I have been having lower back pain this season and I suspect it might be due to my interpretation of generating power from the ground where I am pulling the hips around towards the target line and attempting to keep the trail shoulder back. I am trying to do the squat move and standing up maneuver in the PMD, but it’s a going to be a process to ingrain. My lower back still gets a little tender, but I feel it more on the way through now as the momentum carries my “hand/club unit” through.
    While I am committed to this methodology, I feel like this season might be a little rough as it always is with a swing change. My commitment comes from the idea of eliminating all of the manipulations that come to mind when I swing a club I am not confident in. I really want the mindset I have when I swing my trusty 6i. I just line up the shot and go.

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  • From Greg Schwenk on Dual Pendulum - Part 3

    Hey Sean, great video instruction as always. Questions, I noticed you said your eyes are looking at blades of grass/grass clippings in front of the ball with your iron’s what about the driver? Are you looking at the back of the lower part of the ball?

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    • From Shawn Clement on Dual Pendulum - Part 3

      Eyes are on the tee! We are using the “blur of club” and “arc blur unstoppable momentum series” (see the driver video on that) to flick the tee into a summersault over the IP

      see also “stick your finish despite the ball” series! 😀👍

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  • From [email protected] on Putting - Stroke & Distance Control

    Where did you find the Tupper grip? Can’t seem to locate one on the internet!

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    • From Shawn Clement on Putting - Stroke & Distance Control

      Hey John! Sorry, they are no longer in business; but the name changed because of Tupperware, and it became “Forward grips” see if that works; Mr David Blois had sold the company to another entity in Toronto so you may be able to find one! Let me know!

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