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Hi Shawn, you stay you want to start the ball at the left edge of the IP for a draw in this video, isn’t the right edge for draw and left for fade?


Thanks Shawn! Now I can sleep well 😂🤘

Mohanjit Singh

Hi Shawn
My issue with draws is I am not able to stay right of the IP through the shot. My draw starts from the target and then draws.


Hi Shawn,
i close my driver nearly 40-45°, the shorter the club the less i close them. Sometimes i think i bow my wrists because of the too open face. Sometimes my left hand hurts after a hit.
Should the face be closed the same amount with every club? My wedges are about 20°. My stock shot is a draw.
My lag seems to be best with my driver, but when i close the irons more it feels more difficult to hit the draw and i hook them. I usually hit my clubs a little more to the toe, but constant.
Could you help me?

Shawn Clement

See “blur of club” and then “unstoppable momentum blur of club” videos first to get a proper reference system. Then you need to confirm that you are delivering well through the ball with “target confirmation series” and “pre-motor cortex series”


thank you


The club face is set up how? Is it the same alignment as my feet and shoulders or do I have the club face aiming straight at target . Need a picture of club face and set up to a target.


Working of the draw with various irons, I noticed that as the club go to the longer irons, the club face needs to be less closed. My 4 iron has just a slight closed position, in contrast to an 8 iron, which is a lot more closed to produce a similar draw. Does this make sense? Or am I doing something wrong?


Shawn, Why is it that when you close your face with your grip above the ball, and then set the club head behind the ball, it appears from the side view that the face of the club is now square again rather than closed? If my perception is accurate that it appears square again, is it because the club face opened up from the initially shut position because of your adjustment up your upper body to get behind the ball? Thanks, Otto


Thanks Shawn, I having a hard time drawing my irons so I’ll try the excessive closing to 45%. My biggest issue now is that the ball starts immediately to the left instead of gradually or it just fades slightly right.

I’ll go back to a few videos to make sure my backswing and follow through are working as they should.

Bill Weiss



So I played today and as I replayed my round in my head this evening most of my misses were over draws, even with my approach lower irons. I sensed this during the round and tried to switch to fades, but , some of those turned in to double cross pulls. I pluck an intermediate target and Terri to have a picture of the shot in my mind, but I think I may be starting my downswing from the top. When I have sent video in you have identified the transition as my difficulty


It works like advertised and I am happy with and use it on most shots. The web has me confused “they” keep saying the angle of the club face is 85% responsible for initial direction. My best guess is you are swinging out to the right so it is a little less closed. The hands are forward at impact so again a little less closed. Is that all it takes to take the 45 degrees club face out and start the ball at the target on the exaggerated draw shot?



Interesting experience I had about closing the face. I noticed that I was still going at the ball and hitting blocks and hooks, and just couldn’t understand why I was doing that. I then decided to try to close the face more, and suddenly I felt I could release deeper, blocks and hooks are gone, just getting a slight over draw when I’m not releasing to my target enough. I think I was compensating for a weak grip. People don’t believe me when tell them I fixed my hook by closing the face more 🙂


vincent – thanks for sharing your insight; very interesting comment

Mark Cohn

Roughly how much draw were you doing from straight (5yds, 10yds, etc)?

For your stock draw, do you vary that amount depending on the club (length of shot) or is roughly the same?

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