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Working on my fade and direction of release… at the end of the video, you state…”confirm that you release out there”… how do we know if we are releasing properly? Is there a video that addresses this?


Just found this video, which I could have used before this mornings round. I had all tree in front and right of a 165 yard approach shot to the green. Unfortunately, all water on the left. My only shot appeared to be a fade around the trees. So, I took an 8 iron with a slightly closed face and played the ball forward in my stance. The result: a perfectly straight shot into the water (arg). Not sure what the change might be to correct this. In this video, are you adjusting your swing plane to a more out to in path?


So, based on short approach….. it may appear that the best option may be to chip the ball slightly to the left and provide a straight approach shot then, right?


So, the issue is that I need an approach shot around 165 yds. Trees in front of me and on the right, so a draw won’t work. So my only shot is on the left with a fade over the lake. But you said a fade won’t work with my 8 iron. So…. since a 7 iron is too much club, is my only option to chip out to the left to give a straight shot on the green (taking the trees out of way)?Does that make sense. In other words, what might you do as your shot choice?


To hit the fade move the ball forward more in my stance and open the club face a little more then swing to left edge of intermediate point?

Eric Beaulieu

Hi Shawn, I’m lefty and having a lot of issues doing fades. They pretty much start were I want the ball to end and go straight as if I pushed it or blocked it left. Other times they will start on that same line and start fading.

Closing down the face more will lower my shot and it will actually draw with the ball being fwd in my stance.

In general, I have found that my ball trajectory is lower and I get less distance when I apply myself to release to the target (especially with the driver) but i get super distance and ball height when I block (or push) them left. Any thoughts?

Eric Beaulieu

Forgot to add that I have no issues with fading the ball

Eric Beaulieu

Sorry no issues doing draws

Eric Beaulieu

I think you’re on to something here. I don’t remember having “over the top” issue but I do tend to hit the ground a bit before the ball. I feel like I have better access to the target if my stance is open by around 10 -15deg compared to when everything is lined up properly. So I might be overdoing “staying behind the shot” and not clearing the hips enough in the down swing. That would make me push it left right? Thank you cor your time and all your work.


Played a great round just thinking of letting the arm club unit going through the dandelion stem . Ball flight was higher and crisp contact. I watched some videos the following day on throwing the clubs and went out and hit balls and my contact was less precise and it felt like I was putting forth too much effort. My question is how do you balance letting the weight of the arm club unit vs. throwing the club. I would also like to know how you go about setting up a Skype lesson. Thank you




Hi Shawn.
Today i tried to slice my pitching wedge around a tree. Had no chance. The next shot i needed to try and draw my sand wedge, missed too. Now i know why the shots ended where they did. Thank you for anothet eye opener.


I practised with a closed stance (with driver, 3w) and I seemed to get better ball speed on the monitor. But it seems so much depends on setting the right intention/prediction. I found I could fade it even with a slightly closed stance if I kept my focus. I think the fade is a more reliable shot for the woods at least. Also- I found that if I hover the club at address I was making crisper contact with all shots including the irons. I think hovering releases tension. At least so far …


Trying to grasp where to align my setup and where to aim clubface. Other than “feeling it” would you say you aim your setup/body at the line you want to start the ball and the clubface is aimed where you would like the ball to finish?

Bill Weiss

Talk about an ah hah moment!

I know for a fact that I’ll be able to steer the ball a bit better now! 😉


Hi Shawn. Is the ball position the same for a straight fade as it is is for a bigger fade? Many thanks. .

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