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Shane Simmons

Hi Shawn, I’m loving the premium content and I’m working really hard to lower my handicap. One of the issues I thought i was having was my angle of attack, but with my 7-iron I typically hit down on the ball about 4.5 degrees. So I’m trying to figure out where I’m losing distance. I recently had my swing recorded and noticed my body goes upward during impact on the ball, rather than going through the shot to compress with momentum. What do you suggest? I’m currently carrying my 7-iron 150 and want to get that back up to 170. Thanks!

Shane Simmons

Thank you!

Hi Shawn, Hope things are well. Shawn I picked up a Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor and honestly shawn it works fine for my level. I’m a very high handicapper so the nuances of a more expensive launch monitor don’t make sense to me right now. In looking at a clip from the Rapsodo I took a swing with a driver that look s like I never played golf before and t was on the follow through. Like someone had handcuffed me before and after impact. Is that what I’m experiencing at the 4:02-4:03 mark of this lesson with the tree analogy? Thanks much Shawn for the help.

Joel Christman

Hi Shawn, I’ve been following YouTube for about a year. And have been watching many different people. Currently a 10 hncp but have zero consistency in my iron game. So I’m going through all of your videos and drills from the start to rebuild my swing and setup. This video here just feels like it made my swing so much more comfortable especially with the understanding of draw and fade setup. Thanks for the amazing knowledge and teaching

Shawn Clement

Awesome Joel! Keep it going! 😀👍

Zyman marzuki

Hi Shawn

At set-up when i try to get behind the ball (and hammer into the doorframe) it feels like the weight distribution is more on my right side, is this normal?

I also start hitting my shots thin, a groove or two lower on the clubface…so I think I might be doing it wrong

Anthony Campagna

Curious. In some swing systems, they preach “Load” the trail/right glute in the backswing. Is that the case with your swing?

Just from my observations, it appears that you are rotating around either your tail bone/(Center of mass) or maintaining a majority of your pressure on your lead femur when making a backswing. Can you elaborate?

Looking forward to your response. TY in advance

Larry Ferguson

If I don’t sway in my golf back swing do I still use the brace tilt ?

Shawn Clement

Great question Larry! The key to the braced tilt is the way that it naturally falls into place as a result of the golfer being on the right task to deliver an action deep into the flight plan; so we don’t want you to manufacture yourself into “positions” for the sake of a “theory” but rather help you accomplish a task that will get the ball into your flight plan and close to your targets on a consistent basis.

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