Ball Position & Distance to Ball

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Justin McClimans

Should ball position be the same for all clubs? Like would I want to play the ball slightly back of center if I’m setting up for a draw with a 3 wood or long iron?

Sam Pochucha

Are you opening and closing the club at address by turning it with your hands in place, by moving the handle forward or back, or by changing your grip? Do you use the same procedure with the driver as with the other clubs?

Hi Shawn,
I was associated to another website for the last 5 years, if not longer. (I’m right handed golfer) The instructor changed my strong grip to a weaker on, restricted my hip turn which had really affected my game and my back. He also said that my ball position was too far back and in the middle of my stance and it should be off my left ear or logo of my shirt. He also mentioned that I should be a fist width away from the ball. I never felt like I was compressing the ball like I used to years ago. After watching your videos, I moved the ball back to the middle for the straight fade and 1 ball back for the draw and now I feel like I’m compressing the ball and getting my distance back from my 20’s.

Is there another way or video I should look at to get the distance from the ball because with my wedges I’m reaching too much and with irons I feel okay?

Thanks Shawn. You ‘da man.

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Shawn Clement

Hard to believe they are still teaching those things because if they only knew how the human machine was designed, they would stop instantly. The videos to watch are “predict contact” and “the goldie locks series” which has one of the videos locking you into the proper distance to the ball based on you delivering through to the target. Did you come back to a stronger grip? See the first video of the “consistency series” as well.

Hi Shawn, I do use the “goldie locks” on chipping and putting and it’s been a godsend. My touch is getting a lot better around and on the greens.

Yes, to your question. I definitely came back to a stronger grip and I’m compressing the ball with ease.

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Is your posture (spine angle) the same for for all clubs?

Shawn Clement

Very similar; but you cannot go there as your perception of the posture will distort things. You always look for purpose. “when I deliver my action in the direction I want to start the ball, is my posture allowing me to use the legs to throw the club in that direction and am I low enough that the sole of club will drag along the ground to allow this to happen? See “posture” video and “predict contact” as well as the “Goldie Locks series”

Thank you. Thank you, Thank you. I have been following your instruction for about 10 months. I am short in stature, so have always stood tall to the ball, in an attempt to ground my club. Today, after reviewing the videos you recommended, I finally got into the athletic posture. What a huge difference. I picked up about 20 yards in distance. You are a great teacher.

Down The Middle Ron

Shawn Clement

Right on “down the middle Ron”! You must be in high demand for partners! 😀👍

On my perpetual motion drill, I do not brush the grass as consistently as you do. A little above the grass; a little thick. Not constant. Is this a sign of a larger issue?

What a difference! I was trying to manipulate the club to brush the grass.

Shawn, here is a question about the sternal notch position at setup for irons. At setup, where should my sternal notch be positioned? When I tilt my body at setup (get behind the ball), my sternal notch ends up behind the ball so I have to slide forward during the swing to reposition the notch in front of the ball to keep from hiring it fat. This doesn’t seem right since we are trying to keep the sternal notch centered and to rotate around it. Should the notch be positioned at or in front of the ball after tilting?

Do you have video(s) describing shaft lean at address? Does it vary with different clubs and or different intents, I.E. fade vs draw, or high vs low trajectory?

Hi Shawn, firstly apologies for another post but I really could do with your help. Thanks to Wisdom in Golf I’m now compressing the ball much better than ever but it’s now my first winter golf in wet and muddy conditions with this swing. As a consequence I seem to be squelching the ball into the ground.

In the past prior to my WIG swing I would be playing my shots like a fairway bunker and clipping them off the wet / muddy surface. However I didnt want to revert to this approach if there is a more reliable WIG method, eg low sweeping and partially thinning. If you are playing off soaking vwet fairways for example what stick changes do you tend to go for. It’s difficult to goldilocks this out on the course. Last post I promise in 2019. Indebted to you as always. I haven’t thought about body parts since becoming a member of the dandelion club. Steve

I think I just grasp the concept of grass cutting and the dandelion after watching this video. I had watched your other youtube videos regarding this and I would focus on cutting grass at the ball which would cause me to be inconsistent and hit behind the ball but after watching the ball on the string and the arc I now understand that I need to start the grass cutting after clipping the dandelion stem. Is that correct?

Hi Shawn, am I correct that you set up with the club face slightly closed because at impact the face would be close to square? Also, to confirm that you’re holding the club (with the ‘stronger’ grip position) to close and not rolling the club and face to a closed position (which actually weaken the grip)?

Shawn, my ball position for irons is just inside my right heel (I’m right handed). I hit a straight ball most of the time. My ball position for driver is at my left arch. My iron distance is pretty good. However, my driver distance is not (200 yards). Any suggestions on how to get another 30-50 yards out of my anemic driver?

Hi Shawn, you mentioned ball essentially center of stance w/ irons.

Is that all irons 3-pw. There are different opinions on keeping the ball forward in your stance w/ longer irons and center of stance w/ shorter irons. Would love to know your take on this.

Thank You,


This is truly helpful, thank you Shawn!

Hi Shawn
I heard you on On the Mark podcast the other day. You said that the ball should be placed closer to you when you “throw the club” compare to if you hit “at the ball”. Could you explain that further? Maybe you already made a video about this?

Hi Shawn, recently I have stopped using the driver as sometimes it got me trouble . I have using your videos to help this and shot my best medal round and won on Saturday. However I would like to use the driver but biggest problem I hit the ball so high and lose distance , my loft at impact is the same as a 5 iron , what video could help
With this problem


I have a question on ball placement for driver. Since the usual recommendation is to keep the ball forward (opposite the left instep), wouldn’t this lead to the driver moving in an out-to-in direction on impact–hence leading to a fade/slice?



Thanks a lot for that video. This really makes sense and answers a question I’ve been having for a long time. Let me get on the rage and try this out !


Shawn I’m still not sure about driver ?
1 in relationship to body (away ) got it
2 in relation to the arc of path slightly in front i don’t get this one ???? because the ball is in front i’m not clear so I hit hooks and draws when I should be hitting Fades and cuts. I do live in Colorado. altitude thing. I seem to hit draws when trying to hit draws.
I have watched all your videos on driver, draws and fades a couple times. I even draw the arc using flour to mark the grass.I use the range as you recommended left side I try and hit fades, right side I try and hit draws

Rob Scrivener

Great work Shawn – physics in motion, and based on the somatotype of the student, rather than some arbitrary ‘best position’. Could it be any simpler. As always – thank you.
Regards Rob


Hi Shawn,I have a problem with alignment with position of my feet,if I take 3 or 4 practice swings to find out where the club is bottoming out.,I usually make good contact with the ball.I was taught if the club bottoms out 4 to 5 inches in front of the ball then I will make good contact .Is this a good thought?I also seem to want to accelerate though the ball harder at impact..Am I on the right or wrong path..any suggestions will be helpful.thanks Jim

Shawn, I’ve been struggling to find the right ball position with my 5 or 3 wood. I feel like I can usually get it right to create a draw or fade with my driver and my irons, but I haven’t got the right feel for the 5 or 3 wood. Any suggestions? John

David Theobald

Hey Shawn – i’m looking for a video where you talk about the distance your hands are from your thighs increases as the clubs are longer (so closer for wedges, furthest away at address for driver). I *know* i’ve seen it – but i can’t seem to find it here or on YouTube. Any suggestions? Would be awesome for keyword search to be able to find key video concepts.

Thanks much! David…

Michael van Eck

Thanks Shawn, now I finally know why my 5 irons fade! The ball is too much forward in my stance. Great advice, I’ll ask for some more in the next videos. 👌

Michael van Eck

Shawn, would it be right to say, for starters, that the ball position would be the same for all irons, at the centre of you sternum ? So, an iron 5 would require the same position as a wedge? Thanks for the great videos and for making or keeping it simple.

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