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What is Wisdom in Golf

Shawn Clement, one of the top 20 youtube teachers and the only one recognized for teaching without body part or positions, drives the ball over 300 yards both right-handed and left-handed and breaks par from either side, and is also the only one who ever qualified and played world-ranked events with 1/2 left and 1/2 right-handed clubs in the same bag! He is the ultimate expert on golf instruction!

He and his team will show you how to play to your full potential with our Online Golf Lessons Academy...

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Patrick Monshau

No matter what I do, envision or predict, I cannot keep from casting/ early extension. I know your system works, having hit a 270 yard when I was able to put it all together. I just can`t replicate it. How long can I expect to struggle with this before I begin to realise consistency?

Patrick Monshau

Yes. I even video my practice sessions and I can perform a precise blur arc, path, and throw untilI see that effing ball. PLEASE SEND HELP!! And thanks for the promp reply.

Patrick Monshau

Yes, I seem to be able to perform the entire sequence until I see that effing ball! PLEASE SEND HELP!!!!! On the few occasions when I have been able to perform your method, the results have been nothing short of astounding. Thanks for the prompt reply.

Thanks Shawn,

That is the best explanation i have seen about release anywhere and it has given me a club and half extra distance. Thank you again. I just need to learn to trust it as i have been steering my clubs around the golf course for 15 years.

Hi Shawn,
I am enjoying the premium videos and the instruction. However, I have been struggling with release. When you say to release to the target, a literal interpretation is to release when the arms reach about 9 o’clock. That cannot be right because it really doesn’t work.
You and Savy appear to release with the arms at about 6 o’clock, but release so that the club points to the target rather than to the ball. So the question is, is that what you mean by release to the target?
Thanks for your help.
Bryan Rickertsen

I am having trouble with the snap when I use the driver. Any suggestions. Really enjoying the Prime videos. Thanks. Molly

Shawn, I read somewhere that Sav prefers to think of a frisbee toss(leading hand) to encourage a realease at the target. I haven’t seen any videos by you discussing the frisbee analogy in any detail and how it is similar and different than the golf swing. Thank you

Hey Shawn,
I’ve noticed how you mention the right elbow dropping down in front of your body and my question is with me being a bigger guy with a big midsection I’m not able to get my right elbow down in front of me, should I let my elbow stay tight to my right side or what would you suggest in this situation?

William Crowe

Hey Shawn, I love the way your radius and ulna bones stack up working together through impact for a powerful release!! The twirl you and savy are doing makes so much sense to me now! Keep up the fantastic vids! Love Ya Man!

William Crowe

Sav is Awesome! Beast Mode!

Great video. I also went back and reviewed “Lead Hand Release” video. I have been practicing with this information in mind. Also, viewed and practiced”Throwing the club”. Today, February 15th, 2020, I went out and played. I kept my focus on the target throughout my round and was so surprised that I shaved off 8 strokes on my game today. Wow. Your teaching technique has made a tremendous difference for me. I look forward to continuing to practice on the range and look forward to some fun and improved golfing. Thank you!

This and the kinetic chain may be the two lessons that gave me the ah-ha moment this offseason. I am so glad I joined your premium site…working on that tighter grip now.

Just had a couple of rounds of bowling and noticed my score jump up by about 20 per game. Thanks Shawn.

So I played Super Bowl Sunday and shot 74 and was feeling pretty good about my swing. I have been watching you latest videos w/ Savy and have been practicing heaving the club in the backswing. I watched my swing at a Golftec today( no lessons there, just use for video) and was shocked how much less my turn was in the backswing than I thought. I re-watched the backswing series with Dr. Moody and best downswing weight shift to re-educate myself. I practice PMD and throwing clubs quite a bit.Doubt is creeping in. I know you say that I am not defective, but , it sure looked like it today

John Carroll

Great video! I used this in my practice today and my release got deeper and my effort went down. Hitting ball slightly tin but my distance increased and my strain was low.

Hi Shawn

I am really loving all the ideas about how to swing the club. First time out this season, I really focused on sending my irons to target through an intermediate point, I didn’t duff one and they sort of went where they were supposed to – thank you so much.
I am still struggling to not hit at the ball with my driver. Any particular tips?

Also do you have any plans to come over to England and hold a golf clinic or two?

Keep up the great content

Phil B.

Jon R

Hey, this video was timed well in response to my question on the Eagle account. You are a magician. The snap release is another version of the sword slash and for that matter, the football throw, skipping a stone….etc. Different tasks to accomplish the same thing. In this video you clearly showed the elbow and wrist release action after the vertical position of the ball. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe mastering that simple maneuver allows you to compress the ball even at lower speeds/momentum. Something you and all professionals do extremely well. At times, I could compress the ball pretty good at full speed, but ask for a 3/4 shot… CLUNK! I am going to work this drill next indoor session.

Savvy’s distances are incredible. Some of it must come from her extension away from the body. Not the clubhead, but her hands. Tremendous width. To be young and flexible!

Jon R

Finally got to hit some shots indoors and may have figured out what has been short-circuiting my kinetic chain. Of course it was something that I did not expect. By chance, I remembered your video with Matt telling him to try and hit his irons half their full distance. I had nothing to lose so I gave it a shot. BINGO! The drill forces a ‘lazy’ transition at the top giving the legs and trunk enough time to engage into the shot. When I go bad, I get ‘grabby’ at the top and it is off to the races, as the body tries to catch up to the hands. The result is almost always a shot that stings (and stinks). I would guess that the transition metric is different for everybody. (e.g. John Rahm vs Hideki Matsuyama) I just don’t have the lightning reflexes so I lean toward a ‘Hideki’ type transition. In fact, his glacial transition is the swing thought I chose. It seemed to work pretty good. Hopefully, I am on the right track.
For once, I would like to hit the Spring season running and get the game sharp. How can I book a lesson up there?


Hi Shawn:

Not directly related to the content of this video, but Savy appears, at address, to line up mostly with the club open to various degrees, with a strong grip, and yet she is able to hit draws and slices. I can see if the grip is strong enough then dynamically it can return to a square or closed position at impact. Do I have that right and if so is she simply controlling whether the club is open/square/closed at impact by varying the strength of her grip?

But as I recall, you suggest keeping the grip more neutral and starting with the club square or slightly closed for fades and more closed for draws (with the attendant changes in ball position and alignment for each).

Do I have this right, and if so are both approaches viable, and if so, is it just a matter of which feels most comfortable.


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