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This is what I was looking for. However i worked very hard to get my weight to the front foot earlier in the downswing to syrike ball first the ground. Now I am thinking that iI am getting it to the lead foot too early instead of pushing off the trail foot longer. Should I be letting the weight shift forward later in the downswing? I think it is costing me power. Your thoughts?

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New to this instruction. I find it very informative but I am hearing things In videos that I have not learned yet like using the weight of the club. I have tried finding the order of videos but I can seem to find a good order. I understand everything your saying I have actually felt it in my swing when it is good but I have a very hard time giving up control and I actually try to make the club weightless which I think is the opposite of using the weight where is the best video of how to feel the weight of the club so I can feel the heave levetation and drop. My swing has been reallyh out to in as of late.




So useful!


This is something I have been working on and it has helped me greatly. A big preshot is the PMD, which is helpful. However, my key transition move seems to the short squat (grabbing the ground) at the top and Not allowing the arms to fire (still breaking that habit).. I tried to search on videos about this squat or the up-down movement through the swing, but couldn’t find any. Can you suggest other videos for this?


I played yesterday and was really having difficulty getting to my front foot. Probably not completing my backswing. Whether it was fatigue or something else what do I do during the round to prevent myself from hanging back. I tried to concentrate on my target to kick in my kinetic chain(WWSCD: what would Shawn Clement do) but , it just wasn’t happening yesterday.


In the face on, slo-mo, when you and Savannah are doing the cut the grass your hips are pretty much facing the ball when the arm club passes. When you actually strike the ball they are facing more towards the target. More so for Savannah it appears.
Is this in anticipation of impact?

Neal Ward

Hi Shawn, How come all the videos are in 720p and appear a little fuzzy? They used to be in 1080p. I know its not my system because all the youtube are clear and in 1080p


Neal Ward

The videos on the premium channel are fuzzy they are also at 720p (although even at 720p they should be clearer). This started happening the last month or so when you stopped putting 1080p videos up.

There is nothing wrong with the Youtube videos. They are clear and also at 1080p.

So I don’t know if the problem is with your camera or Vimeo.


The video was crystal clear at my end (3 weeks later), but the intro graphic was a bit fuzzy.


Is the weight shift demonstrated here for all full shots? Or, is there another way to approach when you use this weight shift?


Thanks. Thought this may not apply to less than full shots.

David Boyd

I loved the split hand she did on feeling the club. It helped me tremendously. It also helped me to feel the hip turn to get the whip action moving in the right direction. Had a great practice as a result of this video. Thanks Shawn!


Are your arms to remain soft like ropes swinging from the shoulders.?


Wow! What a fantastic video ! I favorited it right away. In several of your videos you talk about “whipping the not out of the club” which to me implies an effort to do so, but, I really have been working on letting the weight of the ACU do the job. How do l bring those 2 feeling into harmony?

Jimmy Carlsson

Another awesome video Shawn, the walking drill has helped my swing tempo tremendously…the “weight shift” just happen by default…:)


What I find compelling is that when you both do the walking drill, you end up hitting from a diagonal stance with your feet turned somewhat outward. Does our “natural” tendency want us to do that when we are at the tee?

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