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What is Wisdom in Golf

Shawn Clement, one of the top 20 youtube teachers and the only one recognized for teaching without body part or positions, drives the ball over 300 yards both right-handed and left-handed and breaks par from either side, and is also the only one who ever qualified and played world-ranked events with 1/2 left and 1/2 right-handed clubs in the same bag! He is the ultimate expert on golf instruction!

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Craig Hofer

Hi Shawn, loving your teachings and trying to unlearn 50 years of “guesswork golf”. 2 days ago I played 9 holes in 3 over with a double on the last hole for driving my first tee shot OB. Was ecstatic about quality of my shots with your method. Yesterday I played in a scramble and after starting great I lost my swing. My theory is that I wasn’t keeping my hands below/in line with my sternal notch as you instruct in the chipping video. Instead, reaching and pushing arms out of sync with body turn. How important is “keeping your hands in front of your chest” in the full swing? I’m guessing that might be the root of all my problems (when I’m having them). Thanks, I believe in you and think you have the “unified theory of golf” from putting to driver that I’ve always believed was out there. – Craig Hofer

A Tyagi

“Don’t let it hit me.” This is big to me. When I have been throwing to target, my miss has been having me throw around my body instead of with my body. There is some latent fear of letting my body go, because i think ball will shank out to the right.

Shawn Clement

To be able to predict exactly what will happen and calm your nerves for the shank, you need some solid references. See “blur of club unstoppable momentum series” and “predict contact” and “the goldie locks series” to know you will deliver a solid strike if you stay on task.


For pitch shots say from 100 yards to 20 yards, what is the weight distribution. Is there any transfer of weight from front to back foot?


To get a little more distance on the chip…. is there ever a time the you would use the chip motion (lower case Y) with a less lofted club?


So with the short pitch (30-40 yds)…. are you returning to your normal grip with a slightly open face, as opposed to using a lowercase Y as you would use with the chip?


This was an absolutely brilliant video for me. For the first time, it unlocked the heretofore unfathomable release!. By showing the incremental changes from the chip to the pitch, you saved my golf game and my sanity.


On iron shots I close the face then grip the club. For chips and pitches, how do I grip the club since the face is slightly open at 10 degrees? Thanks!! I love your videos. I’ve realized I need to focus on my short game for improved scoring.


Thanks. I practiced last night. My shots were going really high. I think maybe instead of opening my club face (not closing) I increased the loft tremendously. I think my 60 degree became a 90. Also, does this chipping and pitching technique apply to P, 52 and 56 wedges. Also, is there a video about hitting out of different stages of rough?


Thank you ! Is it the same technique with a 52° and 56° wedge ? I really appreciate your positive teaching style thank you.

Philip Johnson

Hey Shawn I am struggling with my wedge play anything from a full shot to anything shorter. I play the ball back of centre , PMD for distance to ball , I see the doorframe and get behind it , predict the carrot peel , stem and do all the predictions based on a club throw to target . Every time it’s a shank/slice and it blows my mind . I have no problem with any other iron/wood doing the same task. I know every golf swing is based on the feeling of a club throw to the target and predicting what’s gonna happen a the ball cause it works with every club in the bag , if you can help with a suggestion let me know. I know it’s just the way I’m seeing it .

Philip Johnson

Hey Shawn I found it , I was compressing the ball in to the bottom of the doorframe with the leading edge . I know we here at wisdom in golf don’t focus on body parts but it would keep the weight on the back leg while throwing the club . I really had to picture compressing the ball into and through the doorframe out to the target . Felt a good squat on the front leg to compress it.🙌


hello Shawn, I continue to struggle with my hundred yard shot. Do you recommend a certain degree wedge and bounce for around this yardage. I also would like your input on the bounce in Loft for chipping and sand shots. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Mike Dempsey

Dario D'Andrea

Hey Shawn, how do the Glide 2.0 compare to the Ping Glide previous generation? I see that the loft and bounce specs are the same between Glide and Glide 2.0 for the SS ES and TS wedge. I am looking for a second hand club but as a lefty, the 2.0s are not easy to find. Thanks! Dario


I had a pitch session with the local pro yesterday (group session for the team(s) playing in the danish league).
Unfortunately I dont know the training plan ahead of schedule so usually I review your videos after our weekly practice sessions.

One of the things he talked about on the pitch shots was the importance of rotating and keeping the hinge all the way through, not allowing any kind of release since it would close the face of the club.
Another important thing was swinging slightly from outside to inside.

Trying to hold the hinge through impact wasnt very comfortable, it didnt feel natural at all and gave alot of strain in the wrists. I understand the risk of getting a closed clubface at impact, but I guess that is just a result of releasing at the ball, not towards the target.


That there is a classic example of what is wrong with today’s golf coaching and instruction; you are exactly right in feeling how wrong this is. Have you seen the flop shot video? I cut through a dandelion stem softly. Have you seen the video with the wood shavings? Or the carrot peel video? If you shave wood along the ground with a nice quick zippy whip and stay a bit longer along the ground, you will have your “holding of the wrists”
Ask the pro on what everyday task he could relate this action to; it will make him think! Tell him about Gabriele Wulf’s research for the last 20 years on human motor skill learning and how insanely bad we are at body part positioning.


Hi Shawn
I am a new eagle member.
What club do you recommend for pitching? The 60 for short pitches? The 52 or pitching wedge for longer pitches? What would you consider the maximum yardage to be a pitch? I would also like to know how to control the trajectory of a pitch. I live in West Texas we have major wind out here.
Thanks I love the videos and have been working on the premise with some immediate improvement. I will try to upload a video of my swing soon. Thanks again



Hi Shawn,

Does this wide descending angle also apply to iron shots?



Interesting. So my takeaway for the irons is similar to my takeaway for a chip shot, only I hinge a bit to get to a ‘pitch’ position and complete the backswing for a ‘full swing’ position.

julian clark

Hi Shawn,
do you keep 70% of your weight on the front foot during the back swing on a full pitch shot and have the ball positioned half way between each foot for a non fade/non draw pitch?


Same type question do you have your weight on the front foot like in the chip. Basically like a chip with an added hinge.

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