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Shawn Clement, one of the top 20 youtube teachers and the only one recognized for teaching without body part or positions, drives the ball over 300 yards both right-handed and left-handed and breaks par from either side, and is also the only one who ever qualified and played world-ranked events with 1/2 left and 1/2 right-handed clubs in the same bag! He is the ultimate expert on golf instruction!

He and his team will show you how to play to your full potential with our Online Golf Lessons Academy...

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Gordon Luxford

Hi Shawn, Do you now use a neutral grip as opposed to a strong grip for full shots

Gordon Luxford

Thanks Shaun, Just been chipping with the full strong grip & now working great. Thanks

Edwin Fitzgerald

Hi Shawn,

Great Chipping Lesson. Just completed my session in backyard on Mat and it was great. Added Bonus, was how easy it was to complete the backswing from the chipping swing. Looking forward to a full week of practicing it.

Thank you,



I had a great AHA moment this week with my chips and avoiding miss hit….. on the downswing, allow the gravity to cut the dandelion, helped along gentle only by the ankles and glutes.

I had a great AHA moment this week with my chips and avoiding miss hit….. on the downswing, allow the gravity to cut the dandelion, helped along gentle only by the ankles and glutes.

Shawn I see videos when chipping to choke down on the club. For me I tend to choke down with longer clubs say a 5 iron and more of a normal hand position with a higher club such as wedge. Is this still the correct thinking?


If you have a open face at 10*, what prevents the ball from going 10* right of target.


Even if you use a 8 iron or lower for a bump and run shot?

Sorry for the multiple posts on this chipping video. So, it seems as if I’ve run into a new problem…. contact. I practiced over and over (and watched the video multiple times). However, it appears that about 50% of the time, I get a ball squirting off to the right. I know I am not hitting the hosel. It appears to be catching the blade, which is open, of course. Very inconsistent and frustrating. I try to keep a rhythm and cut the dandelion. The dandelion is laughing at me. Need some serious help on this simple stroke.


Thanks for the quick reply. So, on the first question…. I bump the club to create the path to the target and let the club fall and avoid manipulation. I see the blur on the practice swing, and play the ball off the right toe. Is that too far back? I tried a slightly open stance, but that doesn’t seem to affect the contact.

Good idea! Where do I go on the site to set that up and get it in the schedule?

Great news, Shawn. Worked through this video again in the practice area. I realized my issue…. I was keeping my weight forward, moving into the backswing, but I was coming through the ball, I wasn’t allowing my hips to get out of the way. A very small thing can cause a major collapse. Played this morning after my first full week back on the WIG system and shot an 87. My chips were spot on, leaving me with many simple one putts. Thanks for all your help and this great system. I am still going to get a Skype session this summer. Take care.

Shawn – Working on my setup for the chip here…. quick question on the grip. I think I already have the acid test good on the full swing. Is it the same for the chip? (Considering that the shaft of the club is leaning forward… so, if I gripped the club as it is leaning forward, then the grip is turned slightly clockwise around the club. Or… should I grip the club normally, as with any other club (other than the slightly open club face)?

Thanks for all the great info, Shawn.

Wow. This really helped, Shawn. A Big Thanks. Just one evening working on this and it made a big difference. The key for me is keeping the ACU connected and letting the arm all and flow through the swing.


Oh yes, not using any head covers… really focusing on the takeaway from the core with no wrist bend, club manipulation, and keeping the solar plexus and hands in line… bump to the top and let it fall through the shot with a good grip and pressure to cut the dandelion. Is this right idea?

Thanks, Shawn!

Hi Shawn. Do you have a video that covers shanks? I’ve been shanking for quite some time now not only with my chips but also pitches and full shots. I could really use some help. I’m a new premium member. I’d be up for paying for a remote lesson for sure.

Please let me know.



This is my top “favourite” video. Chipping is also my no 1 shot and the way I always start my warm up prior to a round. Yet I still have a question…..
Sometimes I feel that my body controls the movement and that my upper arms are connected to my chest…going along for the ride. Sometimes I feel that my arms swing free and the body follows…..getting out of the way, back and forward.
I would like to focus on just one of these “feelings” and methods and I would appreciate your advice.
Good to be back !!

Hi Sean, What do you recommend for a club to chip within 5-15 yards of the green with no obstacles to fly over? Does bounce matter. I currently use a 54 degree wedge with 11 degrees of bounce. After watching your videos my iron play has improved and now it is time to focus on the weakest part of my game – the short game!

Just wondering, how much does you kettlebell weigh? Is there a preferred weight?

Hi Shawn, what is the rough maximum distance for chips and pitches? Just wondering for when I am practicing. Thanks

Asad Ali

Hi Shawn, if I am imagining cutting the dandelion with the leading edge of club, then where should I imagine the dandelion to be? Under the ball or just behind it? Or instead of the leading edge, should I focus on skidding the bounce of the club under the ball? Are we supposed to push the bounce down through impact? Please feel free to refer to another video of yours that explains all this, if more feasible. Thanks

Asad Ali

Thank you Shawn. Hammering through the door frame is my favorite mental model for full swings. But I am hitting my chips thin or thick quite often, which is not a big problem for me during full swing. Should I be hitting slightly down on the ball so leading edge hits the ball, then the dandelion stem under the center of the ball and then the ground?

Sorry for the long question in advance. Just going crazy that we cant get out on course.
Hey Shawn, hope you are doing well during these crazy times. They closed all our golf courses here in Wisconsin so cant get out yet. Been chipping around the yard. How do you work on distance? Is it goldilocks? The last gentleman i was following used specific positions (sorry) for each yardage. Ex. 10 yard chip, choke down on club hinge wrists to 90 turn slow, 20 yards turn little fast, 30 yards full turn.
grab middle of grip, hing elbows to 90 turn slow 40, med 50 fast. 60. Than grip end of club full swing same idea.
I found this very useful, could hit yardages pretty close. But always thinking of position. ( answered own question 🙂
Been using goldilocks in back yard and finding can hit pretty close to where i want, just have to stay with the “cut”. Do you do the same but figure how far your farthest chip goes before hinging? Do you get a yardage with all wedges, currently with old system would use sand wedge. Also flop shots, with old positions, as you opened the club to say 1 oclock would take off 10 yards, 2 oclock off 20. Had somewhat idea insread of guessing. Or Is it all feel?
Also the 1/3. 2/3 is this similar to the rule of 12. I found that to be pretty close as well. Or you just using a wedge for chipping, which works out to the 1/3. 2/3. One part carry 2 parts roll. And just carry more or less depending uphill downhill
Thanks again, hope all is well.

GREAT LESSON! I just need some clarification on the set-up. Should the chip shot start from an impact (or modified impact) position, with front side slightly open? It appears on video that you are slightly open but not much. When I was chipping, I made better contact with my front side open, which also helped me get my head behind the ball.

hi shawn, appreciate this chipping lesson. One question : i struggle with the engine of the motion. You say the weight and the momentum does it all. The knees , like in the full swing , are , so i presume , are also an engine . Anyway the arms do not participate. Do I understand it correctly?

hi shawn, i like to thank you for your fantastic lesson methods and vision on how golf should be learned. i enjoy it all very much and i m grateful for all you do for us ‘students’. take care and looking forward for a fantastic 2020! ernst from the netherlands

Hi Shawn, new premium member but have seen many of your tapes in the past. When you chip or pitch is the leading edge of your club flat or toe up.

Hi Shawn, not been with the program long, but my ball striking is awesome. I am having trouble with chipping and pitching though. I get good contact, but with the band’s so far in front of the ball, the flight is low, with lots of run. I can’t seem to get any check, any ideas?

Hey Shawn, I’m loving learning to be at one with gravity! A quick question: is your stance open to help the chest out of the way during the forward swing momentum?
May the force be with you.

Got it, but why not have your feet parallel to the target line?

Hi Shawn, just signed up yesterday and loving the videos. Chipping is my worst shot so can’t wait to try this method. What club is best? I tend to use a 52. Do you recommend using one club or using different lofts depending on distance? ( I’m hoping you will say one club ).

Thanks Gerry

What degree of bounce do have on your lob wedge?

Thanks, Shawn. I am looking at those wedges as my next purchase. However, I looked at my current 60 degree wedge. It is a Taylormade with 10 degree bounce. Until I get a new one, is there any adjustment, or things I need to watch out for with my current wedge?

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