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Hi Shawn – perpetual motion for chipping has allowed me to feel balanced, improving my short game. However, I can’t sustain this balance for full swing. My arms come down, and my weight is toward the front of my feet. Any drills for this?

Hi Shawn hope you and he family are all OK in these uncertain times.

I have been chipping off the back foot for ages now and using perpetual motion and goldilocks but still struggling on chips from greenside fringe onto ultra fast greens. Because I’m looking at the dandelion stem beneath the ball I seem to lose in my mind just how near the pin is possibly because it’s outside of my peripheral vision. Consequently although I’m striking the chips cleanly I’m finding it difficult to get accurate distance control. How do you ‘see’ where the pin is on chips or do you forget that concept and just feel for a 10, 15, 20 yard chip etc. I have tried looking at the hole and this works better 50% of the time but the strikes are nowhere near as solid the other 50%. Is Goldilocks the only answer here or can you think of anything else which might help, as its really annoying to hit the ball cleanly but either be up to 6 feet short or 6 feet past.

Kind Regards Steve

Used this in my round today. Worked very well now I won’t have to send my SW packing. 5 chips within 3′ too bad my putting wasn’t very good today. Might be a little different once I get farther back where hinge might be needed.

Shawn, can you expand on what the tone of the arms should be and how to keep the y shape of the acu through the swing but still feel the weight? I often get too floppy because it’s easier to feel the weight, but when i firm up the tone I can’t feel the weight as easily and i get too tense.

john simms

Hi Shawn
On the chip shots is there still a head turn of 20 degrees after the initial setup? I seem to remember that this is the case from a previous video

Hi Shawn,

I actually do my pitching like this as well (after watching all your videos), hardly any wrist hinge. I use 4 wedges: 60, 56, 50 and 45. 60 does a nice 50 yards, 56 does a nice 65 yards, 50 does a nice 80 yards and 45 does a nice 100 yards. No effort and no noticable wrist hinge as such, just simple perpetual motion to target. It’s very accurate, do you see any problems with that?

I can obviously shorten the yardages or lenghthen the yardages with each club with a little less effort or going down the grip a touch etc.

For some reason the ability to make the video full screen seems to have disappeared. Any particular reason. I have always found it useful.


I cannot view in full screen anymore as well…tried a few different browsers…never had an issue before…

i have same issue! no arrow icon for screen expansion in bottom rt corner! oh well, doesnt change the quality of info!

Thanks Shawn

Also having the same issue. There is no button for full screen. But still a terrific video!

As I am practicing this, I noticed a slight grip adjustment is needed for the chip. Different from the full swing, I move the index finger and thumb of the trail hand back up the shaft (connected more to the other fingers). This seems to give the ACU more stability to maintain the lower case “y” throughout the swing. Does this make sense?

I notice that on some videos when you are outside you do a lot from the rough. Is that so you can see the ideal strike location through the taller grass? Would be good for practice. Also the front view of this video shows how far back in your stance off the trail toe. I have been having trouble pulling my shots to the left but its probably due to the club already turning over because its past the ideal impact point. That might also explain why I have a hard time getting forward shaft lean to obtain a better impact.


For basic chip do you advocate a shutdown or square clubface? Do you advocate using the same wedge for all chips? What do you use for the bump and run shot or long distance roll shot?

Neal Ward

Hey Shawn, Just letting you know that the video content was great but the picture is kind of grainy and at 720.


I find the most difficult part of chipping is off a tight lie without scalding it or chunking it. Any suggestions on this? Off normal or heavier lies, this approach is great! Thank you.

Using a less lofted club makes it much simpler on a tight lie provided you’re just off the green with nothing to go over.

Usually worried about the contact…wrong swing thought.

Shawn I really like this new series and I like how you are sticking with one concept/feel for the entire series. With some of the other series, for me sometimes there were too many different actions to focus on like slashing for irons and cutting grass for chipping. I like that i can focus on just one feel.

Theodore Skinner

Hi Shawn Why is the low point so far back, opposite your trail foot?

Jeremy Moody

Hi Shawn. Recently pitching fat and under the ball. Chipping thin. Manipulating the club and I’m sure wrist break….losing strokes like crazy…..grrr.
I was not using perpetual motion drill with goldilocks but I think also most importantly, not getting weight to the front foot pre strike like you do as you clear. I think I’m stuck in the middle manipulating with hands. A kinetic disaster. On the plus side PMD is right on with the irons and driver. Kinetic chain maintained.
Getting to the ground with the front foot makes or breaks all the rest of the kinetic chain no? Thanks. Timing for this session was perfect. I have my 5 lb sledge to try and ingrain the feel. Cheers .J.

I just favorited this video and plan on hanging out on this one for a long time. I thought I had my chipping together today, but unfortunately… chipping cost me dearly on the scorecard. My distance judgement was way off. Even doing Goldilocks didn’t seem to help with distance… any drill suggestion? Or is it good ole fashioned wood shedding.

Jeremy Moody

…to be consistent need to find the low point with pmd, then Goldilocks the lie , then make sure the clearing involves getting the ground by loading the front foot ( watch Shawn’s on the video) and cut the grass to the intermediate point in the sequence ball, grass, (dirt).
The drill is like the video…hammer to get the feedback then repeat with club in PMD…

Sandy Chan

Hey Shawn,

This will sound really stupid – but how do you take the hands out of these chips and pitches?

When I start a range session – the first 20 balls or so of pitches ALWAYS ALWAYS involves so much hand action – the term you used is ‘manipulate the club to hit the ball’.

It seems to be the equivalent of the yips for putting – but its for pitching (if there is such a thing).


Sandy Chan

OK – now I have to get a sledgehammer! hahaha!
Thanks will look into those videos again.

I’m having troubles getting a mid point establish d on my shots after the drive. Any suggestions

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