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The little turn forward before turning back is genius, so much easier to feel the arm club unit.

This question is for Shawn, but maybe someone else can answer as well. Is there a way on the website to search for just the comments that I have posted? I can’t seem to find a way to do this.

WIG has been an awesome thing for my golf game. I still get into trouble when I have a pressure tee shot, when I’ve had a long wait on a tee or sometimes when I try to get a little extra distance. I end up setting up for a draw (my preferred drive ball flight) and basically hit a block or push left (Left handed golfer).

I’m not sure if this is set up or task???

Being left handed it’s fun watching mo and sav
The move ,kicking left knee to begin back swing
I assume that should thru all full shots up to Driver
Would love to know if you ever come to the Phila area
Hopefully starting to click

I watched through this video multiple times and worked on the concepts in the practice range. Wow…. it takes time, but just now feeling like things are kicking in. I have been playing golf for many years, using all kinds of techniques…. but as Shawn call them…. “paint-by-number” techniques. Shawn’s way…. just feels right. My thing now is to stay with this flow…. keep the flow to the target…. and don’t ever return to painting by numbers with swinging at the ball as hard as I can. Thanks for all you do here, Shawn. Loving this series.

Really eye opening video for me to start working on the top of my finish and using that momentum to hitting through the grass behind the ball into the backswing. Will start working on it with the grass whip. Thanks Shawn

Also, one question I have about that is should a try to feel a release into a wrist hinge in the backswing

John Carroll

As usual the team did a great job . Shawn you have really done a great job with Mo. Please let him know that it is so nice to see a student work hard a get so much better. Way to go MO !!!!!!

Shawn could not enlarge video no symbol to enlarge

Great video again… working through these PMD videos. It really improves contact and consistency. I noticed that Mu’s ball position is more forward in the stance for a 40-50 yard pitch. Is this for ball height? I would usually play this shot in the center or back of center. Thoughts?

Pardon me for this, but it’s nice to see somebody miss some shots and learning by errors. It seems so easy for you Shawn when you swing !

Neal Ward

Shawn, just adding to my previous comment on the video not expanding. It’s not just this one, it all the previous ones as well.

Neal Ward

Shawn, cannot view in full screen in either Chrome or Edge (option does not exist) in firefox the option is there but it will not expand. Windows 10 ver. 2004.

Yep, same here, chrome and edge. Looks like a Vimeo issue, all parameters in the source code are fine and allow for full screen mode.

Same issue with no full screen…never had an issue before today…

Nope, no full screen here either

That move forward to start the swing with the knee is crucial to continue the feel of perpetual motion. Otherwise I’m back in a static position over the ball with out a started move and that creates more tension. I was trying to move the club forward over the ball before the back swing while it works it probably not ideal to not have the club down behind the ball. Or a Jason Dufner waggle where the back wing starts immediately when the club is placed behind the ball. Surprisingly it works but this seems more consistent. Love It!!

Mike Woods

I can’t get it to go to full screen mode either

Mike Woods


Mike Woods

Firefox ver# 77.0.1

Jeremy Moody

Full screen mode just fine on iPhone/iPad. To start the swing I sort of bump into the ground which causes the hands to move forward and start the momentum. Delay on the downswing happens because the next motion is to get the ground with the front foot and then the weight falls behind the football delivery right elbow. Such a nice feeling. Killers are tension in the kinetic chain and not committing through the ball. Great fun.

Since the last episode we can’t put the video in full screen. the option in the lower corner disappeared.

Yes, not sure what happened?

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