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This has to be my favorite style of video. Teaching the concepts and instructing someone (Moo and Sav). The tug of war feeling with the head back and seeing the ball go through an actual “door frame” are golden nuggets! Thanks!

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I have watched this video about 10x, so good!

This throwing the head backward thought is the piece I really needed to anchor my rear foot and prevent my early extension…now I am getting the compression that was so elusive before…I agree with some of the others members below…this one was pure gold!

Shawn Clement

Right on Tom! Love it! Moe is smiling down at you! 😀👍

With the irons, I do well with picking a point behind the ball as focus point during the swing. But, I struggle with looking at the back of the tee as a focal point. I normally just pick a spot in front of the low point of the driver – that’s the way I set up at address anyway is at the low point of the swing behind the ball on the tee.

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Hi Shawn thank you so much for that video it had so much information in it (as usual). In it you mentioned Moo’s hat and to keep it at the same angle/position as he started in? Is that in any other videos? Not that I am (over) thinking at all! Cheers and thank you Mandy

Hi Shawn, firstly thanks for continuing to provide such great content each week. The three of you look as though you are really in tune and having a blast working together.

Keeping the head back with the driver has been massively beneficial but one thing I’m still struggling with is the 20/20 tilt and head turn at address. The tilt is fine but when I also turn my head away, I struggle to focus on the tip of the tee. I think this might be because I’m so right eye dominant I can’t see it as clearly as my right eye wants to and I end up turning my head back beyond neutral during the downswing to get a better look.

I don’t have the same issue with any other shots because the ball is closer within my right eye peripheral vision but with the driver the 20 % turn causes me to lose connection with the tee tip.

I don’t know which of your eyes is dominant and whether you experience something similar with either your left or right handed swing.

Overall I’m trying to decide whether to just ensure a 20 tilt and forget about the head turn at address or is there something else I can do to achieve both.

Funnily enough I can do 20/20 just fine with the driver when the ball is well back in the stance and I’m drawing it it like crazy.

Do any of the 3 of you suffer with not being able to see the tee at address with the your trailing eye.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for continuing to provide such first class guidance so enthusiastically.

All the best


This was excellent. Have been getting the feeling of the arm/club unit and this just put the piece in place that allows me to freely swing the club and strike the ball.

Shawn Clement

I had a feeling this would open some doors for many of you! Congrats! Here we come!!😀👍💪🤛👌

This video is pure gold! The tip about Moe “throwing his head backward” and yet, not moving it was a real eye-opener for me. I’ve struggled with making good contact because of head movement (forward movement – I’m not worried about a little up-and-down), so today I tried it. The course had closed the range for COVID, so I couldn’t hit any balls before we started, but I did some perpetual motion drills and BAM! Most of my tee shots were down the middle, and I was striking the ball better all the way through the course.

I could tell that consciously keeping my head behind the ball was keeping me from looking up and was getting me to release more effectively, which helped keep the balls nearer the target line.

I still feel as if I could get more distance if I could keep my focus out in the picture instead of on the ball, but it is coming along. I’m 67, and am finally seeing some real improvement!

Thanks so much Shawn!


How do I send you my videos to look at. I need the help.

Did you have a chance to the videos? I sent them to the info site.

Great video Shawn. Wisdom in Golf is the correct path to better golf. I’ve hit some of the most incredible shots this year including some of the longest drives I’ve hit in 25 years (I’m 49), but I still have some bouts of inconsistency.

As a left handed golfer my best shots are a medium trajectory draw. It seems that when I get off my misses are a high left shot, which I despise. It seems like when I’m hitting these it’s a glancing weak blow.

Is there a better task or visualization I need to get rid of this weak high left shot? Is throwing the club low a good drill to work on getting rid of the weak high left shot?

Usually when I hit the high left shot I’m setting up for a draw and thinking about swinging to the left of my intermediate point? In my mind I feel like I’m going thru the same routine with the same thoughts and intentions.

Obviously something is different occasionally. I could hit a bomb 300+ with a tight little lower draw or the high weak left shot goes 250 or so. There’s always a huge difference in yardage and compression.

The driver is the weirdest club for me. I hit my hybrids well – sometimes I get an airplaning effect with them, but rarely do I feel uncomfortable with those clubs in my hands. However, the driver, at times, feels like I’m trying to fight off a grizzly bear with a feather duster. I’ve played well with the driver, and felt like I had it under some control only to have it all fall apart in the middle of a round. I heard you telling Mu not to left the ball get away to the left. Could you elaborate on that particular statement?

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Hi Shawn,
Latest video anchored lead leg, head back great video. I noticed when I performed this task that some weight remained on the trail leg, is this ok. It seemed ok to me

This video is a great add to the most recent coaching you gave me to let me head come up. I have been struggling with it but now I see that if I focus on moving the head back it comes up naturally. Played really well today just working on that. Thanks!

Love the video. Would the throwing the head back and weight on front foot work for irons too in helping to stay behind the ball?

I have had a lot of success in using the lead hand release for the swing. I was surprised as I’m very right handed. It works great until the trail hand (my right hand) feels that it wants to join the party 🙂 Any tips on how to overcome that?

That’s what I have been dealing with, but I staying back. When I widen my stance just a little helps my head stay back and foot anchored so it’s harder to move ahead of the ball. Now I know why that works. The tilt helps that happen as well. When done properly length is not an issue. Good video

Love the video. The head back… bolted and centered has helped me already as I started practicing this. However, at 14:00 you talk about “escaping to the left” …. I watched this video a few times and don’t quite understand what that means. Is Mu trying to hit a draw, and it’s maybe fading on him? I can’t see that ball flight in the video. Thanks in advance for your help.

Wowsers – Mu’s swing in slow mo – no wonder he hits it so far… pummeled !

I can shape all my clubs exactly the way I want to (thanks to wisdom in golf), but the driver still eludes me. I know what I am doing wrong, when I see that broken tee I think to myself “you idiot, you defaulted to the ball again”, but I find it so hard to stay with my shot. Will try to work on that feeling of the head being pulled back.

Hi Shawn,
Thank you for another great lesson. I am Michael from Singapore and discovered your lessons on Youtube by accident and since then have been enjoying every bit. I am also trying your pointers at the range.
I have just signed up to be a premium Eagle member to learn in more details your great tips.
For a right handed player like me, you mentioned about using the left thigh to generate power (club head speed, i supposed). But how can I prevent the club from turning around my left leg excessively, in other words too early?
Is it by keeping my head back which I am trying to do but not easy as I have a tendency to lunge forward.
Also I am still learning to throw the club as taught in your other lessons. Thank you.

William Crowe

I love this! When I setup like those 2 it feels awesome! My problem is duck hook city?

Hi Shawn, how can we do this on a mat range by ourself and verify that we are keeping the head back.

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