Making Consistent Contact

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Larry Ferguson

Hi Shawn I think my club stays on the ground after I hit the ball ( a wiffle golf ball). The tee lies flat on this ACU-STRIKE MATT about 3 inches away and I hit it. I just thing about the forward
brace leg and press down at contact You know Shawn I spent 2 years with TOP SPEED GOLF with 5 different areas where don’t get the total pictue . You make easier much easier

Larry Ferguson

I’m not sure where the dandelion stem where it is in the relation of the swing

Asad Ali

Hi Shawn,when I focus on the task of hitting through the door frame or cutting grass or peeling carrot, I often fail to follow through properly. My brain focuses on the task and once the task is done, it stops. As a result, my balls slice. Should I focus on proper finish instead of the task now, and let the task function be automatic? Thanks

Shawn Clement

What you need is the feel on the otherside of the task, the snap release! See “lead hand release” “trail hand release” “release fine tuning” and my favourite, “snap release polish” videos. Then see “predict contact” and “the goldie locks series” videos and finally, the « target confirmation series » enjoy!

This week, I have been working my rhythm, with coming up, down and through the ball…. this mornings round of golf has been much better with contact on the woods and irons on the full swing. However, I noticed that some of my iron shots seemed to lack a feel of compression, even though the resulting shot was ok. The sound had more a solid a rock getting hit with a board. Any ideas on how to correct this, or what may be causing this.


Will the back swing speed have any effect on the strike, distance or control? Or is it fine to have a slow back swing speed?

Thank you Shauna. This video has helped me immensely. I haven’t been hitting the ball crisply but cutting through the grass and focusing on a blade of grass behind the ball made all the difference. Can you recommend any other videos that would help with a sweet, centred connection at impact. I have a lot of free time to practise (I am on a farm) which is great. Kind regards Amanda

Thanks Shauna. I will look at those videos and I will keep practising as we aren’t able to play at this time of self isolation. Take care Amanda

Sorry about the auto correct to your name Shawn !!!🤣🤣🤣😱

hello Shawn, I am truly enjoying your premium membership. I’m looking at your contact video and feel that I understand almost all of your points and could put them into action (does not mean I CAN DO THEM just feel like I could), Having said that and watching this video I see that starting the down swing; the right elbow goes down and in front etc.. Do you let go of the club so that it goes vertical or do you keep an angle and continue the swing until you are in the other side and release the club. I am having trouble visualizing what happens when the club returns to the horizontal position and thru impact. Help. THANKS

Thanks for your answer. However, it did not provide the answer I was looking for; also, one needs to ask the right question in order to get the correct answer. I watched a video titled “Eagle session with Savy-getting better AOA and lag. It answer my question to perfection. Thanks for your prompt response.

Hi Shawn!

The premium channel has been a tremendous help to me already (here in Virginia, we get some play even in the winter!). Distance has improved noticeably, putting has improved, and I’ve gone from constantly battling a slice to being able to work the ball left or right much of the time. But (you knew that was coming, didn’t you?). The recurring problem seems to be what others would call taking my eye off the ball. I guess I would call it “not keeping my focus on the dandelion stem.” There are two symptoms, that may reflect one problem, or possibly more than one. The first is hitting far out on the toe, so the ball goes 45º to the right. The second is topping it (if only it was “just” thin). When I think about what I did on the shot, it seems as if my focus was on hitting into the picture, but by turning my head, I have let the clubhead get out of position.

Do you have any swing thoughts, focus, or drills that may help with this?

Thanks so much for all the terrific content!


Hi shawn, do you close your club face at adress and when you take your grip or do you leave it square?

Hi Shawn!

Just wondering if you’re visualizing the base of the dandylion stem do that you contact the ball on the lower grooves of the face? If not can you tell me where you’re imagining it being.

Thanks a bunch,


I just subscribed last night at 11:00pm. This looks like it would cause my mind to want to scoop the ball instead of hit down on it, or are you still hitting down on the ball like people refer to? What am I missing? I really have a great desire to learn as much and as fast as I can from you.

Hi Shawn, as you come into the hitting zone, is the feel of a circular, stress-free, whippy cut coming through the ball, or more of a driving forward, hammering the nail into the bottom of the post? You’ve used both analogies before, and to me, they feel much different. I’d like to pick one sensation and work on it!

Dr. Joe

Thank you Shawn, that clarifies it!

Shawn seems like your wrist at the top is a bit cupped, isnt it better to have a flat wrist at the top of most swings especially with the longer clubs?

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