Balance & Center of Gravity

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M. Moellen

Hello Shawn, after good success at the beginning with your technique, I now have increasing problems. Especially with the irons I have many fat hits. In addition, all shots go far straight to the left. I am now also unsure about the weight shift. That seems to be almost non-existent with you. If I understand the videos correctly, you stay almost balanced on both feet. Which videos should I watch?

M. Moellen

Thank you. Do you have an explanation for why I have less problems with the woods than with the irons?

Hi Shawn, I think I’m making some progress but am still very inconsistent. I believe my biggest issue is staying behind the ball. I start there, just fine, but as I transition to my downswing I drive my whole body towards the target. I’m sure the answer is somewhere in tases videos so could you point me towards the ones I should focus on?

Shawn Clement

Very common; it happens when you default to the ball. First do the feet together drill and then the one leg drill; then see “bolted and centred” “uphill shot” and “downhill shot”
Once you have the feel, see “blur of club” and the “arc-blur series” of videos. Let me know after that!

Thanks Shawn! Here in Tucson the courses are closing down for overseed. Those drills will be a great way for me to spend the three week break!

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Shawn: Since I focused on hitting the ball “square”, I tried to keep my legs virtually still during the back swing. To have the left knee (I am right handed)move back towards the right knee, I have to be conscious about the movement. This worries me because it is “body position” thinking. I s it one of those things that I am okay to think about it until it stops feeling, well, awkward?

Hi Sean. Does the brace apply to the driver. I am wondering because since the ball is on a tee, there should be no recoil.

Thank you. You know, every time that I watch a video, I find at least one nugget. A nugget is not a “tip”. “Tips” – I can say almost universally – contain some piece of information about body position to hit the ball. Your nuggets refer to eliminating an incorrect thought pattern to allow the boy to be a ball on a string. Very refreshing, and dare I say, enjoyable. Way to go!!!!

boy=body. Sorry

Hurray!!! I should have watched this a thousand times first. You see, my perpetual motion drill was a disaster. Crazy inconsistent. Feet together. Foot behind nothing helped.

In this video you said the balance problem plagues many of us. I didn’t think I had a balance problem, but I did. Something you said here turned on a light bulb. Now that I’m ‘sitting’ on those arches, lo and behold, the club really does hit the ground in the same spot!

My body must have been wiggling all over the place trying to stay upright.

Hello Shawn,

Do you have any plans to do a training class in Michigan for 2020?

I’m new to the site and I love it…..Keeping centered against the ball in both directions along with good posture and the image of a slashing a sword……what a difference thru the bag!!! Can’t wait to work thru this site more…..2020 here we come!


Thank you Shawn……worth every penny

Raymond Kuo

Shawn, do I need to brace the tilt when doing the perpetual motion drill practice?

This vid is a masterpiece Shawn.


I am interested in this Center of Gravity, or the sternal notch. I was watching on Youtube one of your videos about spiral tilt and taking a divot. I am having problems taking a divot, but your videos helped me understand, I think and I am trying to verify with you.

If the sternal notch represents where your low point in the swing is, then aligning it just in front of the golf ball, this will allow you to drop the arms in the downswing (swinging freely) to hit the golf ball first, then the soil and allow you to take the divot consistently. Is that correct?

Then, when you want to hit a draw, you position the ball just back of center, your notch is now behind the ball and won’t this cause you to not take a divot? Help, I am confused!

Got it and thanks for getting back so quickly!

When you are keeping your centre of gravity between the arches of your feet should you be focusing on keeping the sternal notch (centre of swing ) in front of the ball so you get compression then divot after the ball ? Or mainly just focus on keeping your centre of gravity between the arches of your feet ?

Would “stop topping and take better divots “ be a good video to reference this subject or is there an updated version that would be better ?

What a great video. Thanks Shawn,

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