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Christian Prior

Hi Shawn, I’m new to premium and absolutely love your teaching style. It is without a doubt the best explanation of the golf swing I have ever seen. I have started applying some of your concepts and am already seeing some effects (I carried my 7 iron up in the 180-190 range a few times today!)
I have a pretty specific question. I’m a left handed person who plays golf right handed…. I’m wondering how much of a problem this could be, or rather how much better a golf swing I could have if I switched to playing left handed? I would NEVER try to throw anything with my right hand…
I learnt to play when I was a teenager (was taught by my friends) and only had right handed clubs around and was never that great (sometimes breaking 100). Then stopped playing for years and have picked up golf again over lockdown. In four months of playing I’ve got to the stage where I’m shooting consistently in the low 90s and have shot an 84 and an 85… So I’m actually fairly early on in my golf journey and am wondering whether it might be good to switch to left handed before it’s too late?
I’m also equally happy to keep playing right handed if you think it won’t make too much of a difference. Would be great to avoid the extra work and a replacement of a whole set of clubs.
I’d love to hear your thoughts?

Christian Prior

Awesome, thanks for the clarification and quick response Shawn. You rock!

working on grip do you turn driver in to closed position like irons to get a proper grip

Shawn Clement

Yes, sometimes more and sometimes less and sometimes the same depending on the driver you have; see “predict contact” and “the goldie locks series” to get a more complete gist; also see “fade fine tuning” and “draw fine tuning” videos. 😀👍

Leo Bley


I got the Swing Impact Pro per your recommendation and discount; Thanks!

When I first got it, I could only consistently click it at 110 MPH club head speed, but now I’m up to 135 MPH in just one week. I believe this is because I am now (1) allowing my hands to fully cock at the end of my backswing, (2) engaging my core and gluteus as part of my “kinetic chain” and then (3) fully releasing my wrists / “the second pendulum” while focusing on “flinging paint” along my “initial path” at the point right (draw) / left (fade) of my “intermediate target”. I’m also trying to feel like I’m (4) “swinging the axe” down like my right arm is “skipping a stone” which I think of as aligning the bisection of my forearms and, as a result, the direction of the wrist “snuff box” hinge movement along the swing path / “initial path”.

Do you think numbers 1-4 are good feelings to in grain in my muscle memory? Do any concern you?

Can you point me to any YouTube / Premium videos that cover any of these four points?

P.S. #2, engaging my core and gluteus in my kinetic chain, was the only thing that allowed me to get to 135 MPH from ~125 MPH, and then consistently do so.

Shawn Clement

Hey Leo! Sorry I missed this one;
You definitely have the right ideas and visuals as well as the right tasks! Keep boiling things down to a single feel in the direction of the beginning of the flight plan and keep delivering “majestically” with ease; keep that strain down to keep optimizing the engagement of your kinetic chain! 😀👍

Sorry to post this here, but I didn’t see any other contact method. I would like to rewatch the “Arm Swing VS Body Turn” video, but I keep getting a 404 on the link. Thanks for looking into this. Also, this speed video is great.

Hi Shawn,

How engaged do your biceps feel in the down swing? What about the forearms? I’m finally getting consistent with the perpetual motion drill as long as I let my biceps feel like they’re falling and not engaging much. It still seems counter intuitive that I can generate more transferable power by finding the ground and letting gravity do its thing… thanks for all of your amazing videos!

Hi Shawn,
I just signed up a few days ago and am up to the Swing Technique videos. I have noticed along the way that there have been many of questions about your head moving up and down in the full swing. I suggest you refer your students to someone who may have been the best-ever striker of the golf ball – Byron Nelson. This video, in real speed and slow motion, demonstrates the concept pretty well:

Do you consider throwing the club a task? Or is it something you try and pair with a hammer or cutting the grass task? I have a hard time thinking of both at the same time.😂

Thanks, I think I finally figured out how to have both focuses. I stand behind the balls, pick a Target and a flight. Take a practice swing feeling the hammer while really focusing on the target. Focus on the target the whole time setting up to the ball, feel the hammering task to the target, and then swing. It’s more of a focus to the target and then think about the task right before the swing. I was too focused on the ball and door frame.

While performing a complete golf swing should I be aware of the motion (weight) of the club as it travels through space to the finish position? When performing the throwing exercises should I maintain a consistent spine angle as if I were over the ball swinging towards a target?

Thank You, Duffer Dave

Star War quote: “Your focus determines your reality.” Thanks!

How do you know when you reach your maximum speed.? Do you start to loose your balance or control? What speed do you endeavor to actually play golf at?

Hi Shawn
Your teaching-task oriented rather than position structured-now makes so much sense,albeit I have still to put it into practice. The whole essence of the swing naturally becomes naturally much more athletic and goal directed
My reason for mentioning this is not only to say how helpful it all is to me in understanding mentally as a whole what I am meant to be doing but also to say that it all reminded me very recently of (I think it is called) Extraordinary Golf by Fred Shoemaker(?) who encouraged his students to throw clubs down the range! At the time-some 20 years ago or so) I thought it a great idea but too much off the wall for me to pursue. Not such a bright idea!
Thanks for all you do-much more than a business to you I suspect!

How do you know when you reach your maximum speed?

Terry Jennings

I seem to be struggling with my effort level more than I’d like. Any suggestions to helping to maintain that 7/10 and 3/4 ratio of velocity to strain?

“…and don’t go past the 125 marker.” When you throw the club? The club doesn’t go farther than 125 yards? Thank you,

Hi Shawn
Once i return home i plan to be throwing some clubs around-will have to be very early in the morning!
In the meantime, my ball striking following your drills has been very encouraging-particularly the predicting contact tee/penny drill-and this will help go a long way towards reducing the number of my topped shots.
I am finding however a bit of a false dawn in that for the life of me i cant get a decent consistent level of clubhead speed! It can be as low as in the 60s-usually in the 70s and very occasionally (for irons) low 90s. (All using my SSR device)
I have a suspicion that I am losing a lot of speed by not cocking my wrists properly in the backswing. Can you possibly refer me to a suitable video please.
Additionally, if there is not one already, could you consider doing a video which demonstrates the elements which help to increase speed significantly, working from a base upwards?
May be I am not making this very clear but demo first how low speed swingers don’t get much speed and build on from there. That way I/ others could possibly identify with the particular area we most need to work on.
Many thanks

Thanks so much Shawn!
I will look at these very shortly
Specifically however do any of the videos cover wrist cock?
If I am not cocking correctly presumably this makes a significant difference?

I thought so!!
Many thanks once again
Off to check out!

Not sure what I am doing wrongly but after a search on website -which shows up a result in bold words-I can’t then go to the resulting video either through clicking the word or the search box ?
Eg Shank or Shoulder Turn

Eg Shank or Shoulder turn. They come up separately from search dialogue box in bold but are not underlined and don’t allow me to open them
Curious. Not sure what I may be doing wrongly?
Regards Ian

Hi Shawn
Also eg Create serious speed -one you recommended Shows up in full even on partial completion of search box but I can’t get it thereafter

Aha! They are YouTube videos! Great!
Is there any prospect in the future of the WiG site including those YouTube videos which are not on the site?
Anyway thanks very much again Shawn

I have watched your videos for years and am wondering the purpose of the excessive bouncing in your knees as you swing. Is this the way you produce ground forces?

Just looking for a clarification on the release of the throw . When you throw clubs indoors it’s at specific targets that are around waist to chest high. (This is usually where I feel the release in the throwing the club and my golf swing )When you went out doors to throw the club the first one was at that height but when you went to throw father the release seemed much higher . In the golf swing when using the task of creating more Clubhead speed(throwing club farther ) will the release feel higher ?

Does your Setup have to change like ball position or your tilt axis or is it just a different feeling release through the ball?

I agree! Throwing the club HIGH made all the difference. My issue is casting / losing lag / going at the ball. These swing flaws let me throw clubs waist high just fine. But when I throw the club HIGH, my contact, speed and lag feels much better. This video explains it in great detail: Thanks Shawn!

Really enjoying my Premium membership. thank you for all that you do. My question is that on your back swing. It looks like you go back slow and deliberate, and regardless of how far you want to hit the ball, the back swing is way short of the parallel. Am I interpreting correctly that the real speed comes from using the ground and throwing the club and is not too much dependent on the length of the backswing. I can’t wait to go on the range and try what I have learned so far. Thanks again. Regards, Mo Zareh

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