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What is Wisdom in Golf

Shawn Clement, one of the top 20 youtube teachers and the only one recognized for teaching without body part or positions, drives the ball over 300 yards both right-handed and left-handed and breaks par from either side, and is also the only one who ever qualified and played world-ranked events with 1/2 left and 1/2 right-handed clubs in the same bag! He is the ultimate expert on golf instruction!

He and his team will show you how to play to your full potential with our Online Golf Lessons Academy...

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Shawn.Just an observation I note that yourself and your very able assistants seem to have the head/chin move about 25 degrees in the backswing.When I swing my head and chin stays square and centred.However when I stop take myself out of posture and look in the mirror my arms have elevated and my shoulders have turned 90 degrees.I note that in recent eagle podcast you mentioned there something dysfunctional about a head/chin that remains looking straight down.If I move my head to the extent you all do I feel as if I am over rotating.Do you see a problem with my swing?


Ok Shawn.At my first opportunity.Thank You

john simms

Hi Shawn,
I love this drill, because you can’t cheat. I noticed on the video that you said Moo wasn’t allowing the club to levitate up. I have that problem with the driver. The driver is the most inconsistent club in my bag. I feel that my hands often get too low in the backswing and around me. How can I feel or obtain that levitation up with the driver, without trying to manipulate the club up? Any drills or videos to watch to help me with that?

Shawn Clement

Do the PMD feet together and feel that release-re-hinge upwards in Both directions. Also do some ball below the feet PMDs with the driver or fairway wood!

Shawn Clement

1-are the shots going straight left or do they have a curve to the left?
2-see “draw fine tuning” and all my alignment videos on premium (use search bar)
3-see “blur of club” and “arc blur unstoppable momentum” videos on premium


Thank youse, I love this video for so many reasons. One thing that confused me though was, on the go pro view, at address your club face looked quite open. Is there something I’ve missed?

Shawn Clement

Again, the key is to feel that when you release in the direction you want to start the ball, does it feel like the ball will do in the air what you want it to. See “draw fine tuning” video and see FOR YOU what you need to do. I have a lot of experience with ANCHORED RELEASE which you will see in “bolted and centred” video.


Since I took up golf around 2 years ago I’ve been consistently blocking my irons 30* dead straight right. The day after watching this lesson, I played a practice round with a mate and did the feet together as a ‘pre-shot routine’ and low-and-behold every shot went left 30*, which was very exciting – at last the spell was broken. Hallelujah🎶 However pleasing it is to miss left for a change, again dead straight, for the past couple of weeks it’s been consistent. I’d be ecstatic with in between. That would be perfect. I’ve tried a number of things that haven’t worked. What would you suggest to help my direction? I’m thinking I should watch Mu throwing the clubs, again.

andy vasily

Golf is not a game of perfect. Love that you guys are modeling in live time the not so perfect shots and working your way through them. All too often golf instructional videos not only make it seem like certain moves are super easy and simple, they rarely include actual footage of shots gone awry. The fact that you are choosing to keep these in the videos is awesome because that’s real golf, a game of ups and downs and learning through the process of trying to improve. The conversations you are having to talk your way through not so good shots is important in helping people better understand what might have gone wrong and what to do to improve. THANKS!!

Shawn Clement

Great comment Andy, thank you!


Wow…you’ve done it again. At the 25 minute mark you said something about straying away from the front foot. As soon as you said it, I realized this is me and the hidden gem of this video. It completely explains why I don’t feel like I’m ever getting to the front foot with any pressure or balance in my finish.

The true value of your premium channel is that there are so many off the cuff nuggets of gold I’ve lost count. Makes me look forward to Wednesdays and keeps me coming back for more. Keep the wisdom coming.

Shawn Clement

Right on man! Wait till this week and then next week with the one leg drill update!! 😀👍


Nice music very smooth. Help with tempo.

Shawn Clement

So glad you like it! 😀👍


Hi Shawn – One of my favorite drills. Shawn is this the go to drill when I can’t find my proper balance and ball strike arc?

Shawn Clement

You bet!! Together with next week’s one leg drill that complements this drill like crazy!


When you say “get the arms higher” to Moo…what exactly do you mean. I know you low wraps around the body but want to understand and do “higher” correctly. Thanks!


BTW – I LOVE watching the family do this together…just makes it better 🙂

Shawn Clement

Right on Mike! Appreciate the feedback!


great lesson, clearly demonstrating the significant value in using your leg power, awesome ! You Sav and Mo, teacher and students, is brilliant. Thanks team!

Shawn Clement

Thank you Joe! We are really loving the way things have developed and very excited about where things are going! 😀👍💪

Adam Hazelwood

As soon as you start hitting with the arms, you’re screwed. Great drill for swing-the-clubhead training. Since restarting the game 18 months ago – this has been the biggest lesson for me. Once I start hitting with the arms, it’s all over – yet very hard not to do. What launch monitor are you using in this video – I’ve not seen it before. Any good?


I’ve noticed that I can’t do the feet together drill very well if I’m not holding a club. I’m thinking it’s because there is not enough of a counter-weight for the butt. Not that is relevant to anything but interesting nonetheless.

Shawn Clement

Very interesting! I am sure I tried this at one point but will look this over again!

Jukka Kymalainen

I saw 10 years a go that “create serious speed” video. It has been big motivation for me and almost golf “secret” 😉 In trebuchet counterweight is falling and then stops. That slings the rope and boulder. Is the timing same in golfswing? Counterweight (butt) falls/turn and then stops/slows. Then wrists unhinges and release club. When clubheads catch your arms and starts pulling your arms, then butt starts move again up to finish.

Shawn Clement

EXACTLY!!!!! 💪👌🤛👍


HI Shawn, will go and try this, you mention about getting tight in the swing, which is for sure on of my swing faults, except for this one which video would you recommend I have a look at to get rid of that feeling.

Great content


Thank you👍

Tom Britt

Sean, love your instruction and the gang. I’ve always hit ball better with feet closer together. Getting hip re-replaced and unable to use regular width stance right now. Found I could still play if I keep feet 1 foot or less apart. I’m a 17 and just shot 80. Would you ever recommend using less width for some students? Thanks, be well.


Forgive me….meant Shawn not Sean.

Tom Britt

Thanks Shawn!👏👏👏

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