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Flip Gentry

should you vary the wedges or choose one wedge ie: gap wedge or PW or sand wedge?

Hey Shawn, you asked Mu to “bring the club higher up” (my words) in the backswing so that he could follow the downward slope. How does he do that without manipulating the club?

I think I get what you mean. I’ll give it some practice tomorrow and see what happens. I’m really starting to feel the momentum of the weight of the arm-club unit and using my legs ala Mu’s instructions and I’m sure this will help get it started in the intended direction. Many thanks as always.

I tried that out today, a little nudge towards the target before heaving back really helped with nailing my aim. Another gold nugget to add to the collection.

Jeremy Moody

Hi Shawn, great video. I notice a subtle “getting the ground” with the lead foot prior to the cut. Manipulators stay in the middle and lose the momentum, no?

Tyrone Williams

The GoPro perspective was an added benefit.


Just a few comments. I have been following you for more than 10 years and been to 3 of your So Cal instructions. What I have learned ( in addition to a ton of correct golf ) is that you are a GREAT teacher, a WONDERFUL MENTOR, most importantly a WONDERFUL FATHER !! Keep up the good work and hope to see you in So Cal soon . God bless you, your family and every one that you touch !!

So no leg action from that distance?

Thanks Shawn, good presentation, just need to pre- calibrate your go-Pro. ;>) Do “you” ever vary the position of the bottom of your arc to influence the roll out on the down hill chips when you can’t really use the fringe??

That open face chip shot is something I need to add to my arsenal. Nice, something new for my next short game practice session 🙂

That’s a great lesson! It really woke me up on weak parts of my setup on certain chips. And I’m a good chipper!!

great presentation, really illustrates the conditions and the solutions. On up hill lies play same shots letting momentum going up the slope off your front foot?

THANK YOU. I worked on it today, Perfecto, hope you will do a video ie the down hill video.

Love the respect and joy flowing through all of you, it’s so good to watch ❤️

Great vid too, lots of attention to detail. It really does help to watch others learn.

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excellent video, your chipping technique is the best I’ve used in the 65 years I have played this game. But, most of the heavy rough chips and pitches are from uphill lies. Please do a video on uphill shots. Thank you


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