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What is Wisdom in Golf

Shawn Clement, one of the top 20 youtube teachers and the only one recognized for teaching without body part or positions, drives the ball over 300 yards both right-handed and left-handed and breaks par from either side, and is also the only one who ever qualified and played world-ranked events with 1/2 left and 1/2 right-handed clubs in the same bag! He is the ultimate expert on golf instruction!

He and his team will show you how to play to your full potential with our Online Golf Lessons Academy...

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amarjot Bedi

Cant wait to try this!


Hi Shawn, I seem to have better results with my hands slightly behind or middle of my stance and ball forward on my driver, however I noticed your hands are at the ball and clubhead center of your stance. I also saw of a video buy a guy called Mr.Shortgame who suggested hands should be middle of stance or slightly behind? What’s your thought on this as it doesn’t seem the face has to be closed.


Wow, thanks for such a quick reply, Shawn just one more question regarding setup on 3-5 fairway woods. Are they also setup with my nose or sternal notch directly in the middle of the club head? If I understand your reply below correctly , as I will now do so for the driver. Thanks in advance for any light you can shed on this, don’t mean to be anal about this but I want to be sure I’m not misunderstanding any guidance you’re providing.


Shawn I joined awhile ago after watching many of your videos, the question I have is you state in one of the free published videos if you don’t require distance or better said have a problem with distance of the tee you can gain more accuracy by setting up with the club in the middle of your stance ball just in front and swing along the ground allowing the ground to serve as and aide. However in that same video you correct or say differently to place the center of the driver or middle of the driver in the middle of your stance. So I’m unclear if u actually mean the actual center of the driver head or just. The driver centered in the middle of your stance. Can u elaborate here.

Shawn Clement

Hi Clarence! This was for the driver for accuracy video and we simply want to set up the same way as a fairway wood with the CENTRE OF THE CLUB HEAD in the centre of the stance which would of course place the ball between the centre and the lead heel. You want to play the “straight fade” and aim a tad left centre of the fairway and let it drift back towards the centre.

Robert Sanders

When hitting a fade or draw do you set the clubface square to the target line that the intermediate point is on?

Shawn Clement

Not necessarily; it is the flow of the swing (see “blur of club” video and the “arc-blur” videos) and use the “goldie locks series” to adjust club face to the desired ball flight curvature.

Robert Sanders

OK, thanks Shawn! I am going to the range and give the ball position to path a whirl. I will try what you say in many videos….does this “feel” like it will go where I want.

Shawn Clement


Steven Kapchinsky

Right hand golfer Been having issues pulling my driver left of target starts left and draws. Contact is good. Could I have ball to far forward?

Shawn Clement

Great guess, also, have you seen the ‘great driver nugget’ video as well as the “diagonal stance series”?

Steven Kapchinsky

Thanks for the feedback.

Randy Bagwell

Where should I be looking when I address the ball using a driver?

Shawn Clement

At the tee; and you want to know or imagine where the tip of that tee is and you are getting ready to whip the tip of the tee into the direction you want the ball to start on with ease and velocity.

Randy Bagwell

Thank you sir.


If you are a peeling carrot kind of guy what works good as a driver task?

Shawn Clement

LOVE THIS ONE!! The tip of the tee is the tip of the carrot and you are whipping it towards the target with the last bottom groove of the driver; imagine it tumbling through the air TOWARDS THE DIRECTION YOU WANT TO START THE BALL over the IP!😀👍💪👌


Shawn this was a game changer. Breakthrough for me. Turned hooks into baby draws instantly after watching this and trying it at the range. thanks

Shawn Clement

Sweet! The choir is singing on key again! 😀👍

Steve Hansenl

Hi Shawn, just a quick note re overhead shot, this is the camera angle that clicked for myself love it. Awesome stuff. I felt like I was the student you spoke of LOL


AH HA !!! Your student is just like me. I have tried for YEARS to draw the ball with a closed since to no avail. After watching the video I gained almost 1 club in distance with more hight. I also realized that the constant pain in my left acromio-clavicular join is almost gone. When I throw my club in the direction that you describe I can ACTUALLY RELEASE THE CLUB. My body was telling me something that you described. I read Trevino’s book years ago and NOW I UNDERSTAND – thanks to you and the SCIENCE !!
Keep up the great work !!


Another great video! Interesting you brought up using the logo on the ball on tee shots. I was trying to use blur-of-club and the out come of my shot was still not what I wanted so I thought about how I use lines on the ball for putting and thought I should use it at the tee shot too. I just started using the lines on the ball to aid in my fade or draw on the tee box. It is a work in progress, but feel excited to work on this (blur-of-club and lines on golf ball) to help execute the shot I want.


Pkay this is sooo helpful. I tried this on my last round and really felt that by using the line I had a better idea of where I was swinging to and also had a much better idea of my alignment. For whatever reason using the logo of the ball didn’t work as well for me, which kind of makes sense. We wouldn’t use the logo to line up a putt so why would we use it to line up a drive?

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