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What is Wisdom in Golf

Shawn Clement, one of the top 20 youtube teachers and the only one recognized for teaching without body part or positions, drives the ball over 300 yards both right-handed and left-handed and breaks par from either side, and is also the only one who ever qualified and played world-ranked events with 1/2 left and 1/2 right-handed clubs in the same bag! He is the ultimate expert on golf instruction!

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Thomas Kihr

Awsome stuff! Love the Go Pro view! Hint: as i remember, the Go Pro has a Slo Mo setting. Would be great to use this setting for the slo mo because there wouldn’t be a blurred image, which comes from normal speed. Why do i mention that? Cause it would give a perfect picture of the impact and how the club face is presented thru the ball towards the target. best regards

Ed Miller

I have played for 60+ years by defaulting to the ball and have learned to square the face by manipulating my hands and timing my “release/flip”. I don’t have direction issues but am seriously distance challenged. I now know why!! FWIW I would never hammer horizontally like you show. I need to rethink that and think about lining up the radius and ulna to deliver the club through and let the release just happen?? Are there other videos that you can suggest? Thanks so much for all you do.

Gregory Sipe

This is the video that made all the difference! I’m still finding exactly how closed I need to be but I shot my best round of the year 85, just yesterday. Thank you!!! Golf is fun again!!


Hi Shawn, so to hit a fade, do you still close the face but not as much. When I try to fade with a square face, I get the fade, but the ball starts further right than I want and then fades?

Shawn Clement

This is a sign that the club face and grip relationship is too weak or too open to begin with at address.


Man Shawn I can’t wait to get the range and just work on this. This is the video that answered my question of how how to come to find my goldie locks grip to square my face at impact. This has been the most fun summer at the range ever!

Shawn Clement

This is why we do what we do man! So you get to freaking have a blast with this awesome game. From technology and equipment to being in our prime with golf instruction, I second that emotion! 😀👍❤️🔥💥💪👌


Another great video Shawn. This all makes complete sense. As I attempt to change my long ingrained swing to release to the target, rather than to the ball, I believe I struggle with the consistency of the “timing” of my release. Muscle memory will revert my release to go early in the swing, then my closed face pulls the ball left. Do you see this with your students? To improve consistency in release, do I continue to practice the “release”, “throw to target” and “task” drills, or do you have other recommendations?

Shawn Clement

Good stuff! This is where “pre motor cortex series” and “target confirmation series” come in and really practice “goldie locks series” with your set up to develop an iron clad “predict contact” before you deliver! If you cannot predict contact or direction before you deliver your release, then you will default to the ball way more often than not.


This is a great video Shawn, very helpful. This is a piece of the puzzle I was struggling with, I have been hitting hooks and pushes. So the shorter irons (9i etc) are more closed that longer irons and driver or all similar?

Shawn Clement

Hey Vince! They can vary depending on the manufacturer; sometimes woods more closed and sometimes not. Irons are all the same but when you need an extra boost, the shorter irons can be closed a bit more; think Bubba Watson at the 2012 Masters!
Your pushes and hooks are alerting me to a backswing or a downswing that is too much from the inside though so check out “match backswing to target” video.


Great stuff, thanks for the backswing tip Shawn!


Cut and paste my post ont the other Chanel!!! Love it, Love it, Love it – especially the GoPro!
Happy to translate into Italian when you come over to Toscana!!

Shawn Clement

Nice! You speak fluent Italien? Marco Manione?


Shawn, nice video. I am with Kmax05 and Ricardpeyser. I would like to see you address this’s subject explicitly with driver.


Shawn, your new video angles are awesome. Nice to see the ball direction after you strike the ball.The drone shots are great also.

Thanks Charlie


Thanks Shawn great video I wish my first golf professional as a 18 yr old would have explained the “square “ club face in that manner would have saved me years man years of grief . I have read articles in golf magazines about how the average golfer isn’t getting any better by handicaps and the golfing industry doesn’t know how to change that . It’s called Wisdom in Golf baby seriously you are the finest golf teacher on the planet .
Thanks Dave

Stewart Kent

Great video Shawn. I can’t see why the same principles can’t be applied to the driver and the hybrid, but then I’m a new-boy. So I will give it a try on the range tomorrow with the iron, driver and hybrid and see what happens.


This couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. All season I’ve been working on the arc, using the intermediate point, etc., and seeing nice improvement. Yesterday I made the best contact in recent weeks, but all shots went left – some left fairway, others into the tree line. I was planning to experiment with the amount of closing the face, but after seeing this I know that is exactly what is needed. Looking forward to getting that figured out! Thanks so much, Shawn!



Love this video, I didn’t understand squaring the club face without this explanation. Mu, great drone work, I can’t wait to see how your drone pilot skills progress along with your golf. You guys are such a great team and your content just gets better and better.


nice video sir, love the new views


Great video. Turning the club works great with irons and hybrids. Feel like I have to rely on only a strong grip with woods and driver as with these clubs turning them puts them into an awkward position when on the ground.Can you do another video with woods and Driver with these concepts and go pro/ drone.Would like to see your hands out in front with these clubs as still an issue for me. Thanks


Yes Shawn, please do one with woods and Driver. Best video so far on dynamically squaring the clubface. Also could you go through a faster routine for use on the golf course. Doing perpetual motion and moving the club to a stronger grip seems to take so much time for me and when you are playing with a bunch of guys it is awkward. So a good routine incorporating all these concepts for fast play would be useful. thanks again


Ahha, that explains it perfectly. Thanks Shawn you’re worth your weight in Gold.

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