The Grip – Part 2

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Sriram Subramanian

Hi Shawn, I’m a new premium member. Have tried multiple on line lessons. Re grip pressure and “letting go” release I’ve been asked to see Vijay Singh and Fred C’s right hand coming off the grip to teach us the holding a bird grip.. Can you please clarify?

Ryan Bell

I have some carpal tunnel syndrome in my trail hand (the left for me). Some days I can grip it firmly without a problem, and somedays it just isn’t possible. Is there something you can recommend to help with that.

Shawn Clement

Hey Ryan! The Jumbo Max grips have been known to do a great job with that; try one on one of your clubs first and then if that works well, do the rest; these are great with arthritis for those who cannot squeeze…

Shawn thank you for clarifying the grip especially the trail hand. Ive been playing 25 years and until now never truly understood how to hold the club. If my short practice today is any indicator this will be one of my best seasons yet. I have settled with the ten finger grip since i’ve all played baseball most of my life but was told early on it was bad and stayed away from it until now. Question for you though I saw the person before me ask about the ten finger is there anything I should look out for? Ive heard other teachers say it causes overactive right hand etc…I mean if Im hitting the ball at my target I don’t think there is anything but thought Id run it by you.


Shawn Clement

Hey Mike! ANYTHING THAT WAS EVER ESPOUSED IN THE PAST THAT CONSIDERED ANYONE DEFECTIVE IS A BUNCH OF HORSE HOCKEY. We are not defective, and our homework consists of delivering a task into a target well through the ball with the grip and set up that will allow us to do this the most efficiently and the ten finger, or 8 finger and 2 thumb, or baseball grip is EVERY BIT AS CREDIBLE as the interlock and overlap grips. Enjoy it!! 👌😀👍

Are there any benefits between baseball grip and overlap? I have used overlap but feel I would be more powerful with my right index to put pressure on the knife with a baseball grip. I have pretty long and thin fingers 🙂

Shawn Clement

Very much worth your while to try it out! Between the 2, there is no grip better than the other and it completely depends on the individual and their personal physical makeup.

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