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Hi Shawn, Please excuse my English (hopefully, you’ll understand what I’m trying to ask here). Just wondering if you could do a super slow motion video of a full swing (for both iron & driver) from the front angle (where the back side of the camera points straight to the target). So we can see your lead & trail hand release action in a real swing, I’m especially interested to see how they move during the downswing, and from release to finish.

Note: I see that you showed that action a little bit around @5:25 on this clip, but not really in a full swing. Or if you already have what I’m asking for on another clip, please let me know.

Thank you for your passion in this sport!!!

How in the world would a good Canadian boy not know the call for a delay of game penalty????

Other than putting, is there any other shot/swing in golf in which this release doesn’t happen? Eg sand shots, chip shots. Or should I be feeling this release in some degree in all shots?


I really feel the distinct release of the club past the hands toward the target for pitch shots and “low power” full swings. However when I go past maybe 65-70% and club speed goes up the feel becomes much more vague. Is this something that is expected or is it an indication that I am starting to manipulate in order to add more oomph to the swing?

Great videos Shawn, and my game is improving nicely since finding you.

I feel my major deficiency has always been flipping. For years, I have been trying to correct this by concentrating on Forward Shaft Lean and Bowed Lead Wrist videos, instruction, etc. and guess what? I still flip my lead hand. The trail hand rarely feels activated. (BTW, I play like your daughter, swing left, but right hand dominant). I started throwing clubs as you suggest and I believe I still flip on the release when I let go. I think I am also flipping while doing perpetual motion drills too? I watched this video and my question is…

Do I need to learn to roll the lead wrist under and trail wrist over, however, do it without “manipulation?” In other words, I may have to try and manipulate the wrists rather than just “feel the weight of the club?” Hopefully you understand my quandary? I just started these drills using weighted objects , but again seems like aimed activation. I willing to keep at it, love the game, but want to make sure I am on the right path.

Daniel Carbonell

Omy gosh….yesssssss…i needed this bad.. i was noticing i felt restricted on my left side..wich would cause my body to come out of position..wich made me block right… lol..not no more..thanks gr8 vid

Extremely helpful as always Shawn!
Am i correct in imaging that not releasing properly is a significant clubhead speed inhibitor?
If so, by how much can that be?

Shawn— I had a break through thanks to you and the back ground instruction I have done over the past 5 years when I began to play golf at age 50. The immedite cause of this massive improvement is that, without saying it in any of your videos?, you really teach students how to drop into the slot. Its a scary, new feeling to keep my arms close together, make a full, real back turn, and bravely bend my right elbow to 90 degrees. I can even pause here at the top almost indefinately like your baseball player at the plate waiting for a pitch. But, when I make a small weight shift and rotate while, at the same time unweighting my arms and leading with a pointed right elbow and connected left armpit, I feel the weight of the sword falling into the directly into ball, which actually releases the wrists, and the finish is perfect with a natural rehinge. Golf Tips Magazine, in the current print issue (January/February) has one teaching blurb: “Full Back, ‘Free Fall” and Through. Key Feel— “Trap Door” Triggered by the Hips. But, I would not have understood this with your teaching of the using the weight of the sword and we are gravity geniuses.. Thank you.! Paul B.

I have always struggled with whether “I” am making this release, which brings in start point, timing, and all the noise, or is the club releasing itself? And if it is releasing itself what am I focusing on for this to happen – the task?
Been on the videos for about three weeks, practicing what are some significant changes. Still can’t play a consistent round
Great stuff – thanks

Thanks Shawn
Very tough letting go! My conscious mind wants something to do. Also, when I watch you demonstrate this, your hands/handle come much further across your body still loaded – it seems like to your front leg, before the head start to drop and the release starts – I am sure I start to the ball much earlier than this, in fear of topping/hitting it thin, or not getting the club face closed. Probably why my misses are always sweeping draws, that start online, and just keep going left.
Thanks for the quick response – work to do today!

Thanks Shawn, I was just getting ready to load that. After 60-65 balls at the range, of trying to make the release happen, I finally let go. My focus on the downswing was just getting the ground, and “leading” the trailing elbow under. Rotation and release just began happening
So now, predict contact, task, range and the course. Glad it’s a Friday
Thanks a lot

Philip Johnson

I have heard through others instructors that having loose wrist helps a lot with release and creating more clubhead speed . Is this your task based focus on their body part focus ?

Philip Johnson

The task would be to let the club release your hands ?

Philip Johnson

Yes my prediction for contact has improved and consistency has gone up now that I have fined tuned my image of contact . Was a incredible milestone .

Kwasi Prakah-Asante

Hi Shawn, I have been letting the “weight of the hammer” release me, as noted in your lessons on “trail hand release” and “lead hand release”. How does the active emphatic release taught in this video come in? Is this an alternate approach?

Taeyoon Kim

Hi! I am very pleased in your demonstrations all the time.
Here is a short question. I have some difficulty in driver swing, though. Is this release method(a quick turning of left hand) appliable onto driver swing, too?

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