Purpose of the Backswing

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Larry Ferguson

Hi Shawn is my backswing left arm straight at the top but not a foot away from me more like 6 inches . In other words I m having a really having a hard time getting my arms in the position you have them

Shawn Clement

If you were to use the perpetual motion drill to cut the grass in both directions, would you have any issues doing this like in the “perpetual motion drill series”?


I have had a problem with consistently lately. My partner feels that I am flipping or cocking my wrists at the top, creating a hitch. Any idea what analogy I should use to eliminate? I am thinking about throwing a sledge hammer which helps, but then I start to concentrate on the position of my wrists. thank you


Any advice on how to ensure a full turn in the backswing? When I don’t complete the turn in the backswing I use to much arms and contact is very inconsistent. I’m looking for something that will help me focus on completely my turn to get my backside to the target. Thanks!


I know you must be very busy Shawn however i sent a comment 5 days ago regarding a very important lever wrist hinge and when I add wrist hinge I can’t hit the ball with any predicted target?? The shot goes right and more so with driver.
I could really use the added power

Thank you for all my success thus far



Hi shawn what grip video were you making reference too? As I am constantly battling a collapsed right arm?



As a bigger guy, I feel that every time I try to get lots of width/turn in the backswing (especially with driver and long irons) I lose all control of where the club is. Like today with my driving iron I got to the top of my backswing and then wound up dead pulling a shot left and felt my arms change plane at the top of the swing. It happens more often than I’d like. Help?


When I stopped collapsing my right arm my strain level was able to drop too. Or maybe when my strain level dropped I didn’t feel the need to collapse my right arm. Either way it seems to work hand in hand.

Philip Graves

Hi Shawn,
After watching this video in addition to your advice on completing the turn, I finally feel like I could emulate your move when you stop at the top of the backswing and hit a ball from there (and I feel like I have much more control through the swing). Is there any benefit to doing this ‘stop at the top as a drill’ as a drill to really reinforce that sense of structure and balance in the whole swing?

Philip Graves

Ha, I tried working on this and was getting 10-15 yards more on each club because my kinetic chain is now connecting. My 7 wood carried 215 yards by the end – 230 yards total, and my driver was up to 270 (and straighter than previously). I need to work on this drill more!! Thanks Shawn


Very helpful. My question is what are you throwing to the target? Is it the club head, the handle of the club, the club like a javelin? It looks to me like you are throwing the club longitudinally toward the target and this might explain the great compression you get. I occasionally get it too, but often do not.

I know that I should be throwing clubs around to experiment, but I live in a city and room to safely throw clubs around at high speed is problematical and perhaps criminal and in any case surpasses my ability to risk being a violator of society.


Apologies for the spelling of Shawn I have a nephew that spells it the Irish way.


Hi Sean,
I over swing my backswing and collapse with left arm bent and seem unable to stop this for years. How do you know when you are at the top of the backswing.. I understand what you are teaching and the gravity feel but I seem to keep swinging it into a collapse.
I have even tried to keep my left arm rigid but can’t stop it bending eventually. I suspect I am not turning enough but you do not mention a top of backswing position but do at finish. I would love a 3 /4 swing with a 5 year guarantee. I do enjoy your novel way of teaching but I am struggling with backswing consistency. and hence hitting the ball a severe mixture of really good and pretty awful and on a handicap basis I’m swinging between 4 and 44 – Demented.


Hi Shawn, could you please explain why you hinge so much in the backswing? I am more a Stricker kind of guy and do not hinge so much. Is there an advantage in hinging more or is it not important?

Thanks, Hauke

Tristan Chung

Thank you, Shawn! Things are coming together for me 🙏🏻 Your tennis and shot put analogies are awesome!

Dan Hilgendorf

So I’m pretty sure I’m a cronic collapser. I think I started doing it because I was trying to get the weight of the club to sit on my trail hands knuckle. Like a waiter carrying a tray. Ill have to remember to watch this video again in spring. Have to go into golf hibernation for the winter.

Dan Hilgendorf

Will do thanks for the enthusiasm and encouragement!

James ONeal

Have you looked at Mike Malaska Youtube posts? His “move” is to tip the club on the downswing to bring the club in an arch toward the ball with the hands inside the arch back to the address position. I think he is in agreement with most of what you teach with the exception of the initial move on the downswing. Your thoughts on this tipping of the club on the initial part of the downswing.




Vuk Vujasinovic

Hi Shawn. Do you find that people who have a backswing that is too “inside” tend to have a problem getting collapsed ?

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