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Rich Mendoker

Greetings Shawn – I thoroughly enjoy the videos, it has replaced my late-night television viewing. I am one of those “hold it like a bird in the hand” guys and relied on a timing release and snap of the wrists at the ball. Since making adjustments based on your modeling, I definitely see the benefits and believe this is the way to go, and believe it to be the way I used to play when I was younger.
As invariably I fall back into a weaker grip, my question is it “ok/preferred/beneficial” to hold the club straight out hip high at address, adjust my hands to a “neutral grip”, tilt the clubface down 45 degrees, and then assume my address position by tilting my body (and arms) back to a clubface square to target position?- this then has the effect of making a strong grip. or is it preferred to have a square clubface at address and rotate the hands to a stronger position?
BTW, bought a grass whip this weekend, you need to warn others of the amount of grass you accumulate on your back before returning to the living room (as per the wife.)

Shawn Clement

Lol!! Talk about a grassy back! 😝😝😂😂
As for the grip, you can do club face or you can do hands or somewhere in between! What matters is the ability to load the ACU easily in the backswing so we can whip sling swat through to the target. As for how much to close, see “the goldie locks series”! 😀👍

Brian Humphrey

Hi Shawn – i just joined Premium today and great stuff so far. Question for you on the grip – my thumb on the trail hand feels much better when it’s on the grip like the lead hand versus wrapping it around – do you think this could cause issues? – thanks

Zyman marzuki

Hi Shawn,

I’ve tried to increase my current grip pressure (about a 4/5) to what you’ve prescribed which is an 8/9.
Problem is when doing so, my forearms and arms feel tense and my swing tempo starts going haywire! My dad commented that it looks like I’m trying to kill the ball.

Is this a question of me not having strong enough fingers? Or do I need to keep at it and get used to it.

Love your teachings Shawn thank you

Zyman marzuki

FYI I use graphite shafts on all my clubs except the wedges, not sure if this matters

Zyman marzuki

Many thanks Shawn and noted on the strain…your advice to hit driver only 200 yards or 1/10 effort has really fixed my long game

Thomas Kihr

Hello Shawn!

Just finished the constructions on my Home-Indoor-Simulator and was able to hit a good amount of shots into my impact screen finally and to monitor my results with skytrak.
I found out that we often (or at least me) tend to think a strong grip (2,5 or 3 nuckles) equals a closed club face. Definitely I discovered that could be pretty wrong 🙂

And here is a question arising concerning the grip:

When trying to fade shots, should I keep my strong grip but change the club face to a) neutral b) open or c) closed (but a bit less than as for a draw)

Many thanks for your reply already in advance.
Best regards, Thomas

Eckhart Diestel

Hi Shawn,
your knife analogy is just spot on. With pressure of the base joint of the right index against the shaft, thus opposing the right ring and middle finger, the ball flight is distinctly more predictable for me, compared to holding mostly with ring and middle finger only, while rather loosely opposing that with the index and the thumb. I did not expect this to be so important for the ball flight. This little detail gives me the feeling of actual control.

Everyone this is so relevant! I revisit the reason for a strong, relaxed grip every few months just because I know it can change – get “loose” and the club face /swing send me like the ball way off target! If you have the time – the whole series on grip is fantastic!

Hi Shawn,
I am a beginner. I can’t remedy this problem: I tend to look up and toward the target, before hitting the ball. Is there a way I can improve my shot.?

Shawn Clement

Yes, you bet! Did you see our beginner series? The key is to stay with your task until it’s done. The best task for you right now is the grass cutting task. See “grass whip training” video and perform the drills in there and become very good at them and you will improve at light speed!

Thank you Shawn. I will do that.

Hi Shawn, I just joined you premium subscription but looking at you on youtube for a few months. I am a beginner golfer (about 4 months now…54 years old, back surgery for a career in Army). Your stuff and personality are FANTASTIC and give me hope!

This is my first question here (and the the first of many, probably).

I understand the grip, in theory, but with the controlling grip (versus sloppy, too easy, which is what I had before), is the idea that you release the club and consciously roll the arm and hands over during the release, or is that a natural, non-conscious effect of the hands moving through the release point? When I practice one-arm sword drills (which was a light bulb moment for me for the cock, swing, release, recock) with each hand and feel the incredibly easy whipping that I never felt before, it seems like I do not have to think very purposely on timing the release.

But when I put both hands together, and have a sufficiently secure grip, it seems like I lose some of that intuitive feeling of the release point and timing. And when I loosen my grip to where it feels sloppier again, the club seems to release on its own.

Hoping you could advise me here.

BTW, I tried your swing (or my best effort at it) yesterday at the range for the first time with my 7 iron (the only club I took so I wouldn’t have too much variation trying to learn), and I hit it 180 yards, straight, over and over and felt like it was so easy I was laughing out loud. I am not a natural golfer and have never been able to hit far or make consistent contact, so this was huge for me!!! You rock!

Thanks for any advice!

Hi Shawn, Good stuff. Can you tell me or point to the vid that talks about the tees you have setup on the driving mat? I am thinking they are for some type of alignment?

Did I miss a change in the grip. Thought the lead hand was diagonal along the life line and under the heal pad. I now it looks like you are advocating for more in the fingers. Is that correct or not.

Shawn i’m a right hand golfer former D1 pitcher. I have a hard time keeping pressure where’d my right thumb pad overlaps the left thumb. The bigger my swing the bigger that instability. I have a natural tendency to let my right elbow get away from my body. Any thoughts or video suggestions?

Hey Shawn, congratulations, you’ve got me to join. So, first question, wrapping the trail hand index finger around the the club. Is there a specific feeling when drawing the club back with this index finger? I have heard several different things regarding the index finger on the trail hand. One is more indirect from Hogan, and it may not be related to the index finger, but Hogan said (paraphrasing – could have this wrong) something along the lines of setting the bow or arrow with the backswing. This would lead me to believe a person would used the tip of the index finger to engage the club during the backswing, is this correct? And the thumbs purposes – I’ve heard that there should be no pressure or engagement with the trail hand thumb. This kind flies in the face on your tangerine feel, correct? Anyway, happy to be aboard.

I notice in other videos , like the new one posted on YouTube. , it appears that you are closing the face of club and then your secondary tilt , makes it open. But on this video , you appear not doing that! Getting confused , what angle club head position should be at the ball?

Hi Shawn, Q here. Just wondering, I found that I really need to get my right hand involved as I tend to pull so hard I sometimes forget to throw with my right. At some point a while back I realised that my right hand was too close, too far over my left which was hampering it’s ability to get involved. This is about a year ago now. So I moved my right hand a little lower and suddenly had all this whip, it was awesome.

But, I find now that after a while my right pinkie starts to hurt as it’s stretching to reach my left pinkie, as I’ve moved my right a little further down the grip, which feels like a powerful position.

So, where to from here? Moving my right closer feels like it’s weaker again, not able to take command and throw as it should. I’ve recently been fitted to a new shaft and as part of that ordered midsize grips, as I had 4 papers under a plus4 standard grip up until now. Not sure if that will help at all, I’m still waiting for my clubs to arrive.

I’m fine otherwise with the grip, I get a sense of real connection and power when I’m gripping as I do, but I feel I shouldn’t be experiencing any discomfort. Should I just get them closer together and get used to it? A baseball grip does not feel good. Overlapping feels weak again.


Ok, I’ll have a feel with the new grips. I’ll try shifting my right a little higher and experimenting with that as well. Baseball grip just feels like the hands will struggle to act in unison. I think there’s potentially a sweet spot in there somewhere with the interlocking grip. Perhaps now that I’m throwing the club lot better I can get away with it being a little closer.

Hi Shawn,

Do you have any guidance regarding grip size? As long as I’ve played I’ve had issues with the grip feeling awkward in my hand. I tend to have/want to milk it a bit and rarely quite get perfectly comfortable.

I’ve played standard my entire life and recently started experimenting with a midsize grip on one of my irons.


I hope you are not indicating, pressure on right hand grip or tight grip A tight trail hand will not allow a release on the club, as such a power lost.

Changing my grip has singlehandedly been the best bang for my buck.

The contact improved dramatically, but it wasn’t until I watched the Wisdom in Golf 1.0 video series (so long so I avoided it!) where you commented that the 10 finger grip was as excellent an option as the other options.

Once I switched to the 10 finger, combined with the proper lead hand thumb and trail hand trigger finger positions, things started to get eerily awesome!

Feeling the club supported on the lead hand thumb at the top of the backswing got SO simple, and when that started happening (only possible for me with the 10 finger grip) not only was the contact pure, my path, face and release was just so simple, consistently. It took 2 sessions to dial it in, and with this new found consistently, only now can I excitedly move forward to shot shaping and the rest rest of the swing / advanced topics.

I was insistent on the interlock due to the Grip Update video, but the 10 finger made my club arm unit much more solid. I wish I would have come across your comment from 1.0 much sooner!

Goldilocks is a beautiful thing!

Shawn, I really enjoy your videos and just renewed (October 1st) my Premium Memebership. I use Golf Pride align grips with the ridge in back of the grip. When I use a stronger grip the Golf Pride logo is significantly to the left and obviously the align ridge is not lined up. Question: is this correct, just want to verify that I am doing the strong grip correctly.


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