Wisdom in Golf 1.0 – Part 2

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Hi from the Wisdom in Golf Team!

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What is Wisdom in Golf

Shawn Clement, one of the top 20 youtube teachers and the only one recognized for teaching without body part or positions, drives the ball over 300 yards both right-handed and left-handed and breaks par from either side, and is also the only one who ever qualified and played world-ranked events with 1/2 left and 1/2 right-handed clubs in the same bag! He is the ultimate expert on golf instruction!

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Doug Pokorney

Hi Shawn, New member & your videos are awesome. Wish I would have had this guidance 25 years ago. Quick question. I love the axe drill. I’ve never hit such flush shots with so little strain so I know I’m on the right track. However when I try to go back to starting the club from the ball, i.e, normal swing without holding it like an axe, I lose the feel & my arms jump in to try & generate power so my strain goes from 1 to 7-8. If I try to not use my arms I drop the club straight into the ground behind the ball. I know with practice I’ll get it & this is 25 years of bad habits taking over, but wondering if there are some other videos to watch to help with the downswing & just relying on momentum & gravity? Thanks!

Sam Pochucha

Thank you, thank you. That swivel explanation of the pivot may be the best single thing I’ve ever got from a golf lesson, video, book, or article. It’s so simple, easy, and effective. Putting that together with target focus, weight forward setup, and release out in front has made a huge positive difference for me.


Your video series is so brilliant Shawn, and it makes so much sense, cant wait to get back onto the course, to put it all into action, keep up the great work.


Wow, I am just now starting to watch these after being a member for a while. I remember seeing the tilt and head turn previously and I would always strike the ball well when I payed attention to it, but watching these and really focusing on the presetting the head turn has me hitting the ball more consistent than I ever have. It’s resonating all the way up through the driver which I have a nasty habit of coming forward on and completely destroying my driver swing. Really just lets me feel the rotation of the body through the swing.


Glad I became a member i’m learning so much from you Shawn. It all makes sense now. 🙂


Hi Shawn, big big fan. Everything you teach makes so much sense. I’ve been following your YouTube and now premium context for maybe a week or so. I hit my 3 wood 206 m from the deck yesterday (tracked using Arccos) and I literally never pull it out of the bag. Probably because I used to hit it 150m and right, and actually had no idea what I was trying to make the club do. Everything is finally beginning to make sense. It must annoy you so much to see other pros teach in such crazy unintuitive ways. Anyway, I’ve now started working on my release which I only just found out wasn’t actually very good following a good crack at your sword drill. My main question is, should my swing feel ultra fast? I mean, compared to swinging at the ball? I’m almost scared I’ll lose the club! Not exerting myself much at all when I make a released swing. Not even sure I can do it any slower! I’m going to have to work on making my base stable to handle the new horsepower!

Thanks for your contribution to golf Shawn. You’ve made the lightbulb turn on and I am very appreciative.


Sorry, I just found that section DAH.



New guy here only been on board with you a few week. I had seen in one video something about head tilt and placement. As your head is always tilted back towards trailing shoulder. I used to think that was a left eye dominant player. Is that true or is it a structural thing I need to be doing. Maybe i just missed it some how. If so please let me know where to find it. Dam Hurry up spring!!!




I just watched and oldie but goodie of yours from 2007 Chicken Wing across the line, the club you use with the dowel extended to help with chipping you use it to show the arms in front and it going down the target line. I have a similar device that attaches to my clubs point is after our class in Melbourne, FL. I was having trouble with the back swing being across the line and wrist hinge, this video and the one with the WRX Backswing wrist hinge early or late really helped put this in a better perspective.


From what you saw at your class in Melbourne, FL. , I am thinking about a more player Iron maybe I200 or iBlade reason why is to have more workability that you don’t get from oversize iron heads plus I always preferred a thinner top line. What do you think?

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