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What is Wisdom in Golf

Shawn Clement, one of the top 20 youtube teachers and the only one recognized for teaching without body part or positions, drives the ball over 300 yards both right-handed and left-handed and breaks par from either side, and is also the only one who ever qualified and played world-ranked events with 1/2 left and 1/2 right-handed clubs in the same bag! He is the ultimate expert on golf instruction!

He and his team will show you how to play to your full potential with our Online Golf Lessons Academy...

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Rich Meltz

Question- what video should I watch to learn how to setup like Shawn does. He has that excellent behind the ball look to his swing that I just can’t figure out, I try it but my hips always feel off.

His daughter and Mu have that nice little hip set when they setup to the ball.

Shawn Clement

Hey Rich! See the “braced tilt” and then see “hammer drill” and look for the purpose of the set up where we are getting ready to deliver an action into the direction of the ball flight. Others would be “mile markers for contact” and the “two tee drill perpetual motion”

Ian Eastwood

Hi Shaun
I see you can take in too much information too quickly here. It started very well in that in the second week i shot a net 29 for 9 holes with a lot of ‘oh man, wow’ shots. That was just using the dont let it hit me and throw the club thoughts. Since then i have watched about 60 more videos and been thinking about the right elbow, left hand release, braced tilt etc. etc. I came to make the video to send you today and notice everything has reverted back to my old coached painful manufactured swing. Is there a correct sequence for progressing here or do you believe everyone is different and just choose what you want to work on?
Many thanks

Shawn Clement

Everyone is different for sure! You have an ace in the hole with “club throwing” so stick with that and apply the prediction process of “predict contact” and the “goldie locks series” and then all the release videos. So when you use a nice dose of momentum to throw the club into a nice snap in the direction you want to start the ball with the prediction that the ball is perfectly in the way of this throw, then you can stay on that task and enjoy it!

Jason Tolbert

Are these 1.0 videos the best place to start when new to this site? I’ve watched so many others of yours on YouTube and started watching some of the basics packaged videos on the home page. I have a feeling these probably package concepts a little more smoothly for someone trying to grasp the concepts rather than from several smaller videos at first.

Shawn Clement

Yes! Very good! I would actually go with the “beginner series” and then the “senior series” and then the “long and straight driver series” we just came out with. Then in the comment section like you just used, let us know what you want to improve and we will get you a new list to see!😀👍

Jason Tolbert

Finished the beginner and senior series. Now I’m on to the driver series. I was wondering what I should watch regarding something I noticed during a session today. I had noticed from side on in some of your videos that the backswing was initiated a bit different than I was used to so I experimented and tried what I had seen and it felt weird but better contact and a full release seemed to be unlocked. The difference was when starting my backswing I would almost immediately roll/turn the club inside then bring it up from there. It seemed like from all your other videos the hands stayed still in the ACU and the club stayed pointed at the task longer with the trail arm folding much later. Like I said before , this felt awkward when I tried it but it freed up a full release to the target and seems to also allow for a more efficient strike. I believe my previous backswing was contributing to my glancing strikes, inability to hit draws, and slices with the driver. My irons were more pure and my driver seems playable now! What would you recommend watching?

Shawn Clement

See “perpetual motion drill series” for this to understand better and polish! 👍😀

Jason Tolbert

Good videos. I think the trail hand release videos were very helpful as well.

Chris H

Does it matter that my club face begins to open on the takeaway. I can’t find much on the takeaway on your site. Thanks Shawn.

Aaron Dixson

Hi Shawn, working thru the modules. Switching from Stack and Tilt to a more conventional swing.
Loving your style!

I have an issue taking deep divots, I am clipping the dandelion roots but not the stem. Any ideas?

Aaron Dixson

Love it, thanks for the guidance!


Golf made simple.


You wrote above that you have an affiliated instructor in the NorthChicago area. Please provide me with the contact information. Because I am a lefty, I am really enjoying the lessons with Savy. I get club head speeds of 95-100 mph and ball speeds around 140 on our simulator at work but don’t get close to her distances as my drives are going around 230 yards. I believe the answer is to better engage the kinetic chain…driver-hammer throw. Love the instruction you put out…

Tommy Hacker


Thanks. I have struggled with early extension for a long time, but since working with the concepts in your videos, I am making excellent progress and am really excited about the improved compression I can now deliver to the golf ball. My buddies at work have been commenting about the sound of my shots. Now I just need to get the distance gains ( nine and seven irons going 20 yards farther) I see in my irons over to my Driver and fairway woods. Can’t thank you enough…I will be a long time customer and am sending my friends your way.



Just subscribed and watched first video. I would watch more, but have work to do…. 🙂 🙂 🙂
I think this will really help my game. I think way to much when playing. Ball position, wrist angle, turn not slide, back swing etc etc. Once you start thinking the whole game goes. I’m excited to continue and start working on this.
I seen the comment above on head position, do not want to say to much yet since I only started watching but agree, it seems like when you started with arm movement the head was still in the middle, than when you set up to door frame it looks like you tilt or turn back a little at set up.

So far so good.


Wow!! I don’t know why I ever stepped away from your teachings a couple years ago!! I found you on youtube two years ago and just absolutely loved the way you taught the anatomically correct swing which I grasped right away. I slowly started listening to more online teachers and completely lost my way. Now I’m so glad I’m back and vow never to let myself wander off!! Thanks so much, Shawn!! I’m loving my new subscription!


Really enjoying my new membership! I have been so un-focused in my 15 years of playing golf; the blur drills and focusing on the task have made huge positive impact so far. Question about letting hips turn on the backswing; I have played for years resisting; how important is letting hips turn and should this be a conscious effort? The few times I tried this today I felt loose and out of control but the ball was flying really well.


One more question; I realize how tight and manipulating I have been for 15 years. Is it ok to feel like when the club gets to the top of the backswing that it is hinging fully almost like john Daly and then throw the club? I find that this almost forces me to relax a bit. Anyway. It feels out of control for now but as you say this is about letting gravity do more of the work.


Hi Sean,
I am loving what I am seeing as a new member.
The question I have is that I am trying many of your ideas but at times have too many things that I’m thinking about once over the ball.
I have had pretty good scores and then I will go in the tank the next day.
Do you have a suggestion as to the best way to build the confidence I need on my swing so I can get more consistent.
Also , I am very frustrated and would like to know what the options are of getting individual lessons from you.
I am in San Diego, however would be willing to travel. Can you tell me more about cost and your availability
Thank you so much


Thanks so much for returning my question so quickly!
I am all in and will send you videos of my swing.
What time frame do you have available to do an online lesson?
I also may well come up to see you.
Is there a rate for two or three day clinic and or lesson with you?
Thanks again so much!


The get in address position and then put your arms out and connect the hands, best drill. This is the only place I have seen it. (at 34:38) Totally get the right sensations.

If you did a video on this drill, I would be so excited.

Totally the best way for me to teach my daughter the turn and not look like the ugly arm monster like her dad.


Do you have someone in the Colorado Springs area or Denver that I can get instructions from?


When I close the club face while taking my grip, then pick a spot 12″ in front of ball on the target line then line up parallel to the target line while setting up. Does the club face stay closed to the target line? In the videos it looks like leading edge of club face is perpendicular to the target line not closed.

Tyrone Williams

I’ve had that same question for a while, but not during the swing, only at address. When I’m standing over the ball right before I swing, should the club look 45° closed or squared to the “target line”?

Greg Traweek

Shawn, I want to say that I have read / watched about every golf improvement book or video that has been published. Your instruction is by far the best I have ever received. No one have ever made the “move the body out of the way” connection. Sheer genius! I have never been able to take a divot except when I would hit a fat shot. Now I effortlessly take ‘bacon strips” as you call it. I cannot tell you how much more I appreciate and enjoy the game of golf. Please keep up the great work.

My Best,

Greg Traweek

Greg Traweek

You are so welcome Shawn. And to think, this is only after having the subscription to your site for less than a week! I can’t wait to see what happens after a few months of intensive study and practice.
I hope you and your family has a great Sunday afternoon as well. I will keep you posted on my progress.

My Best,



Haha every time i practice wedges all im thinking is bacon strip, gold

John La Pensee


I have a suggestion for you I don’t know f this is the correct place for requests or suggestion, but. I think a video on Head placement and how it effects back swing and follow through would be very helpful..



Douglas Kreitling

What is the “regular channel”? My only comment having gone through quite a few videos, and please understand that I really like your instruction, is the continued nagging feeling that I have missed many videos as you make references to things you have not explained yet…

What would be amazing, and maybe it exists and I have just “missed” it. Is one or two “overall summary” videos that are nothing but an overall review of what you are going to teach. Knowing what the puzzle looks like (the picture on the box) helps understand how the different pieces are supposed to fit together.

Please understand, absolutely no criticism is intended…but everything seems to be jumping around. Maybe I just need to go back to YouTube and watch all of those…but, I thought it would be clearer on the website so I would not have to do that. Went through Basics and then started hunting. Am about to check out Wisdom one and see what that is about.

Anyway, just sharing…


I just subscribed. Got my money’s worth with just this video! Amazing stuff Shawn.

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