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I hear Faldo preaching a”quiet lower body and a “level head” all the time and it makes my back hurt. Most all the pundit agree to agree that this is correct and certain position must be achieved in order to have a functional golf swing. Tried ever theory since 1969 and all it got me was occasional good golf which ultimately deteriorated as I became more fixated on the ball and my backswing. Your insights and teaching philosophy has renewed my game and my aching back to the point where I think I can actually improve at my age(70). Thanks again for sharing your knowledge,it’s been a great journey.


sincerely, I say thankfully we have a few instructors with integrity like you who want to do the right thing to help golfers.

In Golf My Way, Jack Nicklaus said:

“I understand that there is a theory in golf today that the hips shouldn’t turn on the backswing. The idea seems to be that the less you turn your hips, while still turning your shoulders, the more leverage you’ll generate. It’s hogwash, and here’s why….” He doesn’t mention the anatomical reasons (the spine is designed NOT to twist), but he does hit the mark anyway. The fact so many golfers are injuring themselves swinging a relatively light weight golf club, yet you don’t see MLB players getting hurt swinging a bat, is elementary to anyone with eyes to see. Caveat emptor with the Modern/X swing stuff.


yet Youtube is full of guys who think they are swing gurus who are trying to sell the planted lead foot-restricted hip model as though that is more powerful. It’s sheer lunacy

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