Student Lesson with Colin

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Shawn, good teaching here. I am following the blur of the club, and taking a good backswing but the one thing I am having problems with is manipulation of the club face through the hit. I get the principle of no manipulation but I tend to want to unintentionally want to square the club face instead of letting in square by extending to the target and I end up with low flying balls to the left which fail to clear water hazards and feel terribly in my hands. How do you suggest I work on this to get to better hits. this is a real problem for me and would like your help. I submit that there are others too who are having this problem. thanks Richard

I am not sure where to post this question, so I’m posting into a “student lesson”…. here is my dilemma for which I need a some direction. I have played golf for more years than I would like to admit. I love the WIG videos and instruction and have gleaned a lot from all the various videos. However, my game is still lacking and had a very poor showing at the course today. I practice way too much, without the improvement I would like to see or the focused program and direction. I want to stay with WIG…. is there some program that helps to provide a more systematic program and direction…. rather than me just jumping from video to video and chasing after the next idea? Need help.

Any thoughts or ideas on this one, Shawn?

Mark Cohn

This is really sinking in now Shawn. Here’s by dilemma…left versus right side. If I focus on whipping the club through with my left side…it’s a slashing of the sword feeling. But if I focus on the right side, I feel a very powerful baseball swing. Which is it that you feel?



john price

Hi shawn, I still think that colin has a tendency to lean too much on to his left especially on the upswing, in doing so, attacking the ball instead of releasing through the ball. Would he do better if he adopted your head turn and tilt?.. maybe he’ll get that feeling of going through and going through more shallow? Just an observation shawn!
keep up the good work shawn.

Jukka Kymalainen

When you throw farm hammer or make long chip body is fully moving away and arm triangle stays same. Also in fullswing body move is same but offcource arms are loading and unloading. My question is how can you use same body action and still use different arm actions to get long chip or fullswing?

Neal Ward

Shawn, I was trying to play to play this latest video at around 4:25 pm. today. Tried several times but the resolution was bad with a lot of pauses and buffering. I tried a few videos from youtube in HD and they played fine.


Jeremy Moody

So Shawn, steady eyes for me used to mean steady head but when Colin swings, his head stays at Bubbas armpit in the picture. When you swing, your head rises to above his chin then sinks to below his armpit. Steady eyes=steady in the horizontal axis to the target but not in the vertical plane? I think this is a key concept you have shown. Without this I would have to manipulate. With it I would have to give control to gravity towards the target? One of the best videos yet. Thanks so much.

Ron Iwankovitsch

2 hand horse shoe throw?

Jon R

So I went to a birthday party and did axe throwing. When we got there I carefully watched the instructor do demonstration throws. It looked just like throwing a club overhand. (I have seen that a few times on this web site) He locked his eyes on the target, pulled the axe back, then took a stride planting his left foot, this action opened his torso and then he finished it with a release to the target. Simple. I just had to figure out the rotation of the axe head to set my distance. After a while I could take aim at different targets. All those young adults could not understand how the old guy could stick the axe nearly every time while they couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn (so to speak). They asked me how I did it and I said it was a lot like a golf swing. They didn’t believe me. Maybe I am a better axe thrower than golfer, but your principles are solid Shawn.

Jeremy Moody

Nice videos. Never get tired of watching the basics. Can see Colin sneaking weight to the front at address, not so of course with the walking swing. Seems so easy to get “paralyzed” over the ball in a static posture that seems ok but in fact sabotages the dynamic act of swinging to the target with nice tempo and effortless balanced swing. Thanks Matt and Sensei Shawn.

why does the student set club in front of ball when setting up?

john price

Colin is almost there,..some of his setup and swings look really good then he lapses into his comfort feel and goes back to his old ways…keep up the good tuition shawn, youll get him there..cant wait for the next video!

Hi Shawn,

Your videos and golf insight have really improved my overall golf game getting me down to a 4 instead of an 8 hcp
Question, at impact I take a shalow dovot, what is the thought process, drill or what is precenting me to really hit down and take a normal dollar bill dovot and hold the angle until you cutting the grass after the divot ?

Hi Shawn,

Your videos and golf insight have really improved my overall go getting my down to a 4 onstead of an 8. Question, at impact I take a shalow dovot, what is the thought process or drill to really hit down and take a normal dollar bill dovot and hold the angle until you cutting the grass after the divot ?

Rob Krug

Hello Shawn

I viewed the video you suggested, and will work on keeping my irons cutting the grass/low after ball. Is there a video or a thought with the club hitting the ball then digging into the dirt ?

In addition once I complete my backswing I sometimes forget to set myself against the ground and rush the downswing ? Video and thought process from commuting backswing beaching yourself against the ground and then starting the downswing ?

Rob Krug

Hi shawn

I am having trouble getting my boby to use the ground while finishing the backswing or do I use the ground before starting my downswing ?

When I see Rory swing hebuses the ground on the down swing to move his body out of the way as you memtion.

Please advise here

Rob Krug

Still not getting the snyc of backswing amd ground amd weifht transeer while lagging the long iron.


Shawn, this cleared up the slide vs turning into the brace tilt. I tended to slide more than turning the hips. Excellent.

Golfing instruction is catching on. I’m hearing more and more online instructors using phylosophies that I first heard from you: task oriented, cutting grass toward the target, feet together drill, get the body out of the way, let it fall, etc. It makes me fell smart because I believed in you and have a much better understanding of what the heck I am trying to do. Thank you sir!

Steve Pilling

Great reminder re braced tilt. Thanks Shawn

excellent lesson! what exactly do you mean by “buckling of the left hand” in describing the left hand on the grip?

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