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Ryan Bell

Would being too close to the ball contribute to being laid-off on the draw or double-crossed on the fade?

Ryan Bell

Do you think it makes sense to use club blur to goldilocks distance to ball?

So in regards to the distance from ball. I feel as though i’m putting a lot more weight on my toes instead of the middle of the foot. Is that just because the sensation is something I’m not used to?

Say i take my practice swing about an inch away from where the ball actually sits. If i leave my feet in that same location and not move, and then move the club to where the ball sits, i hit it much better.

Shawn, great series the ball position in goldielocks weather you aim a little left for fade or a little right for draw, where are your feet stance parallel to? Are you keeping them turned slightly left or right or straight parallel to center dot and just moving ball back and forward ?



Ah man Shawn!! Thank you so much for the “Distance to the ball” video. I think you solved my problem of coming out of my shot. I am standing too close to the ball. Wow thank you so much!!! I have tried everything. And costly lessons too!! Can only move forward now!!! Love this site. So much good info here that golf coaches don’t tell you.

Keep up the good work.

In the LEVELS video you discuss level of effort. Does too much effort inhibit the release and vice versa? What exactly goes wrong when you produce too much effort? Do you have a video about this subject?

Sometimes I get the distance to ball just right but my posture is off and sometimes it’s the opposite when they are both right I flush it any drills or thoughts for getting both of those right I’m guessing the perpetual motion drill is one any others thanks

Thanks Shawn great stuff would the perpetual motion drill also tell you if your posture and distance to ball match up?

Hello, i believe i may be in a similiar boat regarding lie angles. I have been hitting the ball well but very weak with long clubs off the deck. Today i thought id try to hit 3 iron like a wedge, push my arms up/forward not sure why just felt right and wow started crushing it. I believe it was the sole of the club hasbeen too upright and i have been making unconscious adjustments with shorter irons as its only minimal and also potentially have been standing too close to ball. Time to go find a good fitter! Hopefully these j36’s will bend a little

Flip Gentry

Setting up with the clubface slightly closed, will it , without manipulation, return to square on the down swing?

Would it be correct to say that ifi was to set up with face open ala flop shot that i should be aiming to square clubface thus more body rotation and fade/slice feel?

Ryan Lockhart

For distance control do you play around with choking down on the grip to take off yardage with a full swing not having to use Goldilocks? Or a combination of the two?

Tristan Bexton

As my swing has improved and no more over the top, I am finding it extremely difficult to fade the ball more than 3-4 yards with 7 iron and less (even going feet together and trying different clubface/ball position combos). It’s a good problem to have except with a right pin and a right to left wind.

I remember on your youtube channel at TXG your shafts were causing you difficulty fading. I ask because I have the same shafts and swing speed so I’m trying to determine if the issue could be equipment or if it’s just due to the higher lofts (my 7 iron is 35 degrees) causing less spin axis when open.

So do I have to open up a 5 iron to hit a bubba fade or is it possible with a shorter iron? 😛

Tristan Bexton

Funny follow-up to this comment; my technique wasn’t the problem at all! Ian at TXG recently fit me through the bag and we found that I had outgrown my s300s and they were releasing too soon, plus got everything 2 degree flat. Now I’m back to being able to hit all kinds of fades!

Shawn, you spoke about the club bottoming out in front of the ball, I’m struggling with this, when I set my upper back to make swing I feel like I hitting under the ball rather than in front of the ball. So I’m confused on how to setup properly and compress the ball correctly!

Myrtle Beach, SC

Hervey LeFrere

Just finished a round with my best score ever after playing for a year now. Shot a 90 and I will definitely attest to the sheer brillance of Goldilocks. Prior to using Goldilocks I had trouble consistently hitting the ball pure as they say. After seeing how Shawn uses Goldilocks I decided to put it to the test. It has truely helped me from my driver to my wedges. Thanks Shawn!

It’s been a revelation for me… Goldilocks is truly the secret to solid ball striking. From driver to putter – go through the process and you’ll understand that the picture of the shot you’ve envisioned can only be produced if you put the “machine” in the right position to create it.

Jeremy Moody

I must admit that Goldilocks was never my favorite children’s tale. Abnoxious little girl taking advantage of the 3 bears…however…in golf she is the bomb. Finding the optimal posture, distance to ball, and takeaway path to fit the downswing and especially in putting to gauge the acu pendulum.

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