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Great videos…. didn’t know where to post this question, but are there videos somewhere that goes through the bump and run shot and setting up a preshot routine with various clubs?


Excellent! Thanks much, Shawn!

If I do a bump and run with a 6 iron using a chip technique, would it be best to keep the club face flush with the target, or slightly open?

This is gold! These videos are very helpful.

This is great stuff Shawn, thank you again for all of the awesome content. I recently ran across a video where you mentioned the need to attempt to keep the right foot down through extension. I know this is not process or task oriented thinking, but I have noticed when I see videos others have taken of my swing, my right heel is immediately off the ground when I start my downswing. Therefore, even if I stay behind the ball via thinking about my target, my right hip ends up being in the way of a “proper path.” However, if I try to focus on keeping my heel down, I end up not shifting weight and/or losing sight of my target. Any suggestions? I apologize but I couldn’t find that video.



Thomas Parisi

Shawn – Great series! I have a good news bad news situation – Good news is that I have been able to develop a rhythm that includes the hinge and the throwing of the club – what a difference in ball flight!!! However, I since adding the hinge and release to my swing I am starting to feel what is golfers elbow 🙁 – Do you have any ideas as to what I may be doing that would cause this since it has only started since the new swing. I do most of my hitting at the range where they use mats on top of concrete and have seen articles that state this can also be damaging. Any advice here would be appreciated as the thought of putting the clubs down at this point would be very disheartening. Thanks!!!

As an ex rugby player who lifted a lot of weights in my time it was the bain of my life, Still i have trouble intermittently trouble with tennis elbow. Theraband flex bar works a treat. whenever i get a twinge i do a few twists on the bar, almost instant relief

Jeremy Moody

Shawn in the driver session the t is in line with your big toe .
Should I be moving the t more foreword from my left heel position to set up for the fade? I’m trying to contact the ball higher on the face. Now using Ping G400 with 10.5 loft.

Jon R

This is another video that is right on. We finally had a break in the weather so I could chip to a practice green. It was still cold and I was stiff. I proceeded to flail away, hitting a dozen bladed and chunked shots. It was awful. I felt like I never played golf before. Thank God no one was watching. Then I remembered your axiom to ‘hit into a picture’. (I set the the flight; the landing spot; the run out) My body immediately reacted and I stuffed 5 in a row next to the cup. After that, I was off and running having fun playing various shots with different heights, lofts and spin. In the end, simply producing a thought changed everything. Neat stuff.

Jon R

Your work with the student knocking the ball 280 triggered another question. That is great distance. Was he fitted for that driver? I practiced a little bit indoors this year and found a groove. Recently, I hit my irons through the 3 rescue pretty good off the outdoor mats. Then I tested and confirmed that result indoors. I have yet to go outdoors for the ultimate test off the grass.
However, throughout this, I could NOT hit my driver at all. The club head speed was great but there was no distance and a chaotic shot dispersion. I seem to remember from another video that when this occurs there could be an ‘equipment issue’. Do I need a fitting? Or is it a swing issue? Both?

In the past I would tough it out and keep drilling for months until I developed ‘separate’ swings for my irons versus long woods. I guess that might explain my history of schizophrenic rounds where I would hit great drives and lousy irons one week and then vice versa the next week. Drove me nuts. Sorry to ramble, but we are at that critical beginning of a season so …. your thoughts would be appreciated.

Sebastian Plöger

Hey Shawn. Great series.I have a short question. An early release with not much compression. At impact. What can be the main cause for an early release? And what is good task to get the hands more forward?



My chipping is good, as a result of your instruction. However, I always grip down. In this video I think you are advising not to grip down ( for more feel). Have I understood correctly ? If so I will start to practise with a longer arm/ club unit.
Thanks Shawn
Tim Oldfield

Thanks Shawn. I’ll henceforth use the full arm/ club unit when I chip.
Kind Regards, Tim



Kevin Hartman

When you say tone in Part 3, are you referring to grip pressure or arm muscles being tense? Thank you.

Gordon Thomas

Shawn in Part 2 around 6:15 mark how much are your shoulders closed for the draw setup? Looks from the camera angle near to 45 degrees. TIA Gordon

Kevin Hartman

Hi Shawn,

Do we want to feel the thump on the turf for hybrids as well, or would that depend on their head design? Some hybrids seem more wood like and others more iron like.

Thanks as always.

Jon R

Shawn, I noticed that on your long shots you head backs away from the ball line about 4-5″ on the backswing and then stays on that plane throughout the rest of the swing. You have been doing this a long time. I assume that it is just your body saying “This is what we have to do to deliver that object to a target.” It seems unique to you, yet you get amazing distance with little effort. I gave it a try and found that the ball just melted on the club face (when I didn’t top it). What is going on? Is it simply the further you are out on a radius the faster you go? Forget about it and just deliver to a target?

Hey Shawn, thanks once again for fantastic tuition.

My draws are becoming a little too exaggerated and I’m struggling to shape the fade. Is that a grip strength thing or a swing plane thing, do you think? I went through a great period just a few weeks ago and these days everything just seems too big to control.

Thanks again

Thanks Shawn, makes sense. I think you’re on the money with number 1. I’m still struggling a little with my right hand being a little over active during impact, it’s just how I used to think about it before; that I had to flip over at impact to time that compression… So glad I found your channel on YouTube that led me here!

Interestingly, something clicked just last night regarding keeping that right elbow closer to the body on the downswing… Feeling a little “cramped”. I felt such a better sensation of whip and my hands calmed down too. I think the pieces are starting to come together. I’ll get there eventually!


Mark Cohn

Really cool stuff Shawn. I often forget about the deflection feel when it comes to my woods.

Like the way you stare down the back of the ball with your left eye and then just turn your shoulders around your head. A little pause and then whamo! Slash the sword with the intent of skipping the club off the turf while again keeping your head in the same position and rotating your shoulders back around.

So happy I found your website. In one (or more) of your videos, you taught us that the human brain is built for adaptation, not for repetition. Can one conclude from this thas all the rubbish we learned in the past regarding “positions of the body parts” and all the endless and faulty practice repetitions easily can be forgotten? In fact, unlearning isn’t necessary?
Hans from the Netherlands

Dudley Monks

Loved the videos I find them great and tell everybody even the pros at the golf course hope they are joining up and my game is improving out of sight and as soon as lose that picture in my mind I lose the shot and find a tree ha ha
Cheers and thank you.

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