Head Position and Turn

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Flip Gentry

This drill along with the “battering ram” is a great combination. Really fixes a couple of things ie: early extension, head moving ahead of the ball, etc. thanks for this.


Hi Shawn, the tragic flaw in my downswing is that I move my head forward as I strike the ball. Is there any technique or strategy for keeping your head behind the ball as the club contacts the ball?


Shawn, all my problems in my swing result from moving way in front of the ball I have had a posterior laminectomy and fusion from C-3 to C-7 in my neck. Question -do you think that my surgery inhibits my swing-i.e. moving my head so far in front of the ball? This video has my attention , and I will try to do what you show. So I guess I can find if I can do it. You give all of us golfers hope and knowledge. Many Thanks


I’m looking forward to practicing this, Shawn. One of the biggest issues I’ve had with my swing since I started golfing 7yrs ago is that I tend to “C” at the top of my swing and my upper body and head get out in front of the ball on my downswing. I can “manage” it as I’ve gotten myself to a 7 handicap over the years, that being said, the head and upper body position being correct could save me a few strokes a round by not losing a driver off the tee or a long iron approach (these tend to be the worst clubs with that bad position I get in).. I’ve taken dozens of lessons and I’ve never had this issue explained more clearly than watching this video. Thank you.


Thank you, Shawn!


Hi Shawn, When I feel pressure on the golf course, for whatever reason, I seem to end up not really having much lower body activity but just hitting on the down swing with the upper body. What videos do you recommend to help with this. I am learning so much with these videos but finding it hard to put it all together and keep it all together on the golf course.


I was working my drives and noticed that I was getting quite consistent drives with allowing the head to come slightly up at the top of the backswing… then, down.. as I grab the ground and then back up… so the head would seem to bop.. up, down, up through the full swing. Is this right?


For me, I got great results using this drill. I “rush” my down swing (better: through swing). When I keep water in my left ear (great analogy!) I start a process that leads to acceleration, rather than going from 0 – 60 immediately. Great video


Agreed!! I just tried it this morning and it worked for me. Such a great analogy!!


Hi Shawn,

Following my video swing analysis, I did some training today performing some chip shots while keeping the head behind the ball. The shots were much more accurate than usual.

I wonder : in the turn, is it the posterior that begins the movement or the arms followed by the posterior or both at the same time ?
My sensation based on my experience is that beginning by the rotation of the posterior lets the arms to be more passive being tracted. For me, letting the arms initiating the movement leads to manipulation of the club and the will to catch the ball.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this point.

All the best,
Pierre, from France


It appears that you have less head tilt on knees together chip than with your regular swing stance, where 20 degree head tilt is so obvious. Is that what’s really happening or is it just the camera angle? I also seem to remember your saying in a chipping video that it was important to keep head looking straight ahead to prevent altering the low point of the swing. Do I have that right and is it connected to the perceived head tilt difference?

Neal Ward

Hi Shawn, I know you talk about making a full turn and not restricting the hips. Should the shoulders still go back or turn more if they can once the hips stop turning?

Mark Cohn

One of your best so far Shawn. Really cleared up a lot of questions on the head tilt and why it’s important anatomically. Thank you for taking the time to explain it so thoroughly. I think this is a big missing piece for me.

Mark Cohn

Went to the range today and applied what I learned in this video. Light bulb session! Wow! Great results. Solid contact. Prediction ability was off the charts. I swiveled that posterior right away in the.backswing and it allowed me to get right into a good backswing position that allowed me to swing deep into downswing for increased distance and better contact. Combined with what I learned in your last grip video the feeling was awesome!

Mark Cohn

The next layer I discovered now is that the shoulders need to move back on a different plane than the hips. I experimented with steeper and shallower planes with my shoulders on the backswing. Big differences. I tried to apply Goldilocks to the plane. Very steep, very shallow and something in between. Very interesting results still experimenting with this. But I found a plane with my driver that allowed me to hit my driver farther than I ever have. Hit the net at the end of my range. On the fly. I’ve never been able to do that before. 👍

Mark Cohn

Regarding shoulder plane…I think it’s more a matter of getting used to the early swivel. In others words I was focusing on getting my butt moving forward so much that my takeaway was rotating at about the same plane…very shallow. Then, when I changed my focus to have my takeaway match the downswing I was thinking about I figured out how to swivel my butt out of the way while bringing the face of the club back on the path I wanted. A path that kept the face on track with what the desired downswing path would be. The checkpoints you taught us. But what’s interesting is the results from those different backswing paths. The challenge for me is to make sure I get my butt out of the way when making the backswing. If I get too focused on backswing path I sometimes forget about swiveling those hips. So it’s just a matter of creating a habit now.

Ronald Burkholder

It finally all came together. I shot an even par 72 today. My lowest round since 1996. Before each shot I told myself, “Get out of the way. Swing at 80% of full effort.” Magic!! Thanks for all you do for us.


Great video, worked on this today @ the range. I notice that sometimes, despite concentrating on My target, I tend to release early and that if I hold on longer and let centrifical force release I hit better shots. I am really trying to think about the target and not defaulting to the ball. I appreciate your response . How do eagle members send you video?


Shawn. I have a student that let’s her head dip down and forward on back swing. Any suggestions?


I put an ax handle or a grass whip in her hands and she doesn’t do it. She understand the spine tilt and why.
Her left knee goes to far toward the ball

Eric Beaulieu

Thank you very much for the link. That oldy but goody is gold. I thought I was centered when in fact I wasn’t turning my hips quite enough and ended up swaying a bit. This made it evident when bringing both feet back together. Now I have a whole new feel to get use to in my back swing.👍

Thanks again for all your great work!

John Carroll

Excellent video Shawn. Showed this to one of my students and he real did well right away. Your premium channel is the best

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