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What is Wisdom in Golf

Shawn Clement, one of the top 20 youtube teachers and the only one recognized for teaching without body part or positions, drives the ball over 300 yards both right-handed and left-handed and breaks par from either side, and is also the only one who ever qualified and played world-ranked events with 1/2 left and 1/2 right-handed clubs in the same bag! He is the ultimate expert on golf instruction!

He and his team will show you how to play to your full potential with our Online Golf Lessons Academy...

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Frederick Chacon

Shawn, I want to clarify how the club is held in the left hand for a right handed person. Savanna seems to have the club more in her palm than on the fingers like Ben Hogan teaches and most other teachers. Am I seeing this correctly?

Shawn Clement

When you watch the Grip videos on the Bottom of the “list of videos by date” you will see that the requirement is NOT POSITIONAL and is related to how secure the feel in your hand is while executing a swing.

Thomas Kihr

Hello Shawn,
so i went out on the golf course today to start using the method you are teaching. Have to say, i‘m playing since not even 2 years and lowered my hcp to 22.

Out on the course today i really had to get rid of the method i have been taught to swing the club since nearly two years and tried on every shot to get in the new posture, strong grip with closed club face….

To make it short: Chipping, Pitching and 9 and 8 iron pretty good, great contact, sometimes a bit short maybe, but good shots. 6, 5 iron and Hybrid, still with a great tendency to be sliced. Driver….mhm….at least today not really good. Still slicing the driver and struggling a bit with the swing of this long stick. Decided not to think too much about it, it‘s my first day with your swing and i suppose it takes a view weeks to get used to it and to get consistent.

Many thanks for sharing your videos and your teaching in such a great way. I really appreciate it very much.

Thomas Kihr

Hey Shawn,

Many thanks, i will check those videos in a amoment!
Have a great day!

Hi Shawn, Just recently joined after doing the 5 min video review. The strong grip has transformed my iron game in just a few short days. The task of hitting a door frame is helping a ton as well. I’ve added 15 yards and the weak push fade is gone. However , I am struggling to transfer this to the longer clubs, as I’m hitting some nasty hook draws with same grip and task. FYI I’m also an interlocker Any suggestions on videos and task that can help with driver? Should I just experiment and try to go a hair weaker until I find the sweet spot ?

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Shawn Clement

There you go! Exactly! However, you want to be able to confirm that you are through the ball fully first and not releasing too soon AT THE BALL. See “the goldie locks series” and “predict contact” as well as the “target confirmation series” and “pre-motor cortex series”

I interlock like your daughter. The one thing I have a problem with is the index finger being so stiff that it’s hard to space it the way she does or much at all. When I do the compression is 2x better. Is there a way to stretch my index finger to loosen it up?

Thanks for the response! That’s good news as I’ve been doing that for a couple days hitting into a net. Can’t believe the difference in the compression! My only problem is focusing on my trigger finger instead of my target so I gotta get that thing stretched out lol

Is there a disadvantage of using a 10 finger grip, since I have small short fingers? Do I loose anything, such as feel, touch, etc.

Is the reason that you set up with the club face closed at address , because the hands led the club face . I notice if I set up square, it’s slightly open at impact ? So there must be some manipulation during the swing. Or maybe we are static at address and dynamics at impact .

It’s sad all the great teachers are never in my city, but 500 plus miles away.

Watching the swing here and other areas , I’m getting confused on the pattern of moving the club on the takeaway , is the club moving toward the right(trail hip)in that my arms are parallel to each other or is the trail arm getting on top of the led arm, more of a upward movement vs moving parallel to each other. When moving parallel, like holding a block with water in it. The block would not spill water. If moving upward , the water would spill. I hope this makes sense .

So not in premium service hereunder consistency

It appears you have no set way to take the club back , only where you want the ball to go. Other words, task oriented! But there are certain fundamentals you have to have. Or maybe the approach is like skipping rock, 1000 of styles, but there are fundamentals you got to have to be more consistent

Are you doing this for the driver, hybrids as well?( grip set up)

Do you need to set up with a closed face? If so how much? Or do you just get your lead hand showing about 3 knuckles and trail hand in a very strong grip(pointing at trail shoulder or more ? If you set up with a very closed club face do you still look for 3 knuckles on lead hand and trail hand pointing at trail shoulder or mor?

This video has cleared up a lot for me. I’ve always played with a strong grip a few instructors tried to have me more neutral but would slice the ball off the planet and never made sense to me. One thing I’ve found recently that in my back swing If I feel like I bow my left wrist which has lead to some nice ball striking and amazingly long drivers and gained distance I thought I lost due to advancing age. Do you think that one swing thought is a bad one to have? It seems I have a better release when do it. If not an issue any recommendation how to ingrain it…or just keep practicing it?



I’ve been fighting some direction inconsistencies, mostly pulls and thought is was my hips and over swinging. After reviewing a video of my swing, I could see a breakdown in my acu structure, left arm bending and the arc collapsing at the top of the BS. Also, I was wearing out my thumb nails !

This grip lesson helped me understand that my left wrist was too cupped at set up. My grip looked fine but the cupping of my left wrist ( lead arm) seems to be breaking down the ACU structure from top to bottom. By flattening the back of left wrist, my BS is a bit shorter but feels more powerful, structure looks much better. Thinking now about the number of exposed knuckles showing on my left hand now. Also, flattening the left wrist changes the lie angle of the club.

Thoughts ? Am I heading down the wrong path with this idea ?

I’m a bit confused. Based on your various grip videos it seems like there are 2 different takes on grip. The “umbrella” position with snuff box on centre or slightly right of centre looks different than “hammer doorframe” position which has the much stronger grip position with the thumb more on the side of the grip, index knuckle on top and the snuff box well right of centre.

For me “umbrella” position leaves an open face at impact where as the “hammer” position leaves the face square at impact. The “hammer” position feels more correct to me. Looking at your grip it appears to be more like “umbrella”. Please explain.

Eric Beaulieu

Hi Shawn,
My grip is picture perfect to what you are showing but during both hand acid test, i always feel the butt of the club wanting to slide along the pad of my lead hand at the release and it shows on my glove. My grips are brand new and I’m squeezing the juice out of it. No problem with single hand acid test.

Thank you

Eric Beaulieu

Thanks Shawn. I kept doing perpetual motion and I think I’ve put the finger on it, Trail hand wants to release a bit differently then the lead hand thus prying the club out of my lead hand. It’s not by much and I had to monitor the hand mouvement very closely to detect it.


Being left handed this is really great as Savy is also left handed. My question is at address is the club head square, open or closed? It seems a little open in the video. When do you take your grip?

Hey Shawn, going with what Eric described, do you think different size grips matter? I have a few clubs that are still standard but I really like the way a midsize feels. What effect do they have?

Hello Shawn,

I play a very strong grip for the same reasons you explain in this video.
However, when I want to play a fade, I need to weaken my grip a little and I don’t feel comfortable anymore.

Is it possible to hit a fade with a strong grip (same club head/hand relationship as for the draw) ?

It could be interesting to watch Savannah hit fade shot and describe her setup adjustments.

Thank you,

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