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Shawn Clement, one of the top 20 youtube teachers and the only one recognized for teaching without body part or positions, drives the ball over 300 yards both right-handed and left-handed and breaks par from either side, and is also the only one who ever qualified and played world-ranked events with 1/2 left and 1/2 right-handed clubs in the same bag! He is the ultimate expert on golf instruction!

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Dexter Dorer

Swing from the heart!! Blown away!! One of my most common issues is to fire the hips too hard and early, causing contortion of the body and an exaggerated inside out path which can cause hard hooks or push slices. Any additional advice on how to mitigate this?

Shawn Clement

Hey Dexter! Yes, practice hitting fades which helps support the downswing to the left of the target and thus preventing that collapse; use “arc-blur unstoppable momentum series” and “momentum already there before you start the swing” series combined with “fade fine tuning” and “how to match backswing to ball direction”

Dexter Dorer

Will do!!!

Eric Beaulieu

Hi Shawn,

1- last summer, on my very good drives, I could feel the shaft flexing a bit backwards at impact and then snapping on the way through as the ball left the face. Is this good? Shaft is a stiff diamana rayon 60 (blue nike vapor driver. I bet you remember this one😉)

2- It would be nice to have a video on how to work the driver. Is it the swing path that makes it draw/fade? club face open/ close? Ball position? A bit of everything? I just can’t draw my driver. Closing the face only lowers the ball flight to a point where I actually put top spin. Either it’s straight or push fades.

Thank you
Best regards

Jon R

Is Paul Azinger on your payroll? 😉 In Hawaii he started a discussion about mechanics vs feel. He said that if a PGA player gets tied up into mechanics he will really struggle on the tour. He followed that up with an analogy about having tour players trying to punch out the individual lights on a traffic light with golf shots. He said “I guarantee you none of them will be thinking about mechanics. It is all feel.” I hope you stood up and took a bow. Maybe you could get an excerpt of the NBC telecast and put it on your web site.


Hello Shawn,

Will you be doing a series like this on irons and fairway woods??



Thanks Shawn seen it right after I sent the question.



SC, I’ve been working on this wider / deeper takeaway but unfortunately the consistency with the driver has diminished. It has felt like the ACU is not matching the hip turn and I’m not in sync at the top then the arms are trying to catch up with the hips and legs in the DS. Then AH HAHHH! I discovered that my stance was not wide enough and it changed everything. I confirmed my theory by watching your driving videos and it appears that even your stance has gotten wider with the driver, I can see why ! The Wider stance seems to slow the hip turn down (?) and that rhythm match’s the turn of the ACU ? Whatever it is , I feel more in sync and my hips don’t fire as much when my legs ‘go get the ground’. Also, it’s much easier to get off that lead leg and let the foot come up with a slightly wider stance. Damn, that took way too many swings to figure out. Should have sent you a video or something. Cheers


Shawn, Have been playing great golf down here in Georgia, shooting 76-81 daily from the forward tees, while trying to master your teachings. But, I am having severe back spasms. With your knowledge of the anatomy, what could be causing the pain, from the new swing. I am 75 years young.

Jeremy Moody

Hey Shawn, check out 830-843 and butt relationship to the bench. R frame Practice swing shows a more marked ‘squat’ on the bench vs the L frame hitting the ball where the lower body squats very little. What is the natural process difference? Just a tighter kinetic chain? Thanks.

Jeremy Moody

Hi Shawn. Really enjoy the split screen slo mo with commentary. Recently heeling the driver but felt I was allowing the kinetic chain to flow to the target ‘ out there’. Tried to stand further away…closer..no joy ( not surprised). the fix was #1.. see the blurr for distance to ball….#2 ..use the ground a la stone skipping letting the elbow flow in the football throw motion. Result was almost dead center contact and effortless distance. Waiting for the new GC setup and foresight to fix connection issues to verify the results. WIG…I have to tell you…you make golf more natural and way more fun. Thanks. 👍👍


309!! Congrats. Love the slo mo, keep it coming.
Your leg action was never more clear than in this video. I can’t believe you’re getting such a big hip turn but I am working on it!



J’aime beaucoup ta série ”Video Flow”. Je suis en Guadeloupe dans le moment, je vis de très bons swings au Club International St-François, grâce à ces flow series. J’ai à utiliser DAVANTAGE les jambes comme moteur pour propulser mon élan. C’est mon prochain objectif.

Ah oui Shawn, j’aimerais te donner à mon tour un cadeau reçu il y a environ 3-4 ans en Floride. Un instructeur de putting avait utilisé un concept qui m’est toujours resté et qui est en harmonie avec ta série.

Le concept est ”QUIET EYES” et effectivement lorsque nos yeux sont calmes, nous sommes dans une zone qui est créatrice, en attente, sans inquiétude des résultats. Prêt à assumer toutes nos décisions et actions, sans peur et sans orgueil…

Je crois que j’ai toujours excellé dans mes sports lorsque j’avais mes ”QUIET EYES”.



IM heading to “pump up the swing” video. IM trying to figure out why my practice exercises don’t translate into the real “McCoy” when the money is on the line!

Thanks, Duffer Dave


Hi Shawn. I have been loving W.I.G. for a couple of seasons now. My ballstriking, especially with irons is the best of my life. I went from hitting 5 irons 170 to 195+! I can really relate to the cutting grass and dandelion stem task imagery.
Where I still seem to be lagging behind is with my driver. My swing speed is maxing out around 95 and I’m “only” hitting it around 230 to 240. I’m 52, almost 6′ and pretty strong and given the distance I’m hitting my irons (7 iron 165) I feel like I should be hitting my driver further.
I’ve been trying the “tip of the tee”, and ball on a string task imagery but haven’t gotten more speed. Am I being too careful or something? Thanks for any advice and for all the great work you do!
-Brad Q.


No but maybe I’ll upgrade my membership so I can get a little eyes-on advice!


Should the perpetual motion pratice drill be performed in a proper setup position? Just as for real you were setting up to drive the ball to the target. Thanks

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