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Marcus Junevicus

Should your driver stance be wider than your irons? It seems I top the ball when I widen my stance for the driver. When I try the feet together drill with the driver and the ball centered I hit solid shots but when I tee the ball forward with a wide stance I top the ball or hit a low runner. Is there a correlation between stance width and ball position. Thanks!

Shawn Clement

You bet Marcus! Too wide is no good for range of motion in the backswing as well as a big inhibitor to engaging the kinetic chain in the through swing. Much better to have too narrow a stance than too wide EVERYDAY!!


Wow – I got my latest swing video comments back and one thing was to narrow my stance because I was dragging my trail foot forward (and wearing out my shoes). I was experimenting with stance width hitting balls into my net. So being a WIG person I was using Goldilocks to see what happened.

I found that my normal stance had the inside of my feet around my shoulder width, n if I went to the outside of my feet around shoulder width things changed. 9/10 shots were flushed with way more power into the net. Then I said, OK I need to go ask Shawn why this happened and more about it. Then I searched for a video so I could leave a comment in the appropriate spot, and I find this one which pretty much was what I did in my net and it added all of the answers to my questions.

The combo of a slightly stronger grip and narrower stance totally change my consistency of strike and the power delivered to the ball. The swing bottom moves forward as well. Too bad we got snowed out today from playing, but I did get a chance to solidify everything in my mind.

Thank you Shawn for all you do! The addition of Savannah and Mu has been great as well – we get to see the application of the lesson on two other people. I think it also helps to watch the inverse swing – I am not sure why though.

Shawn Clement

Right on man! This is why we work so hard to bring you these videos! 😀👍
thank you so much for taking the time to write your important feedback; GREATLY APPRECIATED! 👌👍😀

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