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Hi Shawn, I just played the best 9 holes of my short golfing career this past Friday. I made solid contact with every iron shot that I had! I noticed that after I chose my intermediate point, I focused my eyes more in between the ball and the IP, instead of the blade of grass directly in front of the ball. This seemed to allow me to ensure that my club hit the ball first, and traveled over the IP. Is there any reason why you may or may not recommend this? I don’t want to form any bad habits and would like to change this if it’s not what you’d recommend. Thanks for your great teaching! I really enjoy every video that I watch.

Thanks for the reply! Glad to hear that it’s acceptable!

Dario D'Andrea

This is the real deal folks. Experienced throwing with the legs at Royal Quebec with Shawn and the results were game changing! My ball striking and driving are transformed. Can’t thank you enough Shawn! My playing partners could not believe how far I was driving the ball on Sunday. What a feeling!! 😀 Take care!

This is a great lesson. I haven’t played for nine months due to weather and COVID and I made the mistake of taking a few lessons from my new club pro. All static positions! This has got me back, straighter and with more distance with less strain. Many thanks!

Hey Shawn, this really confirms a BIG aha moment I had in my body this weekend. I’ve been watching your lessons for over a year now. My swing was improving as indicated by my scores. Then at the beginning of this year I started going backwards till last weekend after I came to believe, like Mu in this video, I must be using my arms too much in trying to manipulate my swing without realising it. So I committed to totally trust and go with the weight of my ACU and hand it over to my legs to “turbo charge” the swing. And WOW I equaled my best ever score of 95 (I missed around 5 short putts too, which is usually a strength), and won the comp. Many thanks as always. Lots of love to you and your family.

Jimmy Carlsson

Thanks Shawn for yet another great video. Your passion, dedication and committment for teaching this game to us through videos are just amazing. It has improved my game tremendously. Every time when I play with persons which I don´t know I tell them about Wisdom in Golf. Send my best greetings to Sav and MU for their excellent work. I hope to see you all IRL at some day in the future. Best regards from Jimmy Carlsson, 5 Hcp from Stockholm, Sweden

Hi Shawn.. quick question, I’ve found that when I ‘throw the club’ my right elbow (right handed golfer) is high and points out at a weird angle… is this a problem?

I should point out that I’m talking about the top of my backswing

Re: wrist hinge request
I watched your lesson on adjusting the face of the driver according to the shape of the shot,

Wow wrist hinge not a problem now some of the longest drives I’ve hit in many years….

Thank you I’m having a blast hitting the target!!!!

I honestly often have that same thought that Mu has, to make sure I get through into the ground after the ball. The reasoning is that I feel that it gets me committed through the shot. More recently, since discovering that I have legs, I felt that same commitment by way of a pumped throw at the target. Still not totally natural but the amazing easy power and deep impact make it a no brainier. Just got to make it a habit!

Wonderful video and for me the biggest reveal was the whole levitation then waiting for the legs to throw. Don’t think I’ve ever heard that before but either way, I think this might be another piece of the puzzle for me.

Every once in a while (only with my irons sadly) I hit that ball that is pure and easy. It is like everything is in the right place, the swing is just in this slot or riding on these rails and I’m just along for the ride. It is just easy and as you say bliss. On the rare occasion this happens, I’ve noticed the pause or levitation with a settled feeling before I start the downswing….So naturally I try to feel the levitation/pause/settle but I never really understood what I was waiting for….until now. We are waiting for the legs to engage the throw.

That explains why the pause or settle is not enough. You need the legs to, as you say ‘throw’ to engage the kinetic chain and take over the club in the direction of the throw….please tell me that sounds right. I need to make sure I’m on the right track to replicate that bliss swing more than once ever other round or so.

Charlie Zahari

If it’s possible..I’ve been playing to much golf lately, which means going back to old baseball bad habits. This was a great video to revive my desire to let my brain figure things out and trust the kinetic chain. Really good seeing big M taking some swings…easier to relate to then your consistently perfect shots. Playing again tomorrow and plan on using my legs and trusting that when the legs are used the divot will happen. Also got my grass cutting tool in the mail today!

Jeremy Moody

Shawn, the consistency in your videos…basic principles always revisited, helps so much to ingrain concepts. My less good shots on the course are 99% manipulation of ball as target. Using the kinetic chain and allowing time at the top of the backswing to let my left leg get the ground and clear the left side and throw through the intermediate point, gives the …ball…grass….dirt -confirmation- that the sequence was in sync. Thanks. J.

Shawn Clement

Deeper down the rabbit hole we go! 👍😀

Another very helpful video, as others have mentioned, especially the demonstration of arms-only vs using legs. And this raises another question, to help with the over-use of arms to gain power (that is, trying to “swing hard”).

Am I thinking correctly with this: If we use the analogy of the ball on a string, when you use your legs to power it, the ball will rotate freely without any real arm movement. If we want it to go faster, you can move your legs more. But if you try to swing your arms faster, they get a bit ahead of the ball, so either cause it to lose speed, or get off line. Attempting to translate that to the golf swing, too much push with the arms is like using the arms too much with the ball on a string, and loses effectiveness, while using legs actually increases power with less effort.

Or am I over-thinking it?



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Shawn Clement

This is the idea yes; the best is to toss 4 pound hammers around the backyard like horse shoes! You must try this to understand. See “pumping up the swing” and “stop pushing with right hand” on premium.

My main issue is always firing with the arms, so this is helpful. Now main swing is…. use the leg with a quiet ACU. It seems that my brain wants to equate club head speed and power with swinging the arms. Not so. The power is in the lower body, right?

Shawn Clement

Yes, you get the idea; see the answer I just gave Scott! 😀👍

andy vasily

One more big question Shawn or maybe it’s more dispelling a myth. When you use your legs you are definitely dipping and lowering into the ground. If I over exaggerate this move, I will chunk it. As I try to lower the boom so to speak, I catch it fat. Can you clearly explain how you are able to hit it so purely with the legs even though there is a noticeable downward drop of the legs and waist into impact?

Shawn Clement

Hey Andy! I get this question often! 😝
You cannot focus on the legs themselves during the swing; that would definitely sabotage the results as you are no longer on target!! Releasing at the ball is fat city and causes a nice early extension too! But releasing THROUGH THE BALL and out at the target changes where the body loads the ground and where it extends back up!
See “the walking drill” and do this drill and film yourself doing it. You will see my head bobbing up and down and then also see the grass being cut nicely on every step in backswing and follow through. Toss some hammers, then toss some hammers with long chip swing and then throw some clubs and then throw some clubs with a prediction!!

Another great video. What stood out today, for me, was your demonstration to Mu on using the legs vs manipulation of the arms in the swing. The manipulation of the arms really changed the position of the arc. Seeing the visual really made sense to me. Thank you. Pat Baker

Shawn Clement

Right on Pat! Thank you for the feedback as this was the effect I wanted to demonstrate and get across! 😀👍

andy vasily

Love this video for bringing it all together. I still struggle with activating the legs like you do in the swing. However, watching your videos again have gotten me back on track. I’m now doing a bit of a forward press before I swing and this has definitely helped me to activate my kinetic chain. My strikes have been more pure with much less dispersion. Banged out about 20 7-iron shots last night to a target about 170yds out. Had very few big misses. The trajectory was much more piercing as well rather than it ballooning too high which sometimes happens with my swing. Would like to better understand the legs in the swing though and how you apply such force with the legs through impact. Any thoughts? By the way, nice Lululemon pants! I’ve got myself about 5 pairs of those. Most comfortable pants on the planet!! Talk soon Shawn.

Shawn Clement

For the legwork, use a 4 pound hammer and do what Mu and I are doing in the latest youtube video and in the premium’s “pumping up the swing” video. And Yes, awesome pants! Was trying the ones from Linksoul and nothing comes close to the lulu. The Linksoul shirts and tee shirts are great and Mu and I love the fit of their hats too.

I think I’ve worn every brand of polo, over the years and will now only wear Tasc. It’s a bamboo fabric; stretches well in the swing, very comfortable on the skin, and they stand up well to many machine washings. Fyi – they seem to run a bit on the large side.

Shawn Clement

Will check them out! 😀👍

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