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Shawn – It appears that in this video, some of the swings show you having a slight forward shaft lean to your irons and others you are pretty close to straight. Is there a reason for this, or is it just the camera angle/perception?


Good morning from England Shawn! I’ve just joined as a thank you for your free YouTube videos that have put me on the right track over the last few months after 30 years playing off 5 without being able to hit the ball that well (I’m not joking, short game has always rescued me).

I think I wrote the comment “Amazeballs” on one of your YouTube vids and you enjoyed that! I hope you don’t mind me asking a few questions and I’ll probably send you a video at some point in the future.

I’m now hitting the ball pretty well and scoring level/under par every time I go out but being a perfectionist isn’t easy where golf is concerned is it LOL.

It’s the through impact whipping motion and the perpetual motion UP move with weight shift:
(I’m right handed in general and at golf)

If you set your wrist break/impact position and imagine you’re using the butt of the club to batter a door down with the up of perpetual motion then does it FEEL like you’re PULLING with your hands (weight left side, head behind ball, holding on to that release as long as possible)?

How much UP does one put in? I sometimes FEEL like I’m COMING UP MORE and/or putting MORE WEIGHT ON MY LEFT SIDE. The more I come up then the more I finish like Moe Norman but if I don’t come up as much then I finish exactly as you do. The more you come up makes the club go left faster so does that change strike/direction? Does it matter, is there a general rule in any of your videos that I may have missed?

Sorry for the long explanation, wanted to try to be clear about MY FEEL of what is happening.


Hi Shawn, loving your Premium site, following you for years. The only problem I have, is over the ball. I have now and again, a annoying negative feeling. Total blackout from the picture I want to throw the swing to target. I would like you to explain your thoughts over the ball. I understand you have a picture you want the ball to go to. You mention looking at the dandelion between the club and the ball. Just wondering, when you switch that thought off. I say this, because having your attention on the dandelion, its like having your attention on the ball, which we know blocks out the destination. I know you have many many videos of the set up, and thoughts you have over the ball. Could you tell me your thought process over the ball, so I could follow your sequence. Thank you. Hope you understand my comment.

Holy smokes. I just went through your reply to johnnyh above. Shawn, you must come up with a video based on this real nugget. I am not the only one, I am sure, that starts with the target in mind but then, in the takeaway (probably) switches to some body position thought rather than letting the swing take you through your task. Maybe this could be a bonus if we compete the winter series.

Hi Shawn,

Just watched this video on contact, and it gave me so much confidence. I had a stroke a number of years ago, and now struggle with ball contact sometimes. I address the ball at the toe of the club, to get central face contact, and after after watching this video, now feel ok with that, THANK YOU!!

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