Trust Your Swing

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sue see

Shawn, help! I cannot play wisdom in golf.

Shawn Clement

hi Sue! Definitely need more specific details and I recommend you either do a swing analysis or a 1-1 skype or facetime session with me so I can get you on the proper path of priorities to get you evolving in the right direction! Shawn

I understand on a conscious level that I should let the club release me on the way to the target but I still hang on to it when it really matters. Advice or drill to get my hands to release better on the through swing?

Hi, thank you for your advices. Realy helpful, straigh-forward, simple and insightful.
As a high handicaper I am facing the following problem and I would like to hear your opinion.
When I make practice swings everything looks and feels alright. But if I put a ball down, muscles start contracting, body stops turning, hand are rushing and the stoke is poor. It seems like a primal fear of impact. The brain knows that impact with the ball might hurt and it does everything it can to avoid it. No matter how slowly I try to swing, if there is a ball there, I rush it and get out of sync. Do you have any insight on how should this kind of problem (which I am sure many beginners have) may be addresed. Thank you!

William Crowe

I have a scramble tournament Friday. First place pays 6k! We play 8somes so it takes awhile. I typically play with my buddy and tend to get nutted up when 7 other guys are watching! Any tips on how to calm down? 7 beers in I have no problem!😂😂😂 Don’t tell me to drink 7 beers b4 I tee off!😂😂😂😂

Having problems bring the swing from the range to the course. I swing my driver really well both on range and on course, but my irons swings are day and night from range and course. Mental Block!

more careful than on the range.

That will be great! Golf indeed is more a mental game than physical.

William Crowe


I worked with a pga teacher last week.
He told me to Hit more down.
I throw a football 2 feet in front of me.
Works great.

But it hinders me, swinging to the target.
Any thoughts?

How can i get ONE really good task?
My head always is changing.

Maybe that is my problem.
I don´t know.
Peeling the carrot i like in theorie, but that hinders me not thinking about the ball.
Throwing to the target doesn´t fit my intermediate point.

I see throwing the club, but i didn´t do it yet.
I didn´t find a place yet.

What I got out of this Video was; if I set up properly & use the Kinetic Chain, while FEELING & BELIEVING what I Feel I will always be able to TRUST MY SWING. Please reply. Thanks.

Good stuff. I am a George Knudson fan. Now you. Very productive .Thank You. Anyway your stuff with Knudson ‘s ” The important thing is the motion with balance ” So Iam doing my motion (your technique ) to the target in balance . It’s a wonderment. The missing links were intermediate point, ball position ,fade, draw. Release to the target .My target is a certain place in the sky. I am a lead hand guy right handed golf left. Brought consistency to my ball striking . Now for the first time ever a decent drive. Half the time I would leave that hit and miss thing in the bag. Three wood baby. Shot high 70 s/ low 80 s most the time with the occasional 90 + lets go have a beer. Buddies say I always swing lazy like Freddie Coupels . Now lazy with a direction. The reason for my comment was trust your swing is trust the motion to me might be a way to say it to the other students. . Thanks Joe G

Paul Haber

This is great. I did this out-loud over the weekend killing time during a slow round. My friend said, “you play a lot better when you talk to yourself, why don’t always do that?”.. good question.

For me, maybe a better approach to trying to swing with no swing thought?

As long as I can stay with feelings over placement. “Do I feel I can go that way” vs “is my hand in the right spot to go that way”. a very fine line for me..

I also replace “Throw the club” with “Fall Up”. That video is money.

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