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What is Wisdom in Golf

Shawn Clement, one of the top 20 youtube teachers and the only one recognized for teaching without body part or positions, drives the ball over 300 yards both right-handed and left-handed and breaks par from either side, and is also the only one who ever qualified and played world-ranked events with 1/2 left and 1/2 right-handed clubs in the same bag! He is the ultimate expert on golf instruction!

He and his team will show you how to play to your full potential with our Online Golf Lessons Academy...

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Shawn – you talk about your downswing feel with the driver, more horizontal and flat. How does your backswing feel? Is it more flat too with a driver?


Great video! This is exactly what I need for the driver. I am going to set up a daily workout that includes the three tee drill. Can we get a close up on the height and distance between the tees. I believe this will help my driver issue of hitting the ground behind the driver.


I have a quick question about the hammer throw and the driver. I noticed when the lady Olympian releases the hammer, she seems to be pulling back against the pull of the weight of the hammer. Kind of like when you spin around with a pale of water and use centrifugal force to keep the water in the bucket, you are not straining to pull against the bucket you are just matching the force tugging at your shoulder sockets. Is that the right kind of tugging feel you have when hitting a driver and is your response to that feel a pull back matching the pull from the weight of the club to keep the club head on the track you mentioned with the 3 tees?


I have been watching you for awhile, and getting better, but this summer the combo of, throwing the club, diagonal up and this hammer throw — along with you intermediate point idea, has me hitting my clubs further than ever with little effort (when I do it right). My 9 iron is now my 140 club. My 8 iron goes 155. At the range today the flag is 250 UPHILL and I was flying it IN THE AIR easily. It’s nuts. I have had to club back at least one and sometimes two clubs on all my shots. You are are doing it right. Keep it up sir.


Heading to Home Depot to get a hammer, would you recommend a 4 lb hammer or 6lb sledge hammer to practice the swing with In the garage for the upcoming winter months. Seems like a great drill to use to train my body to get out of the way. Noticed that hitting balls into net in garage my core muscles ache as well as the bottom bone on my left side rib cage Is sore, what
Would cause this. Thanks


Shawn, I notice that in all of your swings, from wedges to driver, that your back swing final position of your hands are the same. How do you do that with the different planes of each club. Thank you for quick responses. Ron


An observation.
I could not find your video, but i think what i say will apply here.
You made a point prviously that the arm club unit weighs 20% of our body weight and if we get out on our toes we will be pulled off balance. Thats a problem I know well. I also know fat and thin, along with a malformed, not circular arc that requires push force to partially hit a servicable shot.
Well, in considering your teaching about counterbalance via the butt, it occured to me that the back is counterbalancing too. When i started to sense i was moving the swing with my back in both directions, well it was a revelation. Much more circular, much less fat or thin, much easier levitation, much simpleer to get out of the way, substantially more powerful contact.
Thank you for your amazingly organized and scientific approach. I have been a member for a week and you have already helped me fix several issues.

Charlie Gallagher

Dudley Monks

Thank you shawn
If you want no Clare on monitor put a black shade around it you can buy them in the shops then you don’t have to move your camera cheers dudley


I watched all of your tilted spiral videos this morning and have been following all of the throw your club videos on both premium and golf wrx. Can you speak to how you marry these 2 series


Hi Shawn, first of all I have been a premium subscriber for a couple of months now and I can say that the stronger grip and throwing the club has really made a big difference in my ball striking. My question is my bad swing with an iron usually results in a pull to the left. With the driver it is usually a snap hook on about every hole which is disastrous to my game. I just got home from a week in Traverse City, Mi and started a round with two snap hooks on the first two holes which resulted in two triple bogeys (ouch). So out of desperation I weakened my grip and started ripping my drives down the middle of the fairway. When I say weakened my grip I mean my left thumb is pretty much on top of the grip with no knuckles showing. Is there a video you can recommend that would help me understand the proper release of the driver with the strong grip. Would love to turn that snap hook into a nice predictable draw.


Gcbaldie I feel your pain, I have struggled with the same problem, mainly with the woods. Hope you have found the solution.
Shawn, would you say that sometimes the pull-hook is the result of turning the shoulders around on the DSW instead of having the right shoulder go under? Seems to me that your Throwing series combined with predicting the height of the shot provides a good solution in that it helps one focus on swinging up to the target instead of around, would you agree? I plan to test this tomorrow.


I have found that soon after one tries throwing these objects their body learns the lesson and applies it to the golf swing if you visualize it correctly. Also I found the “prediction” process a key element. Thanks Doctor Voodoo!

Neal Ward

Hi shawn, So if I want to throw the hammer farther I have to take a bigger squat. Is it the same with the golf clubs when swinging to a target?


The 3 tee drill is really good for visualizing how you want to hit the driver. Why did you put the ball in the middle tee?


What happens if I put it on the 3rd tee farther away from middle of the stance? would that change trajectory or promote a certain ball flight?


Another great video. I really love the slow mos.
Hey sorry to be harping on this, but some times ago you were super pumped about some work out program that Mu did set up for you, and said we would be soon hearing about that. It’s been not far from 7 or 8 month since, and unless I missed something, we haven’t heard anything… Any news on this?

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