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Pat Gosselin


Could you please do a Fall Fall video with all clubs through the bag? This video is one of your best for the viewer to actually feel what you are feeling. I think it could be super helpful for all. Thanks!


Good morning Shawn, 49 year golfer here single digit for most of that time. Was diagnosed with eye cancer
about 10 years ago, treated with radiation, still have some vision in the right eye (formerly dominate eye). Resulted in complete devastation of my game (anything less than a full swing) as I have lost depth perception. As long as I could avoid have pitch shots, lobs or sand shots I could scrap it around in the high 70’s to low/mid 80’s. After a week or 2 of working on your content, letting the club fall, not driving the hips,
focusing on the little patch of grass below the back of the ball with the good eye and following thru with the club going to the target, I had a very pleasing 10 fairway, 12 green 74 (almost shooting my age of 73) a couple of days ago.
I am looking forward to even better play as I smooth out the rough edges of getting accustomed to your method of swinging the club. Thanks, Don


Seems to me that Brooks Koepka must have a bunch of “modern golf” witchdoctors angry because he doesn’t pound balls and hardly practices. He says when he’s playing his best he doesn’t even remember his round. Talk about a guy who has discovered that focusing on the target is the path to scoring. IOW exactly what Shawn has been telling us for years. When I look at his swing it looks to me like he is simply throwing the club the way Shawn instructs. He could actually hit it better if he used the ground better, shocking thought.


I caught myself trying to force the downswing which was causing misses left and right. So today I just let it fall, and I stopped trying help myself with a hip/leg thrust. Boom. Nice and straight. I am getting huge distance now, hope it continues. I guess you have to give up control to get control.

Andy Bryan

Bliss on a stick! Love it.


Hi Guys,
Anyone can answer this question…

When talking about the Dandelion stem, where are we picturing it? Is the ball itself the stem? (so we cut through half way down the ball?) Is the entire ball the top or “flower” of the Dandelion, so the stem is completely underneath the ball? (ball sitting on stem)? Do we see the entire ball as both the stem and the flower together? So maybe 3/4 of the way down the ball is where the stem starts? This one has always gotten me….I love the analogy, just trying to make sure I know what I’m doing.
Thanks in advance! Love this stuff!


Thank you!


Shawn, I too have had trouble visualizing the dandelion stem. I had been thinking cutting the stem at bottom of ball. That led to some fat shots. Last session I thought about the middle of ball being the stem like you mentioned but had to find a place to park the eyes so I started using the last dimple at the very backside of the ball I could see. It seemed to really help me get flush contact. Using this as a visual, then focusing instead on cutting through the stem at the middle of ball would be like thinking cutting the ball in half like the bamboo shoot with an effortless whip. Does that logic check?



The fall, fall really works for me.
Shawn – I am finding if I add a little axtra ‘juice’ to the fall / fall I can hit it much further. By extra juice, I mean through the hitting zone/through the stem. Is this wrong? Should it just be gravity?
The other thing I find amazing is that if I tell myself I need a 9 iron to hit it 150 yds, that’s how far I will hit it. If I tell myself I hit my 9 iron 130 yds, that’s how far I will hit it. Obviously there will be a range of distances, but I really think the body reacts to the potential distance I have if I set it the task of hitting it further.


Hi Shawn,
Just curious if you personally see any difference in your distance or accuracy between thinking “let it fall” vs “throw the club with an effortless whip”. I had been using throw the club but I had a great range session thinking let if fall. Much more consistent flush contact with pulling back the effort level. It worked great with my irons but not so well with the driver as I had the tendency to “drop kick it” along ground before ball contact. Going back to “Throwing the club” with driver seemed to solve that. Does your focus or tasks and thought process change from club to club or day to day and do you see a significant difference in your distance from task to task?

Dave P

Doug Wetzel


Doug Wetzel

I just have the hardest time slowing everything down and letting gravity and the kinetic chain do it’s thing. I find myself always reverting back to swinging the “rag doll”.

Every once in awhile I can get in the “zone” and everything flows nicely but seems like I always revert back to the old arm swing.

I wish the body had a reboot button!

p.s. I find when I can get the kinetic chain started and getting my weight to the front side my ball striking is vastly improved. Most of the time my arms out race the weight shift.

Philip Graves

Hi Doug
Shawn will have better advice than me, but one stage that has helped me is starting from the top of the backswing. Then just doing a tiny up move and hitting the ball. It only works (and helps make sure) if your backswing gets to a properly supported position.
Then, the next stage, is to do a full swing imagining that you’re a lumberjack who has to swing at trees all day (that came straight from Shawn); you have to feel the weight of the axe to use that weight rather than arm the swing. But the first part gives you the feeling – you have to use more kinetic chain because the upswing of the backswing isn’t there.
I hope my experience helps you. This helped me shoot six under my handicap on a course I’d never played before, earlier this week.

Doug Wetzel

Thanks Phil!

Philip Graves

I could never doubt your wisdom, but I find that the walking drill helps at the time because I’m so preoccupied with managing all the moving parts, but doesn’t translate quite as well to the course (or, more likely, I haven’t done enough of it!!).

But before every swing, I told myself “Imagine you have to do this all day; use the weight of axe” and it helped me hit some of the best iron shots I’ve ever hit. I think when you’ve played other sports where muscling the ball is less obviously derailing, it’s a hard habit to break.


Happy Eagle member here – Since joining, I’ve gained 2 clubs in distance. Last week, I shot 2 over on my home course. Thanks Shawn!

Using our “walk in the park“ PMD swing, I can drive it around 240 yards (~102 mph swing speed). How can I get more? I want to hit it 295 yards like you!
Here are 3 specific techniques that have increased my distance:
⁃ a more pronounced squat that initiates the downswing
⁃ a harder leg push off the ground that throws the club to the target
⁃ using my arms and wrist more to “throw the club to the target”

Or maybe I need a combination of the three? Thanks!


Thank you Shawn! I am consistently 1 to 2 clubs longer this season after really understanding how to use the kinetic chain. Used to hit 7 from 150 now I feel like I can hit 9 sometimes! 👍


Thank you Shawn! I am consistently 1 to clubs longer this season after really understanding how to use the kinetic chain. Used to hit 7 from 150 now I feel like I can hit 9 sometimes! 👍

Sam DeDominicis

You are flushing those brother! I’ve messed with the “strike it with your trail side” tip by feeling “inside and under” your lead arm through the cut. However, this to me seems like another way of explaining it in a more strain-free manner. I’ve gained another 1/2 to 1 club distance with the above tip…much more pop!

Can’t wait to try this thought out! Thanks Shawn.

Jeremy Moody

The 2 comments above just about sum it up. Reprogram the mind to have a new concept of a gravity fed swing going through a dandelion stem to a target out there. However the effortless balance and consistent reproducible flight path without positional thoughts is a joy. Takes a bit of work and real focus on the task.


It starting to sink into this sore stiff senior Duffer’s body. It going to take complete trust in the process along with the ability to do the fundamentals correctly for each shot. You know grip, posture and staying in the shot stuff. :>

Thank You!

Doug Wetzel

100% awesome stuff. So simple but so hard to reprogram the brain-especially after programming the swing to use positions. Time to restart the range sessions.

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