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BEST TIP EVER !!! I watched your video 3 times today – went out to my course and COULDN’T believe the results. Played nine holes – hit 7 Fairways and 2 GIR !! Par at Victoria is 35 on the front ) I shot a net 30 (THIRTY ) !! and just missed 2 birdie putts. It was the CAP!!! I have known for years that I have TENDENCY OF MOVING MY HEAD FORWARD.
but I never had a reference point. Now I do – it feels like I’m cheating, but I will continue to do it. THANKS SO MUCH – I LOVE YOU 🙂

Melanie Lamb

Tried the feet together drill a while ago and never really got it. Revisited it this week and finally can feel how it works. I alternate feet together and feet apart to try and keep the same feel. I use it on the course as my practice swing to keep the feel of letting gravity do the work. It has changed my game. I’m a pusher and am always interfering with my kinetic change so this drill makes me stay centered and allow it to happen. If I don’t I fall over. Going to stay with this one!!!

Jukka Kymalainen

This is awesome drill 👍☺ Is that “anchored snap” same action like you show with that impact snap training aid?

Jukka Kymalainen

Thank you Shawn once again 👍 This drill really help me to get better release and draw ☺

Sam DeDominicis

Feet together drill + snapping back into another backswing…wow! Absolute bombs and a giant, open, snap!

Sam DeDominicis

“You done hitting the backside of my range??” Lol!

Doug Wetzel

Talk about timing! I just came in from hitting great on one leg to hitting like crap with normal stance. Divine intervention perhaps?

Doug Wetzel


Sam DeDominicis

Thanks Shawn, this one continues to be my homework for the month. Very tough to stay away from that 40 bits per second thinking; gurus and mystics have been trying to for millenia!


Great video and just what I’ve been working on this week! I feel like when the feet together backswing causes my legs to straighten, I often have trouble getting back down to the same leg bend on the downswing causing me to either be too high or too low. Any advice? Thanks.




This is what I need to anchor my swing?

Edwin Fitzgerald

Hello Shawn,

I note that on your finish at the end of swing your left leg is amost perfectly straight. Do you have a drill that helps me acieve this. When I finish, I my left leg is still slightly flexed so it may indicate to me that I annot rransferring my weight completly.

Thank you for all your help,

Ed Fitzgerald

Jimmy Carlsson

The feet together drill is probably one of the best golf drills ever – it has helped me tremendously. The drill take care of the centering aspect as well as the catapult concept. I have never seen this drill on the regular golf learning channels, this is very strange in my mind…


Feet together is feeling so comfortable now I try to keep my stance as narrow as possible feet apart. It will force the hips to turn without thinking about it.

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