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What is Wisdom in Golf

Shawn Clement, one of the top 20 youtube teachers and the only one recognized for teaching without body part or positions, drives the ball over 300 yards both right-handed and left-handed and breaks par from either side, and is also the only one who ever qualified and played world-ranked events with 1/2 left and 1/2 right-handed clubs in the same bag! He is the ultimate expert on golf instruction!

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Darrell Lewis

Where are your feet aligned at?

Shawn Clement

Hey Darrell! Have a look at the “fade fine tuning” video; and see “diagonal stance series” where the alignment of the feet is not a “MUST” but simply a way to facilitate and allow the FLOW OF MOMENTUM to start in the direction you want to start the ball. Mine are typically parallel left of the direction I want to start the ball on for the fade.


Mu’s swing is looking very good . I have noticed players on tour love to hit fades into greens where the pin is tucked right or just simply fast. Tour players also have the talent to control trajectory . The things which stand out in my mind are a hold off of clubface rotation with an abbreviated follow thru with tons of vertical motion in the downswing. It appears as if they are heaving the ball into the air. Someone once asked Byron how he hit a fade. His reply was ” I just think it “. Was Byron thinking about face angle in relation to club path or dynamic loft ? I don’t believe he was. I believe he was focused on task and target. I believe he had a picture and reacted to that picture. There certainly is science involved here but Moe said it best “Imagination beats wisdom “.
Thank yinz


Shawn – does our follow through post hitting the ball change for the draw and fade?


Hi Shawn, I really struggle with the heave part like in the beginning of your video to get the ACU floating naturally when starting the swing from address. I don’t feel like I have enough momentum. I try to imagine being in motion already or even some kind of trigger but it doesn’t have the same effortless momentum and feeling of tracking as when I’m already swinging the club back and forth in perpetual motion. Because of that I often compensate for my heave and either lift the club with my arms or hinge early. What can I do to improve this? The backswing is so key for me so if I feel something is off then i lose focus on my task.

Shawn Clement

The heave should always be AS A REACTION TO THE ULTIMATE TASK you are trying to accomplish; so if my task is to throw the club into the direction I want the ball to start with ease and velocity, then my heave will get me to where I need to be. If you are heaving for the sake of heaving, then you will struggle for sure. So keep the task in mind, not the heave. Make sense?


Shawn, just a curious observation how far between Mu’s draw and fade ball position? It looks like his fade maybe ( from my position ;>)) too far forward resulting in a slight straight pull. Do some golfers prefer their center ball position further back in their stance??

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