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A small lateral move to start the backswing is getting positive results. It feels like it is engaging my rear glute . It feels like I am more on top of the rear leg and my glut gets deeper. But the real payoff seems to be in the downswing. It feels like I can just fall to get the ground. It’s just a very subtle micro move to start the backswing. I’m very curious as to your thoughts your on this.
Thank you Shawn #1

Shawn Clement

Exactly!! Like I have said in a few videos, the swing is 2 combined kinetic chains assembled through a transition from backswing to forward swing. What you just posted is one cycle of the walking drill! 😀👍💪👌

Ross Gordon

Hey Shawn I always go back to the feet together drill. One thing I noticed recently from using this and throwing the club is how it makes my release more outwards as opposed to underneath does that make sense? When I separate my feet it’s easy to stand taller, I lifted my lead shoulder like mu to get that club long and straight underneath me and have my trail wrist in a bowling position facing down which feels like I’m using the battering ram straight back and through… but my feet together I can’t get into that position the club feels too long so my shaft angle isn’t as aligned to my arms angle and my wrists release like a sling of a ball more horizontally. That made a huge breakthrough for me I hope that made sense

Shawn Clement

Hey Ross!
the closer the feet are together, the less you can tilt and vice versa because the body needs support under the tilt. Makes sense with the description you gave?

Ross Gordon

It does mate yeah and makes sense why i can feel how feet and knees together makes my club release more outwards and both hands feel like they are doing a topspin shot in tennis, my hands and body stay low and in posture, with my ass catapulting the throw . Split stance or 1 leg I still tend to get left side much taller it’s not so much tilt of body just a long left arm and then I can throw it more underneath me like using a cricket bat and swinging for a six like Sav and Mu. But cos both feel solid im not sure what to go with and sometimes get stuck between the 2 feelings which is obviously a short circuit. What do you think?
Need to book a facetime with you as soon as I can get to a course buddy

Mike O’Keefe

Great video as always.. Loved the new drill and really enjoy your approach to teaching. Question in the back swing I occasionally have some shoulder pain, due to over extending in my back swing. Are there modifications to be made to shorten swing or reduce the chances for injury?

Linda Soulages

Really good video. Right now I’m working on a Pre shot routine. Yesterday playing for the first time in months I shot a 41 on the front nine and a 48 on the back. The wheels fell off the cart. I’m convinced it’s because of the pre shot routine. Thanks for the great video
linda S

Kevin Parker

Shawn, this was a very powerful video for me. I, like Mu, struggle with hyperextending the trail leg in the back swing. I liked your discussion at 1635 about not fixing his swing. Like him at 1854, my posterior comes off the line often but i get good compression. Not 210 7i compression as I’m 53 but, from working on this in the offseason, I hope to get 165/170 out of a 7i come spring. In your opinion, does the posterior need to hug the line in the backswing/thruswing most of the time?

Shawn Clement

The very best AHA moment I had was when I saw my posture maintain itself naturally without thinking when doing the walking drill on a downhill lie. Try that! Film it!
see the most recent videos we did all 3 of us on that…mindblowing!! I then took it to the 2 swing drill and now have that in my “pre-motor cortex” just before I swing into my picture.


Had to watch a 2nd time – just to see Reese (sp?) offering moral support to Mu!

Shawn Clement



Hi Shawn, sometimes when I swing through I lift onto the balls of my feet like Mu at 19:32, is that supposed to happen?



Ron Dziuk

Hi Shawn, Great video. One question. My golf pro has been telling me that I come inside on the takeaway and therefore I’m off plane. I was told that I need to start with the arms for the first couple feet and then start turning the shoulders. It appears that you come inside also. Can you please shed some light on this? Thanks much!

Ron Dziuk

Shawn, I want to be clear. I’m certainly not critiquing your swing. It’s just that I’m working so hard on getting this “right” that I’d like to better understand what “right” is, at least for me. Thanks again.

Ron Dziuk

Thanks for seeing it as I intended Shawn. I’m watching these now. Your instruction is just what I and others who try to “hit positions” during our swing need! I’m slowly but surely starting to loosen up and allow this, albeit older, machine do what it knows what to do. 🙂 Peace

Rob Sillito

Ooooh, I like this mini staggered stance option! I never felt like I could quite get setup as intended on the one legged drill and can’t wait to try this out.

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