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Hello Shawn, thank you very much for all of the time you put in and all of the information that you share, it’s greatly appreciated! I noticed in a few of your videos you mention tension level and velocity level (for example, a tension level of 3 and a velocity level of 7). Would you say that the tension level is related to the arms/shoulders and the velocity level is created by the legs using the ground? 
Thank you,

Shawn Clement

Hi Gary! Actually no but good question! It is always task related when I “declare” things like this. If you take the sword drill in the “lead hand release” and “trail hand release” videos, 2 of my favourites, and your job was to slash through bamboos or sugar cane for 8 hours a day, you would use the weight of the Machete to do your work and would feel a nice slashing or whipping action but you would need to do it with very low effort to last the day. Make more sense now? And yes, your CNS would definitely activate the legs to perform this task.


Got it now! Thank you very much!


Hi Shawn,

for my winter training i bought the phi golf stick. Because i got no room with enough space for real clubs. There i get some interesting data, and also some confusing data. Especially when it comes to angle of attack. The range is from -3 to +3 degrees on the irons. Sometimes when the feeling is really through the ball with the throw of the club or even with spraying paint (a fantistic aha moment) it says angle of attack is +. When it feels, that i released at the ball the angle of attack is -. Have you ever tried this gadget and is the data trustworthy?

It is really satisfiyng seeing savanah, mu and you having so much fun and developing the game.

best regard Christoph

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Hi Shawn,
my main focus is to throw the club into the rehinge.


Hi Shawn. Don’t quite know where to put this question. I feel that my swing has become a little disconnected. What I mean is that in an effort to let go of manipulation, I feel that my arms are travelling away from my body on the backswing. My arms and chest feel to be on different timing. This leads to inconsistency. Ever heard about this issue? What video will get me back on track? Thanks in advance.


A-ha. My “task” is to remain relaxed and not manipulate the swing (i.e.- like a ball on a string. Fair enough, I suppose. BUT “ball on a swing” is a prediction thought. By the time I start the takeaway, I should be focused on the task, which for me, is cutting the grass “that” way. Am I on the right track?

Shawn Clement

Yes, use the ball on a string analogy to whip through the stem of the dandelion in the direction that you want to start the ball; through the intermediate point.

Eckhart Diestel

Hello Sean,
2 days ago I had my first aha moment ‘collecting’ the ball and ‘whipping’ the club. How did that happen ? I had seen on video that I was taking the club behind me early in the take away. I ‘love’ to do this, because the club just balances nicely in the hands that way. Unfortunately, it also changes the orientation of the club face. Now, taking the club back correctly (for me: ‘compact’ elbow hip (spina anterior sup.) distance, makes it very easy to get into a high backswing position at the top and that position more or less ‘invites’ me to use the ‘grass cutter’ with ease, leg action and lag. Logically, there was an instant and significant gain in distance and a much more relaxed swing overall. As a consequence I signed up for your eagle channel – :). I had a bit of trouble to put this into practice with the driver. After a few really good drives, it fell apart – possibly due to fatigue, tension. Does that sound familiar ? Is there another tidbit of information with regard to a driver or should it be the same ?
Best regards Eckhart

Shawn Clement

Hi Eckhart; see “the throwing series” where we do throwing with “short stop” for short irons and wedges, javelin and football for mid irons, and “hammer throw” for driver; then see “arc-blur unstoppable momentum series” which has a driver evolution built into it as well! Enjoy!

Jeremy Moody

This is all helping confirm the throw. No ranges so I’m indoor practicing at home. Limited swing, but chips, pitches and 3/4 irons are all with a view to finding the target out there and a flight plan , intermediate target, and a swing to match. Actually putter also. I have had to slow the backswing which is a bit foreign but without a doubt it gives the machine parts time to keep the sequence intact and maintain low effort. No rushing to “ball as target”. BTW Munachi’s swing apart from #1 looks so balanced and “out there”. Sav is Sav. I might be able to outswing her 7 with my driver LOL . Cheers. JM.


I’m back to working on feeling that AC unit weight so the takeaway at 11:45 is perfect for me, right now, however I have a question. I noticed when I threw hammers a week or so back, there was a nice stretch on my lead side down the chest when I heaved a hammer back. I could really feel that until somewhere around the release. With a golf club if I am aware of that stretch on the backswing with the club. It seems if I maintain light tension with it, I have less hit and don’t get ahead of myself. With the stalled takeaway you show at 11:45 I can really feel the weight of the AC unit. The heave lets me feel that stretch again. My question is around if that is something I should use? I kind of think of it as a elastic band that stretches and if I keep light tension on it until I am ready to release it, I’m not in a state of manipulation using hands to hit. I’m just creating a stretch with the AC weight and then letting go. Does this make sense?


Hi Shawn, I just have a quick question. Every time I try to hold the club in my 8-9/10 in strength it seems that I can’t go thru the ball with the same ease as if I hold it with a 3-4/10. My question is that something that I should work towards or should I keep holding it with my 3-4/10?

Shawn Clement

The key is to use the grip pressure you need to get through to the target as efficiently as you can for YOU. Everyone has a different interpretation of what grip pressure means for them, those grip pressure videos were simply to give PERMISSION for those who needed to maintain the club securely in their hands to get through the ball; too harsh is not good and too soft is mot good; GOLDIE LOCKS IS YOUR BEST FRIEND IN THIS INSTANCE and the measure we use to judge goldie-locks is the task of getting through to the target. 😀👍

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