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Shawn Clement, one of the top 20 youtube teachers and the only one recognized for teaching without body part or positions, drives the ball over 300 yards both right-handed and left-handed and breaks par from either side, and is also the only one who ever qualified and played world-ranked events with 1/2 left and 1/2 right-handed clubs in the same bag! He is the ultimate expert on golf instruction!

He and his team will show you how to play to your full potential with our Online Golf Lessons Academy...

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Greg Schwenk

Hey Shawn, we you setup for the draw or fade is the club face aimed at your target and then your feet and shoulders aimed in the direction you want to start the ball? I’m a little confused on the target alignment for the draw when you say in the video that if you want to hit the ball to the flag you aim at the flag? Is that club face?

Shawn Clement

NEVER THE FACE. ball position-alignment-path and then face is adjusted DYNAMICALLY based on action to target. See “predict contact” “goldie locks series” “draw fine tuning” and “fade fine tuning”

Hello Shawn – new member here, do any of your videos talk about how the wind affects distance? I’m a right handed golfer and went to the range today to work on shaping my shots (while also tweaking my grip, per your advice), but was facing a 15 mph left to right cross wind. And it seemed like every time I tried to draw the ball, the ball went straight, but came up a bit short.

Also, hypothetically, how much difference in distance can we expect between draws and fades?

Thanks! And am I right in assuming that the converse is true, that if are facing a right to left crosswind, a fade is the best way to attack the green? And I suppose the pin placement will matter as well …

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Hi Shawn, on either fade or draw shot are you still employing the “braced tilt” setup?
Thanks a million. Great vid.

Great video, but I’m confused on closing the face. Do I take my normal grip (I use the grip you teach) then close the face or close the face then take my normal grip?

Shawn, Just as you open your stance for a fade to encourage the initial swing direction to the left (RH player), why would you not close your stance for the draw since you are wanting to swing out to the right. I would think the would help feeling getting behind the ball and encourage the initial swing direction to the right??? I’m sure tat you will have good rationale:-) Thanks, Otto.

Generally speaking. What is the difference in distance between a STRAIGHT draw and fade? Same question for the OVER draw and fade? For getting around obstacles ect?

Hi Shawn. I’ve been a pupil for a while now and appreciate your training method. I’ve heard you address my issue on a video somewhere…Sorry to be redundant. But…. Why do I contact the ball so much better when i hit fades as opposed to draws????

Hey Shawn,
I haven’t been able to move the ball to the left with my driver at all . I would like to send you a video of my swing. Hopefully you can get me back on track. For the past few months I have been playing some of my best golf ever, but I’m starting to Shank the ball again.

Shawn, I think I have full understanding on how to work the ball now, except for one question; when you FADE the ball, during the setup do you get “behind the ball” like you do when you DRAW the ball?
Thank you, Ron.
P.S. Your methods support the feels I have when I hit a great shot.

Shawn, excellent video, I wish I would have viewed it first. Just one more questions; When you look down at the clubface at setup, is it actually hooded for a draw and hooded less for a fade? Thanks Ron

Dario D'Andrea

Hi Shawn, can you possibly tell me what to look out for if I find myself pull hooking the ball? The draw became my go-to shot and has produced some incredible results, but recently, I find myself pull hooking anything from wedges through 3 wood. I am also having a difficult time fading the ball at the moment and sometimes produce the same pull hook when attempting to fade the ball which usually costs me a great round.

Contact is often spot on with these pull hooks and compression feels excellent. I was thinking about easing off on the club face a little but I have a very weird feel in my wrist hinge when I try that. I will try to get one on camera for you this week on the course. Thank you as always, dropped my average score by 5 this season mostly thanks to your short game instruction! Gotta get myself out of trouble often with these hooks! lol 😀

Dario D'Andrea

Thank you Shawn, will revisit those videos now!

Rob Vawter

Shawn, I have cavity back irons. Should I still be able to fade/draw ball like in your instructional videos?

Rob Vawter

Thank you. Have been following you quite awhile. I just note that I have been able to work ball just need to close a little more with draw then thought I should.

This just puzzles me. My ball direction is left about 20 yards at 175′ with no curve. So I am to assume that my face and path are the same degree to the left? Compression is awesome just left. My best ball striking was a little left with a slight fade, but something has changed so the this pattern of flight is gone. My grip is much stronger now do I need to rethink that?

Your instruction has really helped my game which I am again grateful. My newest dilemma is not being able to draw or fade the ball on my approaches using the intermediary point and picture of my target. For example, I want to draw the ball left to right into the green (I’m right hand dom. swinging left handed and watched your back-hander WRX series… good stuff). I will set up per your instructions with the ball in the back of my stance, throwing the club over the left side of the IP, and the ball goes straight left, landing on the opposite side of the green from where I “pictured” it drawing to. Same is reversed when trying to hit a fade right to left. Ball more in front with a slightly more open grip. I feel like I am sending the club right of the IP, but it goes straight, toward the right side/edge of the green, instead of fading back to the left. My assumption is I need to adjust something: my grip, ball position, alignment, etc. Do you have any suggestions on which variables I should start adjusting and dialing in or is going to be trial and error? Thanks,


P.S. On a side note, let’s say I’m using a 6 iron above. Should the draw and fade distance be fairly close, or is the expectation you lose considerable yardage hitting a fade?

Hi Shawn, I have tried the draw/fade tips and can now work the ball a lot better. I just have a question on course management. Would you try and draw/fade every full shot on the course or do you sometimes try and hit straight shots.

Hi Shawn,
I am having a real hard time understanding draws and fades setup. Specifically “getting behind ball” as you say. Do you have anymore video’s that walk through how to get “behind the ball”? Specifically being able to look down at draw set up as if I myself was standing in front of the ball would be awesome. In other words as if I was standing on a latter above you looking down at your draw setup.

Thank you for the reply. Im a visual learner do you have a video on door frame or this setup? I can’t create a picture without seeing it. Really hoping you can help.

Thanks this did it! Going to work on it today at the range. I must say I’ve been playing this great game for YEARS and NEVER come experienced such a straight forward way of learning golf as the way YOU teach. Really love your approach and style of teaching…bravo!👏👏👏

No Shawn, thank YOU! 😀

Excellent video. Two things I’m wondering about:

1. I prefer the feeling of lead hand releasing like an overhanded topspin shot in ping pong. Is this an accurate feeling of releasing towards my target for a fade?

2. With regards to grip and face angle. Am I to take my grip with the clubface slightly closed for fade and more closed for draw AND then get behind the ball at address with the perception of the face looking at my target?

Thanks Shawn!

Hi Shawn when you say draw grip/ fade grip are you simply referring to the club face being more open for the fade and more shut for the draw with the same gripping of the club as taught. Just a bit confused on that point. Thanks for the content

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