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I noticed on your hybrids swings you took virtually no divot. I had learned to try and take a divot with my fairway woods, which serves a player best sweep or shallow swing or skip and shallow divot?


Your opinion of using a shorter shaft in driver and fairway woods
I put my 3 wood ping 400 shaft in ping driver
Making better contact did not lose distance


Would you still be using Nike instead of PING if they were still making golf equipment?


Hi Shawn, yesterday at the range I was getting some phenomenal speed with the 3W – around 120 mph (measured by Swing Radar) but substantially less speed with the driver, even though I was striping both of them. Same goes for my wife. From your experience could that be because the driver head is so much larger therefore more wind resistance? Or some other reason?


It is interesting that I was fit for the 3W; but I bought the 2 Cobra LTD’s I have on spec. The Rogue was fitted but is not longer. The shafts in my 3W and drivers are all Stiff flex; with the additional power I’m getting from your method, could it be that I need an X shaft to get the proper distance/club head speed? I thought the difference between S and X was mainly about dispersion, but I haven’t been at this for very long.


thanks, good to know. I have on occasion hit monster shots with the 3 wood (e.g. 270 carry) and driver (280 carry) with my old swing, but I could not figure out how I did it so couldn’t duplicate it regularly. So I know I have some untapped driver power in me somewhere. Wish there was a TXG branch out here to get properly fitted


Shawn, I’m struggling with hitting my 3 wood and hybrid both off the deck and off the tee. I will toe hook, top or thin it or hit it solidly, but it will be an unplayable block. I’m attributing all this to ball position, but I am keeping the club head in the center of my stance, ball just forward of that. On the range, if I hook it or top it, I move the ball slightly back. However, once I move the ball back I block it. I’m using my intermediate target and swinging over it with both fade and draw set up. I’m at a loss for what to do, and would really appreciate your help.

Sandy Chan

Hi Shawn, I have this HUGE problem of hitting my hybrids with this massive draw. It’s a “see you on the next hole” kind of draw. It has reached a point where my hands are too far forward of the ball (ball in center of stance) so that I can square the clubface at address. What do you think is happening? I have little issues with my single length irons other than the occassional slice or not so good contact – but in general – I can live with my irons. Thanks!

Randy Crowe

Hey Shawn, I still can’t seem to get any heighth on my 19 deg hybrid or 15 deg 3 wood,. Really comes off face hot but not far from a worm burner? Feel like I’m throwing club at target?


I noticed the brace and tilt set up on woods and drivers just like irons. However, shaft does not lean as much as irons cuz of length of shaft on woods, hybrids and driver. My question is with these longer shafted clubs do i still use a 20-30 degree closed face similiar to irons and will shaft still lead like irons to square face at impact? Am i missing something?


Hi Shawn,

I have all Hybrids in my bag, just bought them as I resumed golfing after a long hiatus. I am 70 and have found your videos to be very enlightening. Am I correct in noting that ball placement in the different use of Hybrids is a critical part in making contact. I find myself lifting up at contact, any drills or videos I should watch to correct that?


Dear Shawn,

I’m nearly 78, and I carry a nine, eleven and thirteen woods in my bag. Should I change to Hybrids? When I use these clubs, should my ball position be different than the hybrid you demonstrated?


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