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Thomas Kihr

Good Morning!

I started working with your program only a few days ago, love it and see already how much I could approve – but to be honest – it takes time and rehearsal. What I noticed today was, that a strong grip doesn’t automatically mean the club face is closed 🙂
My experience was (or is) that especially at the beginning you have to always check your grip as well as is the club face is opened or closed. When not using caution I tend to imagine I have a strong grip with a closed face, but in reality my face would be clearly open at impact. Please correct me if I’m wrong 😉

Have a great day!

Michael Mulholland



I don’t know if this makes sense, but I was playing around with the lead hand release and levitation. I noticed that if I take the club back slightly higher, pause, and keep the lead arm straight through impact (or attempt to keep it straight, not letting the elbow collapse too much)…. it improves my contact and consistency. Not sure why. Does this make sense? Any videos on this lead arm thing?


Hi Shawn, I luv this video on the lead hand release, and was really looking forward to the following week when you stated you would be talking about the trailing hand release, I saw your grip video you did next but would luv a video on the trailing arm release like the one done above – how about it!


Hi Shawn,

What if the club tends to fall behind me a bit too much? Would my lead hand release need to feel more “out” towards the ball rather than down?

Dario D'Andrea

Hi Shawn!

I heard you mention that Munashe’s club face had to be a little less closed because of his more emphatic release. I have run into a little bit of a hook issue with my irons that I never sorted out last year. Over time, as my overall golfing ability improved using your brilliant method, I noticed a hook started to creep in and get progressively worst. I also have difficulty fading the ball now, when it was my go-to shot before you taught me how fun it was to draw the ball at Royal Quebec a couple of years back.

I am a little confused at the moment. Wouldn’t a deeper more emphatic release warrant a stronger grip or more closed face? Would the club not stay open deeper into the swing?

I hit 5 of 6 fairways this morning but only had 2 GIR for the 9 holes I played because of my iron hooking issue! The same will happen with my woods and hybrids if I close the face too much. I have been reluctant to ease up on the clubface because I thought it meant my release was not deep enough, but based on my experience, would you recommend fine tuning my clubface closures? I think a goldilocks range session is in order!


Hey Shawn, great video. The leading hand (left hand) has always been a struggle for me. Perhaps my right hand is more dominant so it overpowers my left hand and causes my left hand to cave inwards after the release instead of fully extending forward. Would consciously letting my left hand take over on the down swing help with this?


Hey Shawn, I have difficulty trying to duplicate the feel of sword slashing when i use two hands vs one. My takeaway is much worse and I feel the weight a lot less too

Mohanjit Singh

Hi Shawn
Golf has started to limp back here in India.
As usual I have been following your recent videos on release and grip and trying specifically to implement the lead hand release for either sending the 2 tees through the intermediate point or sending the tip of the tee to the left or right of the intermediate point. I have observed that my release does not have the snap. It is kind of muted. When I turn the club upside down and cut the bamboo shoot it is quite snappy.
Can I get some advise on this.


In this video, you mention the live Facebook event. Can you share the link for this?


Shawn – the “Wisdom in Golf” group doesn’t seem to come up on FB. I only see your personal page. Is there a different name I should be looking for?


Perfect! Got it now. Thanks, Shawn. Also, wanted to say congrats to you for the upcoming wedding and to a great time with your future son-in-law. It is wonderful. I have my first son-in-law last year. It is wonderful.



Good Morning Shawn,
Thanks for continuing to present great material.

I do a lot of my practice sessions in my garage. I have a nice hitting mat, net and launch monitor. I also generally use impact tape on all clubs while practicing.

One thing I’ve noticed is that I generally tend to hit the ball towards the toe until I really get loosened up. It may take 25-35 shots before I start getting things towards the sweet spot consistently.

This seems to be the case regardless of what club I’m using. I think I’m pretty consistent with distance to the ball so I’m not sure what’s causing this.

Once I’m warmed up the pattern is generally around the sweet spot, although not as tight of dispersion as I want.

Any thoughts on this? What other factors other than distance to ball impact centeredness?


Yes. Even when warming up I have a rubber tee that I place in front of the ball for my intermediate point, I’m envisioning the ball flight (draw / fade, high / low) and picking a target area on my net.


I liked at the end where you talked about distance to the ball
I discovered last week that I had moved too close to the ball as a friend tip two years ago. Wrecked my natural swing, found all my shots pulled left. Changed to a little further back based on perpetual motion and guess what I can baby draw the ball and fade the ball at will based on intermediate point. That’s why for most golfers your teaching is the best. Always hated trying to figure out that swing plane thing. 👍


Great video! Could you please offer the reference video for the collect and release the tees toward the target?


I am right-handed. At address, what is the weight distribution? At the top of the backswing, what is the weight distribution?


Hi Shawn, thank you for all the work you do helping us play better. I was wondering if you could talk about Kyle Berkshire in one of your upcoming videos and why he hits it so far?





Lol Shawn, I’ve actually seen it and totally forgot. 😁 Thanks for finding it 👍. Kyle has a on course vlog where he plays and comments on it. Maybe you can do a part 2 😉


Isn’t Sav’s strike seriously low on the club face? GC seems to show them completely at the bottom, so quite thin…

Neal Ward

Hi Shawn, In the back swing when you turn do you feel any kind of stretch in your upper body? I have been turning hips and shoulders together but I notice I feel a better swing if I allow a little stretch in my upper body. I’m not talking about anything intense, just a mild stretch. I also feel it helps me to actually bring in that squat better. I see that in the swings for all three of you that your shoulders are turned more than the hips as well.



I hope all is well with you and your family and everyone is safe

I’m finally back on the course after shutdown. We had a lesson right outside of Trenton NJ about a year ago and I have finally begun to play golf more to my abilities. We worked on a lot but the one thing that sticks out in my mind is when using my irons. We worked on using the ground to start my swing and use the ground to release in the direction of the target. We also were using a bit of an open stance and we were working on a sand bag like toss and trying to get me to think I was throwing a screwball with my right dominate hand. We also worked on pushing my hands out away from my body and trying to hit a screwball fade. Prior to seeing you I kept on toping the ball or hitting strong hooks. Since our lesson, I was playing to scores in the high 80’s when prior I had a hard time breaking 100. I can’t remember some of the drills I could use to help me with this motion. Can you please lead me in the right direction so I can continue to work on this. I have played about 3 times since Golf courses reopened. I am hitting my driver better than ever. Consistent and longer than ever. With my irons I’m having a problem figuring out how open my stance should be and how I can get my swing in the correct spot. I feel like I’m releasing at my target however I’m topping a lot of my iron shots. Could I be to far away, could I be not releasing towards my target. I’m not really sure. I do know that when I hit my irons good they are better than I have ever hit them.

Lastly, since we changed my stance to a more open stance I’m having a hard time chipping the ball. I was wondering if you can direct me towards a chipping video that may help. Perhaps I shouldn’t have an open stance chipping.

Thank you
Rick Sciulla

Richard Mckellop

I am a dominant left handed person playing golf as a right hand player. Will the exercises
improve my ability to compress the ball any better??

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