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What is Wisdom in Golf

Shawn Clement, one of the top 20 youtube teachers and the only one recognized for teaching without body part or positions, drives the ball over 300 yards both right-handed and left-handed and breaks par from either side, and is also the only one who ever qualified and played world-ranked events with 1/2 left and 1/2 right-handed clubs in the same bag! He is the ultimate expert on golf instruction!

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OK – Sav, we have “ Nice Miss”, “ One hit wonder” and “ it’s not that you’re right”!!!!
Could be time for a volunteer to film from behind the net so we can see how the “1 hit wonder” goes hitting at a target!!!
Just joking – way to dangerous!!
Mmmm, unless you have some hockey gear?


Thank you for your quick and accurate reply. I fully agree we righties had the lion’s share of instruction. Balance is where no one can be critical (I wasn’t being critical just being observant). I truly love your making the golf swing understandable and give a belief that everyone can accomplish their best whatever that may be. Once again thank you. ( I certainly am inspired by your two guest hosts/students ) They incourage me to believe that I can do this!

Morley Lever


Hello Shawn I feel there is a greater than 50% instruction for lefties than righties. Could you address this by spending as much video time showing the lesson from the right hand perspective?


As I continue to progress I think I’m making some improvements. I still want to see my clubhead speed get back to pre-injury levels.

Is it somewhat common to need to vary how much the face is closed at address by club? For example, I seem to be over hooking my irons and driver isn’t drawing quite as much as I’d expect. If so, what is the reason or mistake in task that is causing this? Wouldn’t we ideally like to have the same face orientation at address with all clubs to allow the same swing to happen with all clubs.


Hi Shawn. I want to make an important observation (for me and maybe those trying to repeat your moves in the downswing) about your motion in this video. Specifically, the downswing part. For me this is critical. I’ve watched ALL your videos. I’ve slowed the slow motion down to the frames! On every video of your downswing to include the ones from this video, you begin AND FINISH the “squat” down, WHILE YOUR CHEST, PELVIS, ARM-CLUB UNIT are still facing backwards or away from the target.! Hence your famous video on Utube of 10+ years ago “Best Downswing Weight Shift” and your comment in that video that, “the weight shift in the downswing happens from “behind you.” No more important words have ever been said in golf instruction IMHO. If people watching this current video are going to get the ground as their chest is “facing” the ball, they are swinging “in front” of themselves and that old video addresses that too. They are “late”. Very late. I know you don’t necessarily break down the swing into frames but to me it helps reveal how these moves feel. Once accomplished correctly it’s not something I need to think about in the swing. While not really the subject of this video, as folks out there are trying to emulate your moves, they might find this observation helpful. Doug D. (6 hdcp have played golf for 50 years.)


Hi Doug, great comment and totally agree with you. How do you manage to get frame by frame? I have also attempted this but without success. We still can’t play or practise at the club, maybe changing soon here in the U.K. Have a great season and stay safe. Barry


Thanks Sean, I use both those great drills. I asked the question because this is how my brain works when I’m trying to learn something new, I learn faster when I can analyse the video in real frame by frame. I realise that your frame by frame is unique to you. You recently said that you wish you had Sav’s swing. Yes it looks different but of course it’s not about the look, we are all physiologically different. Take care. Barry


Hi Barry. Well I can’t do frame by frame either but I get the same effect if, during the slow motion Video, I click play and stop very quickly. I just keep doing that in looking at Shawn’s motion. Ha. It’s good enough to see what’s going on there. Doug


Cheers, that’s what I also do.


Hey Doug – thank you SO MUCH for this post! It’s the missing link that ties together the perpetual motion, kettlebell, weighted ax, elephant walk, etc. drills. I’ve practiced them all and achieved great consistency, but low club-head speeds and 230 yard drives involving high effort. Your visualization really helped me start the kinetic chain correctly. To be honest, it’s a bit uncomfortable to keep my shoulders pointed away from the target while I’m squatting, but it works – I’m hitting my drives 280 yards with ZERO effort, with a MASSIVE whip of the club, powered only by gravity. Yay! Thanks for this forum, Shawn!


Glad that helped. Has always been a key for me though I’m sure people may not think of it in the same way.

Sandy Chan

Hey Shawn!

Great video. I want to ask, the ideal golf shot will be on target and right distance. And we get this from square face and flush contact.

When I play, I try to keep my lead wrist flat at the top of the swing as I feel this makes the hands more “quiet” and gives me a better chance for flush contact.

When I do the PWD – I can’t help but feel my wrist cupping at the top.

Should I then do the PWD and keep the wrist consciously flat at the top?



Thanks Shawn. Keep up the good work. I can’t believe how Munashe improved in such a short period.


Towards the end of video, you told one (Mo?) that the grip was getting less strong due to improvements from recent drills. Question – does Sav use a very strong grip or does it just look that way on the video?


Thanks Shawn. I try to check out the visual tips from the three of you.


If I hit a ball with an iron on a tee, do i think more like hitting up like a driver or not?

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