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What is Wisdom in Golf

Shawn Clement, one of the top 20 youtube teachers and the only one recognized for teaching without body part or positions, drives the ball over 300 yards both right-handed and left-handed and breaks par from either side, and is also the only one who ever qualified and played world-ranked events with 1/2 left and 1/2 right-handed clubs in the same bag! He is the ultimate expert on golf instruction!

He and his team will show you how to play to your full potential with our Online Golf Lessons Academy...

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Tyler Grender

I haven’t thought about my grip in years. It grip used to shift around on me, but I’ve followed your instructions and it doesn’t move, except for my left index finger (I’m a right and interlock my grip). There’s a small gap between my index finger and the knuckle of my pinky on my right hand. During my swing that left index finger comes off the knuckle when there is little to no force, and squeezes the knuckle when there is force. I haven’t noticed it until now. I don’t know if that’s from a faulty grip or if that’s just what happens with interlock grips, but it gets annoying when all I’m trying to think about in my swing is “throw the club to the picture.”

Harry Wilson

I watched the most important grip video ever. This is what I feel like I need to do. Make a neutral grip with a closed face, set up over the ball and line the face up to the target by somewhat closing my shoulders to the target allowing me to swing out and release out to the right promoting a draw. This gives more power because it helps drive the club through by being more anatomical correct in the hands and arms. Does this sound right? It feels like My shoulders are lined up more right of target when I do this.

Shawn Clement

Very good Harry! And no worries about feeling the closed shoulders, they will feel this way compared to what you are used to but they are way less closed than you feel. Remember the hammer analogy and set up with a hammer to a door frame and feel how natural it is! 👍😀

Harry Wilson

Played 9 holes on a little par 3 course, longest hole is 166 yds. I worked on my grip making it a touch stronger and lined as mentioned in my previous comment. It seems that this grip makes me pull ball with draw bias flight. I was missing left side of the green consistent . . I played 3 balls each hole and 2 would miss left. Now this greens are all 15 to 20 feet wide (small) with the biggest 25 but most holes are 80 to 120 yards long. So not terrible misses but not where I felt like I was aiming. How can I dial this in?

Marcus Junevicus

I have a question about grip club relationship. I take a neutral grip with a closed club face but when I set up to the ball I rotate my wrists to square the club. I notice you get behind the ball to square the face. I have a problem trying to draw or even hook the ball because no matter how much I close the club face I rotate my wrists to square it up. Any help would be appreciated.

Marcus Junevicus

Thank you! One last question. Do You put shaft lean on the club when you close the face or is the club shaft centered? When I close the club face I only hit low straight shots. I can hit straight fades and fades but not draws. It seems my right wrist dorsiflexes when I close my face. Thanks again.

Nathan Reynolds

Shawn, ive heard you mention jumbo grips. I dont have huge hands but ive always wondered if they were worth trying. I really struggle with a secure grip when i swing a golf club but not when i swing my grass whip. Worth a try?

Shawn Clement

You mean the wood handle grass whip? Hmm, definitely worth a try then; get one on the 7 or 8 iron and see how it feels!

Great video, very good demos. I do get a little confused on having a strong grip and body lean angle. They must go together, correct? My local golf pro never corrects my grip so I am assuming it must be okay. However, since I’m such a new golfer I’m not sure if I’m getting t he most out of it. It’s crazy that folks criticize Savi’s grip, I do everything I can to emulate her swing except hit lefty. Thanks again for another great video.

Shawn Clement

Thanks Marisa! What are your tendencies with your golf misses?

Two questions: it appears in the Mu demonstration at the top of the swing, you had a cupped lead wrist. Is this a concern? And I am trying to find the right position for the trail hand on the club and grip type (overlap or interlock). Should the trail hand come alongside the lead hand On the club or more on top of the lead?

Thanks for the info. This was very helpful, and along with shifting to the overlap grip… my swing has really improved. Thanks.

Hi Shawn, hope all is well. Quick question. I’m getting fitted for my new golf clubs this week. I know during a fitting, they will want you to hit a couple of balls. When I do that, I know that the fitting coach is going to try to correct me. I wanted to ask if the way you are teaching how to grip and swing the club, will that affect the outcome of my fitting? I know the coach is going to do what you said in this video – “your grip is too strong” and he/she will try to correct me, especially since I’m a beginner. Thought it was prudent to ask since golf fittings can be costly. Thanks!


I have relatively small hands and now I have some arthritis in them especially my thumbs. I used to use an interlocking grip however it feels more stable when I use a baseball grip. The question is do I gain any swing speed with the baseball grip and if I use it, should I have my left ( lead ) thumb on the grip ( traditional ) or just around the grip – as if I was swinging a sledgehammer ?
Thanks your videos’ have made a tremendous difference in my game !!

Shawn – not sure if this is correct or not, but when my trail thumb (right handed golfer) goes around the club I can’t maintain grip pressure. The club tends to slide into the V. Whereas if I keep my thumb along the shaft while still having the index finger hook the club, I can really feel the compression and keep the club from moving.

Are you putting pressure on trail hand on the lead hand thumb? If so what’s our grip pressure number on the club from a scale of 1-10

What about chip shots or shots under 50 yards?

Do you find by laying club on the last life line in fingers on lead hand and near the base on trail hand works best?

For years from countless instructors we have been taught to grip the club diagonally into the middle knuckle of the lead hand. It was from your grip videos that I started gripping it at the base of the fingers you know like a suitcase. I will test logic thru trail and error. Over the course of 3 days I hit hundreds of golfballs using both methods. The results are eye popping astonishment. Don’t believe it test it for yourself. I have seen numerous instructors draw that line diagonally with a perminate marker onto a golf glove. I am absolutely 100% convinced that was b.s. I am compressing the golfball like never before. Thank yinz all. Great work

In the video you close the face and take a neutral grip. Then at address as you square the club face the grip becomes a super strong grip. Are you meaning to demonstrate how to get a strong grip or are you saying that’s how you would get a strong grip rather than taking a strong grip on a square club face. I know that closing the club face does work doing if this way. Just a little confused.

Yup 1st video is what I needed to know. It’s such a unique way to get the strong grip in a swing setup position. It works.

Paul Haber

This along with “Swing too Fast?? Rushing Downswing..”, took me over the hump. For the first time in years I can fell momentum, “levitation” at change of direction, release and acceleration towards the target with any club, every time, IN MY PRACTICE SWING. Above the ball I go right back to rushing and trying kill Mr. Callaway. I can’t seem to stay with my target or the feel with any consistency.

I know you address this in many videos but if you had to pick one, which would it be?

Paul Haber

Yes. It’s the transition from the backswing that completely breaks down. Even when I properly complete the backswing and can feel the natural pause, instead of allowing the weight and the body to “get out of the way” my hands drop down to hit the ball. usually the ground first.. Seems to happen as a reflex. I can’t keep any of the rhythm i establish with the practice swing or drills. Looking back at the swing, I realize I lost focus on the task at some point but can’t tell you when that happened.

Hey Paul – if ever I get a little uncertain about transition I think of 2 Shawn nuggets
1 Outa the way, Outa the way – as in you are moving one side of your body (Hips, shoulders, arms, hands, club) up to the top of your swing – like heaving an axe and then reverse (IE Lead side then trail)
2 the other “feel” is throwing the club to the target in the same way you could skip a stone or throw a ball. If you have never tossed a club in your practice swing (in nets) it is an amazing drill/fell for me.
My warmup starts with baseball, then 30% effort to build speed, then throw club at target before i even hit a ball! Good way to psych out your mates too!

Great video!

Is there a link to the video « Swing too Fast?? Rushing Downswing»? I am unable to find it. I also seem to go full samurai when I am hitting a ball as opposed to a practice swing. 😄

Never mind, I found it on YouTube:

Grip master class!

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